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What is eDPI, And How To Calculate eDPI?

How to calculate edpi

The first-person shooter Valorant was developed by Riot Games. While an agent’s skills matter, precision is crucial in becoming an excellent Valorant player. A player’s aim in a game is affected by several factors, but eDPI is the primary one. Crosshair placement is essential when honing one’s aim in first-person shooter games. However, electronic detection and evasion are as vital as killing your enemies with a firearm. That’s why it’s so important to dial in the proper eDPI settings. This post will discuss eDPI and How to calculate edpi that is optimal for your playstyle in Valorant.

What Is Sensitivity?

To fully grasp DPI and eDPI, you must first get the definition of sensitivity and its crucial role in their respective calculations. The speed with which you can aim and interact with a user interface is referred to as “sensitivity” or “sens.” As the sensitivity is lowered, players gain greater control over their shots and movements.

DPI vs. eDPI: What’s The Difference?

The sensitivity of a computer mouse is measured in dots per inch (DPI). A mouse with a higher DPI will allow you to move it more efficiently and at greater distances than a lower DPI mouse. Instead, we have effective Dots Per Inch (eDPI). It’s a standard for gauging how sensitive different players are. In other words, it doesn’t require any special hardware. Please see below the algorithm for determining effective DPI from mouse DPI and in-game sensitivity.

What is eDPI, And How To Calculate eDPI?

The first step is to grasp what eDPI is; however, individuals who are already familiar with the concept can skip forward.

Dots per inch (DPI), often known as the Mouse’s sensitivity, is multiplied by the in-game sensitivity to get an effective DPI (eDPI).

The accurate measure of a mouse’s sensitivity is its effective dots per inch (eDPI). The effective DPI is calculated by multiplying the in-game sensitivity by the mouse’s sensitivity. An effective DPI of 300 would result, for instance, if your mouse has a resolution of 600 dots per inch, but your in-game sensitivity is set to 0.5. (600DPI X .50 Valorant Sensitivity).

How to calculate eDPI Using eDPI Calculator?

Using an electronic display unit (eDPI) calculator, you can see if your friend’s sensitivity settings are suitable for your own. We’ve provided a comprehensive guide on how to operate an eDPI calculator if you’re still confused.

  1. Take note of your pal’s DPI and sensitivity settings.
  2. Utilize the calculation mentioned earlier to determine the effective pixel density. When utilizing a mouse with a resolution of 600 dots per inch (DPI) and a sensitivity of.50 in Valorant, the effective DPI is arrived at as follows: 600DPI x.50 Valorant Sensitivity.
  3. You can now calculate the sensitivity you’ll need to hit your preferred eDPI and then try it out in your game of choice.

Optimal eDPI settings in Valorant

Please be aware that there is no such thing as the “best sensitivity” before continuing. It all comes down to software and hardware setup.

Most Valorant experts recommend setting the eDPI between 200 and 400, but you should adjust this to suit your preferences. Due to the tactical nature of the first-person shooter Valorant, you will regularly pre-aim the crosshair, perform little mouse movements, etc. Finding the optimal eDPI settings requires starting with a low value and progressively increasing it.

The 180° test

After making changes to your eDPI, you should check to see if the values align with your hand motion. The 180-degree test is a simple, time-tested method.

For this test, move your mouse to the left side of the screen. You should now move the mouse to the right side of the pad. Your agent should now be facing backward (i.e., turning around 180 degrees) concerning where they started. You need to increase your eDPI if your agent did not complete a full 180-degree rotation.

Now that you know about the eDPI option and how to tweak it to your desire, consider the following. Don’t constantly fiddle with the eDPI settings; train your muscles to do it automatically. Don’t rush things; take your time getting used to the new settings, and if you find that they aren’t working for you, go back and fiddle with the options until you find something that does.


How do I find my eDPI?

You can use the following equation to get the eDPI: eDPI is calculated by multiplying the DPI by the level of sensitivity.

What should my eDPI be?

There is no one eDPI option that works for all games because eDPI values are different for each title.

How to calculate eDPI in Valorant?

You must know your mouse’s DPI and relative sensitivity to compute eDPI in Valorant. Then, plug those numbers into this formula: eDPI = DPI * sensitivity

Is the eDPI the same as the DPI?

Dots Per Inch (DPI) refers to the resolution of a computer mouse, while effective DPI (eDPI) is a different metric altogether. Alternately, mouse sensitivity is measured in terms of effective DPI (eDPI)—the actual sensitivity of the mouse.

Which Valorant eDPI is best?

Although there is no established “standard” eDPI setting, most top-tier Valorant players use settings anywhere between 200 and 400.

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