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Top 12 URL Shortener or Link Shortener

URL shortener or link shortener are useful tools for converting large URLs into manageable links of less than 20 characters. They can assist in the management of links, the tracking of click data, the promotion of sharing on social media platforms, and even the earning of money online.

However, there are numerous options. I’ve researched and reviewed the leading and best link shortener to help you choose the best one. These evaluations are based on the simplicity of use, functionality, support, pricing, and other factors.

What is URL Shortener or Link Shortener?

A URL shortener or link shortener allows you to shorten the length of your URL. It also allows you to rename and tweak the URL to fit your branding needs. Most of us struggle to remember long URLs, especially when they contain random digits and signs. A URL shortener with a bespoke name, on the other hand, is much easier to remember. URLs shortener is also easier to manage and share.

Top 12 URL Shortener or Link Shortener

In this article, u can find out the Top 12 URL Shortener or Link Shortener list are below;-

1. is a unique link shortener and management platform based in New York. It allows you to build recognizable short connections. In addition, with, you can receive deeper insights into 20 data points, including referral channels and geographics. This allows you to make more informed, data-driven business decisions.

2. Rebrandly

Rebrandly is a link shortener management software that allows you to track, brand, shorten, and share short URLs using a custom domain name. It also allows you to collaborate with various team members effortlessly. For example, you may establish team-specific folders to collaborate and browse a specific set of branded links without confusion.

Furthermore, it modifies destination URLs and generates custom URL slugs. You can also build links with expiry dates and allow speedier redirects. Rebrandly is a complete platform for branding and managing links.

3. (Hootsuite) is a link shortener tool that URLs shortener and tracks the incoming traffic from such links. It also generates tamper-proof bespoke links to boost traffic. You can also collaborate and grant access to various team members to shorten links.

Furthermore, allows you to measure clicks in mailings, Facebook, comments, and micro-sites. In addition, it compares all URLs to Google’s Safe Browsing blocklist to avoid phishing and malware. Furthermore, according to SEO best practices, all custom URLs are fully redirectable and indexable.

4. TinyURL

TinyURL is a link shortener software that generates short aliases for long URLs, making them easier to distribute and track. In addition, it has an excellent link preview function that allows you to see the final shortened link before sending it to avoid improper redirects. TinyURL also allows you to add a shortened link to the browser’s toolbar. After that, you may click a button to shorten the link. And you can also redirect to any page by constructing a URL shortener.


BL.INK is a prominent link shortener management application that may assist you in creating bespoke short links. It contains personalized wording in the links to generate a distinctive brand impression. The USP of BL.INK is its sophisticated analytics for measuring the success and value of your relationships. It enables you to manage and track every touch and contact with your links.

6. URL Shortener by Zapier

Zapier’s URL shortener automatically generates and maintains short links, allowing you to develop automated workflows. For example, you may instantly shorten a link from a social network post and save it in Google Sheets at the same time.

If you wish to share a link over SMS, Zapier’s URL shortener will instantly shorten it. It allows you to save money on additional text characters. Zapier also integrates with over 2,000 applications, including Google Sheets, to add and upload automatically shortened URLs.


YOURLS (Your Own URL Shortener) is a free and open-source URL shortening application. It allows you to build both private and public links. Using its simple PHP scripts can also help you establish your URL shortening service.

YOURLS also has an excellent plugin architecture that allows you to add new custom features. For example, YOU CAN USE YOURLS TO CREATE LINKS WITH BOTH SEQUENTIAL AND CUSTOM URL KEYWORDS. It also provides extensive analytics for tracking criteria, such as referral tracking, historical click data, and geo-location.

8. Firebase Dynamic Links

Google Firebase Dynamic Links is a new URL shortener. This allows you to build dynamic, shortened URLs to increase app installs. In addition, you can establish links that will enable users to open the same page on the mobile app that they were browsing on the mobile website. This will assist you in converting more mobile web app users into native mobile app users.

It has unique features such as A/B testing, cloud messaging, advanced analytics, infinite dynamic links, and more. The Google URL shortener also provides API references for web, iOS, and Android to help app users and revenue grow.

9. is yet another simple URL shortener or link shortener service. Paste your long URL into text field and select the shorten option. It will offer the shortened link in seconds. You can also change the look of those links. also enables you to construct smart targets that automatically route users based on language. You may also include retargeting pixels to track campaign effectiveness and enhance your ROI.

Furthermore, if you do not have the funds to purchase a branded name, you can use domains. It also allows you to build vanity URLs or keyword-rich short links for improved branding and visibility. You can also add your company’s name to the link to make it more trustworthy.

10. AdFly

AdFly is a free URL shortener service. It not only helps you the shorten links but also monetizes such links. All you have to do is sign up and make an account. After that, it will assist you in earning money every time a person clicks on a link shortener.

Finally, share your links on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to increase hits and visibility. You can also advertise securely without any popups. In addition, AdFly allows you to track the success and stats of your links to make data-driven marketing decisions.

11. Hyperlink

With the help of Hyperlink, you can receive real-time notifications when links are clicked, or you can alter the settings to hourly, daily, or weekly summaries. Hyperlink also offers per-click details, such as the device, location, and referral information for each visitor, and a live tracking dashboard.

12. Linktree

Linktree is more than just a URL shortener service. Instead, it is a service that allows you to add a list of links to a profile (like this one). Rather than listing all of the links you want to promote on each social post or shape, you add them to your Linktree. Its URL is then added to your social bios.

Linktree tool is excellent for networks where you can only add one link to your profile, such as Instagram. The best feature is that Linktree provides a compact and user-friendly URL structure (for example, that looks and feels like a shortened link.

You won’t have to fill your Instagram profile with a big, spammy-looking URL. It also provides analytics to observe which links are most frequently clicked on and how much traffic your Linktree profile receives.

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