Working Best Hidden USSD codes list

Market research shows that Android is most commonly used for mobile devices. Android is the most feature-rich and customizable mobile operating system available today. Usage-based shortcodes (USSD codes) may be recognizable if you’ve been using Android for some time. USSD Codes, also popular as Secret codes, are for accessing a smartphone’s hidden functions. The Android USSD codes were created exclusively for Android-based smartphones and tablets. So, let’s look at the USSD codes list, shall we?

What are the USSD Codes?

“Secret codes” or “Quick codes” are commonly used to describe USSD or Unstructured Supplemental Service Data. Extra-UI protocols such as this allow consumers to unlock the full potential of smartphones.

Even though it was created for GSM phones, the protocol is now being used by many other devices. With the use of these secret codes, you’ll be able to gain access to restricted functionality. You can, for example, look for hidden codes to run tests or display data.

Working Best Hidden USSD codes list

As a result, we’ve put together a list of the best Android secret codes. To use these codes, open the default dialer app and key them in. We’ve put together a list of the best-kept secrets for Android, which you can find below.

All Android devices, regardless of brand, can use some of the codes in this post. However, most of these are limited to specific ROMs and carriers.

Codes to Check Phone Information

Here are some of the most useful USSD codes for gaining access to the data on your phone. We’ve listed the codes here.

Check the Battery & WLAN information


The *#*#4636#*#* you can use code to check the battery, WLAN, and other data on your phone. You never know who’s accessing your apps if you use this USSD code.

Factory Reset Android Device


In addition to utilizing the Settings menu, you may restore your Android device to factory settings more easily.

You can dial a simple USSD code on your Android dialer to perform a factory reset of your smartphone.

Hard Reset Android Device


You can perform a hard reset if your gadget is malfunctioning. A hard reset differs greatly from a factory reset. A hard reset clears the system’s memory and all stored data.

Display information about the camera


You can access the camera information on your smartphone by dialing this USSD code.

You can view your camera’s firmware by dialing *#*#34971539#*#* and then selecting *#*#*.

Change the Power Button behavior


If you’ve broke your Android smartphone’s power button or otherwise it’s unusable, you can shut off your device with this USSD code.

With just one tap, you can turn off your Android device. You must press the Power button for your gadget to turn on.

Enable and Disable Call Forwarding


You can forward or redirect incoming calls by using the Call Forwarding feature.

Make use of a backup phone number to avoid roaming charges and to prevent being bothered by phone calls while you’re away for the holidays. To find out if your phone supports call forwarding, use the USSD code *#67#.

Disable Your Caller ID


Your phone’s caller ID is disabled when you enter this secret Android code. It’s possible to hide the fact that you’re calling someone by using this code.

*31# immediately disables Caller ID; dial the code once more to enable it again.

Check the SAR Value


Knowing how much electromagnetic energy your body absorbs when using an Android device is important because of the SAR number, also known as the radiation level. Because of this, you can use the *#07# code to see your Android phone’s Specific Absorption Rate (SAR).

View Phone’s Calendar Storage


You can access calendar storage data on your phone by dialing *#*#225#*#* on your handset. The events you’ve entered into your calendar application, you can view with this code.

Allows you to view upcoming events without the need to be connected to the Internet.

Open the General Test Mode


You can activate Android’s general test mode using this code. Use this USSD code to test the Android device’s vibrating, screen dimming, camera, and sensor features, as well as other features. A limited number of Android smartphone models can use the code.

Display the MAC Address


Media Access Control or MAC Address is the unique identifier given to your NIC by your ISP (network interface controller).

This unique identification identifies local network devices. You can use the USSD code *#*#232338#*#* to find out the MAC address of your Android smartphone.

Test the Bluetooth sensor of your device


Check the Bluetooth sensors if you can’t find or connect to Bluetooth devices on your phone. You may check the Bluetooth sensor on your Android device by dialing the USSD code *#*#232331#*#*.

Check the Software Version & Update Information


You can use this USSD code to check your Android device’s software version and system update information. It offers more details than the About Device menu item in the Settings app.

View PDA Software Version


You may see the version of the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) software using the Android dialer by dialing *#*#1234#*#*. You’ll be able to see details about the software on your phone from the code as well.

View the IMEI number of your Android


You can identify your phone on a mobile network by its International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), a unique number.

Use the *#06# USSD code to get your phone’s IMEI number if you can’t find it on the package. Your Android device’s IMEI number will be displayed in the QR code.

Storage and System Details


The *#3282*727336*# code allows you to access your Android smartphone’s storage and system information. Using this code, you’ll have access to all of your Android phone’s internet and storage settings.

Codes to Check RAM/Software/Hardware information

Here, you can find secret codes for accessing RAM, software, and hardware information. Android devices may not be able to use these USSD codes.

*#*#3264#*#*  This Android secret code will display the RAM information

*#*#1111#*#*  Displays the software version.

*#*#2222#*#*  This Android code shows the hardware version.

*#2263#  Displays the RF band selection

*#9090#  Running this code will show the Diagnostic configuration.

*#7284#  This code will open the USB 12C mode control.

*#872564#  This shows the USB logging control.

*#745#  Running this code opens the RIL dump menu.

*#746#  Running this USSD code will show you the Debug dump menu.

*#9900#  Opens the System dump mode.

*#03#  NAND flash serial number

*#3214789#  This shows the GCF mode Status

*#7353#  Opens the Quick test menu

*#0782#  This code will perform a Real-time clock test.

*#0589#  This code will perform a Light sensor test.

USSD codes list for specific phones

7764726  It opens the hidden service menu in Motorola DROID phones

1809#*990#  This code opens the LG Optimus 2x hidden service menu

3845#*920#  It opens the LG Optimus 3D hidden service menu

*#0*#  It opens the service menu in Galaxy S3.

*#67#  Displays your Call forwarding

*#011# This code will display the network connection and serve cell-related information on your Samsung smartphone

*#0228# You can use this code on your Samsung device to check the battery status. It also shows a few other battery-related details.

Avoid using the Android secret codes listed above if you don’t know them. Playing around with secret codes you don’t know can damage your phone. On the internet, we found the secret codes. Because of this, we are not liable for any losses.

These are some of the best Android hidden codes, in this USSD codes list. Although these codes have been tested, some Android devices may not be able to use them. However, we are not responsible for any data loss or damage that may result from its use. I sincerely hope you found this post to be beneficial. Please spread the word to your friends as well.



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