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Steps to Use wallpaper gif mac

Utilizing animated GIFs as desktop wallpaper is one of the key benefits of using Windows. You can find an in-depth tutorial on using Animated GIFs as Windows 10 desktop wallpaper on Techviral. There is a workaround for those who prefer Mac OS X to Windows 10. Although macOS does not natively support GIF backgrounds, you can set up an animated background. To do this, you’ll need ‘GIFPaper,’ a third-party program. You can set wallpaper gif mac on your display with this application.

Steps to Use wallpaper gif mac

Your quest for animated GIF desktop background options on the Mac is over. You’ve found it! This guide will show you step-by-step how to make an animated GIF for your Mac’s desktop backdrop. Look around.

  1. You can begin downloading the ZIP file from this Github page by selecting Code > Download ZIP.
  2. Unzip the zip file you’ve just downloaded. You can find preferences in the ‘GIFPaperPreferences.prefPane’ file.
  3. The application will prompt you to install it for yourself or all users on the machine after it has been launched, depending on your preference. Simply click “Install” after selecting one of them.
  4. Instead of being in the Applications folder, the app will appear in the Preferences panel after installation.
  5. Open GIFPaper by double-clicking the icon. You can continue using the program despite the warning if you don’t get an error message.

That’s it! This guide will show you how to get GIFPaper for Mac up and running. You may now use an animated GIF as your macOS desktop backdrop by following the instructions below.

How to Create Animated GIF Wallpaper with GIFPaperPrefs?

The interface displayed below would appear after starting the application from the Preferences Panel.

Click “Browse” and select the GIF file as your desktop background by clicking “Browse.” It requires alignment and scaling after selection. Filling the background color is an option if your GIF is too short or wide.

As soon as this process is complete, look at your Mac’s desktop. As the background image, the GIF wallpaper will be used.

How to Add GIFPaper to the Startup Item List?

There is a problem with GIFPaper since it doesn’t start up. You will lose the GIF background if you restart your Mac. Adding GIFPaper to your Mac’s startup list is the only way to fix this. GIFPaper can be added to the startup items list by following the methods below.

That’s it! You’ve finished. GIFPaper’s animated wallpaper will now be automatically launched and restored when Mac starts up.

This article explains how to use a GIF-animated desktop background on a Mac. I sincerely hope you found the information in this post to be useful! Let your friends know about it as well. Please leave a comment if you have any queries concerning this topic.

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