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Top 10 Free Fake Calling Apps for Android

fake calling apps

What could be better than receiving a phone call in the middle of the night from an unknown number requesting your friends to pick up their two children who are now available for adoption? These are hoax calls, of course! Fake phone calls are one of the oldest types of amusement for sleepovers. If no one can come to the PJ party, what will you do?! It’s always fun to play a joke on someone and get a nice laugh. Smartphones have made prank calls more humorous, although the activity has dropped since the introduction of the telephone. You must spend many hours contacting people on your contact list (within permissible limits, of course). You can now make your pranking experience more pleasurable and humiliating for your target by using the Fake calling apps that have been developed as one of the most amusing methods of pranking friends.

The following fake calling apps can let you make a successful prank call from or to your Android device. Make sure you plan before phoning your friend’s phone or setting up a false call for yourself! We don’t want this to fail, do we?

It is common to see an app list, but no working examples can be found while looking at most online articles about the top fake calling apps or websites. As a result of unfavorable feedback and dwindling utility, some have just vanished. However, the following list is sure to please.

Top 10 Free fake calling apps for Android

1. Voice Changer – By AndroidRock – Best fake calling apps

Google Play offers a free version of Voice Changer, a simple app that pretends to be a phone call. Because of its high rating and great customer reviews, the voice changer should convince you it’s one of the best.

How can you pull off a good prank phone call? A change in pitch and timbre of the voice: If your friend recognizes your voice’s sound, you won’t be able to start your prank call and make him laugh until he recognizes your voice.

Voice changer software is just what you need to accomplish this. To name just a few, the effects include robotic chipmunk voices; alien voices of all sizes and shapes; human voices; older people’s voices; children’s voices; foreigners’ voices; drunken voices; bee voices; underwater voices; devil voices; eerie movie voices; and more. You can use a variety of recording effects to confuse your buddy further.

The UI of this app is quite simple and broad. It’s a matter of seconds until you figure it out. You must first record your audio before using this application. Once you’ve opened the audio file, you can begin applying the required effects. The ability to see and edit recorded audio files and disseminate them over Bluetooth and social networking apps like WhatsApp and Messenger are critical for prank calling.

You don’t have to be concerned about laughing out loud during the actual call because you can pre-record everything and keep it ready. You may watch while your friend is trolled from the sidelines. It’s a free program, so you’ll have to put up with a few ads, but if you can fool your friend, it’s worth it.

2. Fake Call – Prank by GameAndro – Easy to use fake calling apps

One of the best Android fake calling apps. You can download it for free from the Google Play store. Everything about it is a breeze to figure out! You’ll have a strong grasp of it within minutes after downloading it. You can rely on the app’s freshness and frequency of updates.

You must select “Call immediately” to make a bogus phone call. Setting a timer can help you plan your fictitious phone call.

You can customize the app’s caller information by entering the name and phone number of the person calling you. You can even choose an image of the caller to remove any ambiguity. You can use it to modulate your speech while using a caller voice effect. You can also use the recording feature to capture the conversation and apply special effects to it.

This app’s ads can be annoying because they start just when you start or end a phony call.

You should try the app because it has a 4.5 rating in the Google Play store.

3. Fake Call– Fake incoming phone call Prank by Soft Droid – Funny fake calling apps

Here is an app to help you get out of a dreary or obligatory meeting. It’s more of a tool for receiving spoof calls to one’s phone than a tool for making prank calls. You can place a fake phone call for a limited period and not get a genuine one.

Even if you don’t have an internet connection, it still works.

Creating a fake caller id allows you to pretend to be someone else, such as Mom, the pizza delivery guy, the cops, or anybody else you want. You can include a photo and their name to make your caller appear more genuine. In addition, you can alter the ringtone for the bogus call.

If you are about to be caught, you can even choose a fictitious caller from among your existing list of contacts. Recorded audio with vocal effects will begin playing as soon as you answer the phone. There is also the possibility of designing your layout.

The app has a 4.4-star rating and overwhelmingly positive user reviews on Google Play. It’s worth a shot. Sometimes, you can even use it to play pranks on nearby friends.

4. Automatic Call Recorder

Record as many calls as your device’s memory allows, then choose the ones you want to save even though this isn’t a very good prank-calling software. However, it is possible to record calls from specific contacts and listen to them again later on. Once you’ve finished the app, you’ll be able to come up with a few original ideas for how to use the recorded calls to call your pal for a prank.

For future reference, all recorded calls are promptly saved to your Inbox.

Using a prank call to scare a friend over the phone could include a recording of your professor berating you on the phone. The application supports Google Drive and Dropbox backups. Although the program is free to use in its basic form, the premium version adds many useful features.

The automatic call recorder has a 3.9-star rating on Google Play, which is good.

If this app does not work properly on your phone, your recordings will be of lower quality.

5. Fake Video Call and Girlfriend call prank

For fraudulent video calls, this is one of the best uses. Fake Video Call and Girlfriend call hoax software allow you to establish timings for several incoming video calls. You may make the calls appear more authentic by modifying and customizing them.

Fake video calls and fake text messages are two of the best features of this program, which raises the level of realism.

Your girlfriend should be jealous of all the other women clamoring for your contact information now that you’ve made her jealous!

Bug fixes and additions are frequently made to the application, which is regularly updated. Google Play rates it at 3.8 stars, but it’s worth a try because there aren’t many fake calling apps like it. This app is lightweight and won’t take up a lot of space on your phone. “

6. JokesPhone- Joke Calls

CashITapp Entertainment’s Fake Call app is a must-have if you want to make free prank calls. Each text message you send to friends endorsing this app will win you additional free calls. You must be logged in to Facebook to use this feature.

Using this program, you can make calls anonymously because the calls are routed through an untraceable location. It’s a great way to reminisce about old times with your friends and have a nice chuckle.

You may listen to and share these funny calls with your friends on social media with the Jokes Phone App.

A 4.2-star rating on the Play Store indicates that the app is well-received. Even though some users have voiced their displeasure at receiving only one free call when they first download the app, You can always find a new set of pranks in future versions of the software, which the creators say they are constantly working on.

You can stay up to date on all things JokesPhone by following them on social media.

Prank Call by MyPhoneRobot

The My Phone robot software for making hoax calls is a must-have for anyone who has tried the prank website and liked it. It’s free to download and has a Google Play Store rating of 4.4 stars. The majority of the programs on this list are inferior to this one.

Because it’s so simple to use, you could easily prank call a friend and fool them into thinking something was wrong with them! You may play practical jokes on your friends by sending them prepared calls and then sit back and enjoy their terrified and perplexed reactions. You’ve lost your girlfriend; your car has been sold, and so on are just some of the prerecorded pranks you can use to fool people.

You’ll never get bored because they keep adding these prerecorded pranks to the show.

You can even record your friend’s responses to the prank call to make fun of their bizarre responses in the future. The application gives you a limited number of free calls, after which you must pay credits to make phone calls. Once you start using this app, you won’t mind spending the money on these credits. You must spend $3.99 for 250 credits and $9.99 for 1,250 credits.

Prank call Free by Ownage labs.

An app with a wide variety of pre-recorded prank calls and other interesting features has made it into the top 10 fake calling apps for Android users. They appear to use professional voice actors to record their hoax calls. Pranks earn you daily free credits.

The app is always being updated with new jokes. Adding modulations to the surround sound makes your call more lifelike.

In addition, they record the entire call and save a copy on your phone.

Users can make and receive calls from several phone numbers using the software. Using Wi-Fi instead of your mobile phone means lower costs and more free phone calls. Enjoy!

You can dial landline numbers in addition to your friends’ mobile phones.

As it stands, the program promises more than it delivers. This could be why the app’s 3.4-star rating on Google Play. You can try it out by downloading it from the Google Play store. It could be just what you’ve been looking for.

Comedy calls

Not an app, but a popular website for making prank phone calls instead. You can find prank call ideas and the latest meme developments on Comedy calls.

Call your friend’s phone and select one of the prerecorded prank calls on the website. It works the same way as the other fake calling apps on our list. I guarantee that it will make your friends laugh or aggravate them.

You can purchase call credits in various amounts through the “Get credit” option. Select “STOP UNWANTED CALLING” if the jokes or calls are not productive or are not appreciated by your victim. Despite Comedy Calls is a free website, there is a paid version with additional tools that can help you take your prank calls to the next level.

Our list of the best Android fake calling apps ends with Comedy calls. There are many prank phone sites worth checking out if the ones on this list don’t work. Genie Calls, Foxy Calls, and Foxy Calls are all examples of prank calls. Even though these won’t help you intercept incoming bogus calls, they will help you fool your friends and have a good time.

The following is a handy reference guide to help you make or receive phone calls as you see fit.

I’d like to close by saying that you should responsibly use these. It’s possible to take a joke too far and insult someone’s sense of humor. As a result, make sure to use it wisely and have a little fun with it as well.

Please let us know in the comments section below if we missed any useful Android fake calling apps or websites for creating phony phone calls. Thank you for reading.

Fake Video Tool

Compared to Fake Video call and Girlfriend Prank Software, this app has a somewhat better quality. You can use the pre-loaded spoof videos in the Fake Video Tool for testing. Videos from Santa, a handsome man, the undead, and my personal favorite: a woman in your bedroom or swimming pool, are all available.

Your face appearing on the video screen is a key element of this software. You can record the screen of your incoming and outgoing calls. No way anyone will know it’s not a real false call.

Phony callers can have their names, photos, and phone numbers customized. In the future, you can plan phony video calls by creating your video recordings.

The app has a Play Store rating of 3.4 and receives several complaints about its instability, despite its many unique features. Furthermore, it hasn’t been updated in a long time. The commercial edition of this program costs Rs 65 and offers some advanced features for making phony video calls.


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