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The 12 Kizuki or Demon Moons in Demon Slayer

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In the demon slayer, the 12 kizuki are the most infamous demons. Demon Lord Muzan Kibutsiji hand-picked these demons to carry out his evil desires and help him keep the demon hierarchy in order. In the English dub of the anime Demon Slayer, these demons are referred to as the twelve demon moons, the second-highest ranking members of the demon hierarchy, below only the demon king.

If you’ve seen Demon Slayer, you know that if a human drinks the blood of the demon lord Muzan, it will permanently change them into a demon. The most powerful demons in Devil Slayer are those who have drunk the most blood from Muzan, rising to the level of 12 kizuki, or “demon moons.”

The 12 Kizuki or Demon Moons in Demon Slayer

The following kizuki list for demon slayers is arranged from highest to lowest demon moon. Not all of the 12 kizuki have indeed made an appearance in the demon slayer anime so far. Spoilers for the demon slayer anime may be found on this page, as it reveals the true identities of the 12 kizuki or demon moons.

Kokushibou – Strongest in Demon Slayer

In demon slayer media, Muzan’s right hand is Kokushibou, the strongest of the twelve kizuki. Since his transformation by Muzan many years ago, Kokushibou has been loyal and honest in his service to his lord.

Kokushibou is the twin brother of Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the renowned Sun-breather and the highest-ranking of the 12 kizuki. He is the story’s most potent demon killer and the first character to use solar respiration.

Michikatsu Tsukiguni, a human Kokushibou, was shown to have been jealous of his younger twin brother Yoriichi’s natural gift and ability as a demon slayer. Kokushibou uses moon breathing, one of the demon’s special abilities, which helps make him the most frightening of the game’s 12 kizuki.

Doma – Upper Moon 2 Demon Slayer

Doma, the most charming and second most powerful of the 12 kizuki demons, is also one of the game’s most vicious demon moons. He is a particularly dangerous foe since he is a demon with no capacity for compassion. Doma is amoral and haughty since he has feasted on many lovely women during the narrative of the demon slayer.

Doma’s major weapon against the blood demon art is cryokinesis. Using only his kyosensu, the demon can create ice (Japanese folding fans). Like Nezuko can create fire through her blood, Doma can create ice through his blood and flesh.

Akaza – Upper Moon 3 Demon Slayer

If you’re facing up against Akaza, you’re up against a formidable opponent. He’s the third most powerful demon out of the twelve kizuki in demon slayer. When Akaza faces off against the flame hashira Kyojuro Rengoku in the Mugen Train Arc, it becomes clear that the demon possesses tremendous raw might.

To generate shockwaves and improve his perception, Akaza uses the deadly power of death in his demon blood painting. Furthermore, Akaza has the fastest regeneration rate of the 12 kizuki in demon slayer.

Nakime – Upper Moon 4 Demon Slayer

The initial replacement for the moon 4th level is Hantengu. After his defeat, the previous kizuki died, and Nakime was installed as his replacement. She debuted in the first season of demon slayer during Muzan’s slaughter of the lesser demon moons.

While her physical abilities were not showcased, Nakime may be seen controlling the castle with a single stroke of her biwa in the episode where Muzan slaughters the lower moon demons. Despite not being depicted in combat, Nakime is sufficiently powerful as a member of the 12 kizuki in demon slayer and a member of the higher moon-level demons.


Even though most demons are egocentric, Gyokko is the most so among the 12 kizuki in demon slayer. Furthermore, the devil is obsessed with arts and crafts and flies into a passion when his so-called works of art are criticized.

Regarding the demon’s personality, Gyokko is shown to be shallow and envious of those who devote themselves to their craft more than he does. Gyokko, the demon, was able to teleport from place to place with the aid of sculptural pots. The devil can even create fish demons in the vessels of his enemies.

Gyokko’s appearance is the most dreadful and repulsive among the 12 kizuki in demon slayer. The monster has no arms, a lengthy body, and a mouth replaces his eyes. Meanwhile, one eye rests on his forehead, and the other is where his lips would normally be.


Daki and Gyutaro, two demon siblings, originally filled this role. In addition, Tengen uzui, Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke were ultimately defeated by Daki and Gyutaro, the principal antagonists of the entertainment district plot. In the end, however, both were defeated by the young demon-slayers and replaced by Kaigaku.

Zenitsu’s senior in training with the former thunder hashira Jigoro Kuwajima was the demon slayer corps veteran Kaigaku. Kaigaku became one of the 12 kizuki in the demon slayer franchise because he displayed the traits of an arrogant opportunist, a coward who follows the powerful, and a person who will do anything to survive. Further, he learned the blood demon arts by mastering the thunder breathing technique.


Enmu and his talents are well-known to viewers of the Mugen Train Arc. Muzan wiped off the lower moon demons, and Enmu was the only one to escape. For killing him, Muzan said, “Kill the demon slayer wearing the hanafuda earrings.” He then spared Enmu and gave him his blood.

To destroy a person’s will to fight, Enmu uses his blood demon art to influence their dreams. Moreover, Enmu can put individuals to sleep on command and enter and control their dreams using his blood demon art. According to the events of Mugen Train, Enmu’s favorite murders people by penetrating their subconscious and destroying their spiritual core.


After the initial lower moon 2 – Hairo was destroyed in demon slayer, Rokuro became one of the 12 kizuki. Hairo’s major ability was to create several shadows out of his blood. What’s more, the devil can shape these shadows whichever he pleases.

There is scant information about Rokuro, the demon who will succeed him. However, the monster made a brief appearance in the Mugen train storyline. During his time onscreen, Rokuro begged Muzan to transfuse him with more of his blood so that he could fortify himself. Muzan accepted the request and decided to have Rokuro put to death.


Most committed among the demons of the lower moon was Wakuraba, a demon slayer with 12 kizuki. Wakuraba seems to have become faster in the limited views we’ve had into his Mugen train plot thus far. His enhanced speed was on full display when he attempted to escape from Muzan after witnessing the massacre of his fellow lower moon demons. Despite his best efforts, Wakuraba is quickly captured by the demon king and killed.


Another of the 12 kizuki of the demon slayer about whom we know nothing. The full potential of Mukago’s character has never been revealed to fans. During the Mugen train arc, Muzan slew the demon and several other demons from the lower moon. Mukago stood short for her age and had horns that protruded from her forehead.


Among the 12 kizuki, only Rui has been featured in a full episode of demon slayer. Before the demon king changed him, Rui was a frail and short-statured human child.

Rui had a pathological need to procreate, so he utilized his demon blood to make copies of himself. The use of a talent that was special only to Rui. The shame he feels for killing his parents probably drives his fixation on creating a family.

Rui is the most powerful of the 12 kizuki of demon slayer in blood demon techniques. Rui can manipulate cells to change the look of demons who have ingested his blood. Spider webs are his primary weapon, and they are so strong that they can even cut through nichirin swords.


At first, this position was occupied by Kyogai, the main antagonist of the Tsuzumi mansion storyline. After his defeat, Muzan cast him out, saying he lacked the strength to be one of the 12 kizuki in demon slayer.

The blood demon artwork of the Kyogai was in the same league as that of Nakime. Kyogai could alter his surroundings by tapping any one of the countless drums embedded in his body. Kamanue succeeded Kyogai and took over the position. Kamanue’s brief existence is attested to only by Muzan eating him after overhearing the demon’s thoughts.


This means they are the most formidable monsters encountered by the protagonist. In addition, every one of these demons practices a unique form of blood demon art and has its method of bloody battle. While manga fans are already familiar with these demons and their abilities, those who prefer anime are not.

Meanwhile, we should expect to see the more powerful kizuki in subsequent episodes of “Demon Slayer.” You can pass the time till then by reading our weekly recap of when new episodes will be available to watch.

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