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Yify Proxy | YTS Proxies List 2021 (100% Working)

YTS Proxies

Even though subscription-based services have proliferated, many consumers still rely on BitTorrent to get their media. As a result, we have gathered a selection of YTS proxies and YTS mirror sites for your convenience.

Since P2P file-sharing makes it possible for people to obtain content that is illegal, it is always viewed unfavorably by authorities. As a result, several of the top torrent sites have gone offline, and mirror and proxy sites have sprung up in their place.

On the other hand, many Internet service providers (ISPs) in different countries have banned access to popular torrent sites including,, and To obtain torrent files in the year 2022 without access to YTS, you can use Yify proxy sites. We’ve curated this list of Yify and YTS proxies to include only those that were active at the time of writing.

The aforementioned torrenting sites are offered for reference reasons only. In particular, we do not support their usage to acquire infringing materials.

Yify Proxy | YTS Proxies List 2021 (100% Working)

List of Working YIFY Torrents Proxy Sites


What is Yify?

You may easily download movies, music, and subtitles from Yify Torrents, often known as YTS (Yify Torrent Solution). The torrenting community has taken notice of this site’s reputation for simplicity of use and accessibility despite its massive torrent database.

What exactly happened to Yify?

The original Yify torrent site was taken down in 2015 due to legal issues, but there are many Yify mirror sites and proxies that provide the same service under a different URL.

How do YTS proxies actually work?

Proxy sites usually act as a man-in-the-middle between your computer and the actual website you want to see. Your browser will establish a connection with a Yify proxy site, which will then send you to the original content provider. Therefore, the IP addresses used to initiate the connection cannot be read by the website you’re trying to reach. As a result, Yify proxy sites help you hide your online identity and access content that may be blocked in your region.

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