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Top 10 Best Snapchat Lock Apps for Android in 2023

Snapchat Lock

Popular instant messaging service Snapchat. To share images, videos, or locations with pals, this social networking software relies on quick interactions. The best feature of Snapchat is the ability for users to save their messages and chats.

We therefore have a solution if you have saved your chats and photographs on Snapchat and don’t want anyone to view them!

Top 10 Android Apps To Lock Snapchat

Simply lock your app using an app locker to prevent unauthorised users from reading your Snapchat messages. This list of the top programmes will help you find the solution to your question of how to Snapchat lock.

1. Applock – Lock Apps & Passwords

There are three ways to lock your apps: PIN, Fingerprint, or Pattern. The software also features an Intruder Selfie that takes a photograph of anyone attempting to break in and a Photo Vault that lets you conceal photos from curious eyes. By turning on Message Security, you may also block sensitive apps from receiving chat notifications.

Download : Applock – Lock Apps & Passwords

2. Applock – Lock for Apps

The Snapchat Lock software by Applock by Appsniff is dependable and simple to use. Use Applock to lock your privacy and hide your data from prying eyes while locking your apps, galleries, videos, chats, and social media apps.
You can lock your Gallery, SMS, Contacts, Name Logs, Settings, and other app-related apps with Applock.

Download:  Applock – Lock for Apps

3. AppLock – Lite Tools Studios

This is the best Security Lock – AppLock – to serve as the App Locker and privacy guard for your phone! You can maintain your privacy by using choices like a password, pattern, or fingerprint lock. AppLock has an anti-intrusion feature that may be used to lock apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and others. Additionally, it offers a Safe notes option that automatically saves confidential notes.

Download : AppLock – Lite Tool Studios

4. Locker for SnapApp Chat

One of the best apps for locking Snapchat is App Chat, a dedicated Snapchat locker. Users can lock Snapchat with this app, which secures and encrypts communications. This Snapchat locker prevents unauthorised users from using your Snapchat or viewing your conversations by requiring a passcode or fingerprint. This locker software has a feature to lock certain chats in addition to the App lock option.

Download:  Locker for SnapApp Chat

5. AppLock – DoMobile Applock

Another well-known lock app that many people use and trust is AppLock by DoMobile Labs. Any app on your phone can be password-protected and encrypted with it to block unauthorised access. After installing, you must create a master pattern lock and use it each time you access the programme. You can set up fingerprint recognition, lock individual applications with different profiles, cover locked apps with a false background, and other options.

Download:  AppLock – DoMobile AppLock

6. AppLock – Fingerprint

An effective Android lock application with a simple user interface is called AppLock: Fingerprint. To protect your apps, you can use a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint scanner. It emails you a photo of the person trying to unlock your applications after taking their photograph. The software is available in 31 different languages, and you may purchase a premium version for in-app purchases.

Download : AppLock – Fingerprint

7. Norton App Locker

A simple user looking for a free Snapchat locking app should find the Norton App Lock to be a great option as it is a fairly basic app locker. In addition to app locking, it assists in safeguarding data, pictures, and videos against illegal access. Users can also add a recovery email and a sneak peek feature, which captures photographs of those who repeatedly input the wrong PIN or pattern.

Download : Norton App Locker

8. LOCKit

Free and dependable, LOCKIT is an app locker for Android. Using a PIN or pattern, you may quickly lock the screen of your phone or certain apps. Any app on your phone as well as additional settings can be restricted. Additionally, it prevents the uninstallation of any locked apps. If you want to know who is trying to unlock apps when you aren’t around, this Snapchat app locker also offers an intruder selfie option.

Download : LOCKit

9. Perfect Applock

You may use a PIN, pattern, or gesture password to secure any app on your smartphone with Perfect AppLock. Your internet, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi data can all be protected by this app. Using the screen filter feature, you may also change the brightness of specific programmes.

With the aid of an SMS service, this programme can also be utilised remotely. By displaying false error warnings on protected apps, it can trick users.

Download :  Perfect AppLock

10. AppLock – IVY Mobile

A free programme called IVY AppLock from IVY Mobile helps users prevent hackers and snoopers from accessing sensitive data. You can lock all the popular social media apps, including Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Vine, using IVY Applock.

This software, like other apps, uses a PIN or pattern locking method to safeguard your apps. For the Ivy Mobile Applock, you can use a fake icon in place of its icon, such as a calculator, calendar, or notepad.


You should be able to select the best Snapchat lock app using the list above. Picking just one of these apps can be challenging because they each provide distinctive characteristics. What you need from a Snapchat lock app ultimately depends on your needs.

If you’re still undecided, we advise testing both AppLock and Locker for Snapchat to determine which one suits you the best. We sincerely hope you liked reading this post, and we welcome your feedback at any time! Please get in touch with us if you have any inquiries or recommendations.

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