Top 5 PS5 Fight Sticks in 2023

Modern fighting games make it easy to get a nice walloping. To gift one, however? That requires skills, patience, and if you really want to impress, the appropriate combat stick. If you want to master PS5 fighting games like Mortal Kombat 1, Tekken 8, or Street Fighter 6, you might think about bringing the old arcade experience to your home system.

With a joystick and buttons designed for the abuse that comes with an exciting combat in the arena, these top 5 PS5 fight sticks provide gamers a competitive advantage over their controller-using others.

Top 5 PS5 Fight Sticks in 2023 are Listed Below:

1. Victrix Pro FS-12

The Victrix Pro FS-12 is a competition favorite because it is long-lasting, comfortable, and easy to customize. It may seem strange at first, but its layout and large amount of empty space make it a great experience. Victrix put a lot of thought into making the Pro FS-12 as comfortable as possible. It has a slope that fits around the wrist and 24mm and 30mm Sanwa Dneshi buttons that are set up in a natural way.

The Pro FS-12 is made for Sony systems and has a touchpad that makes using the PS5 interface easy. It also helps to use features when testing your skills in some games’ training mode. The back panel can be quickly removed to give you access to parts that can be changed. Change the fight stick to fit your needs and take over the track.

The Victrix Pro comes in two very noticeable colors. Whether you pick the clean, bright white or the bright neon purple, you’ll be the only one in your event that wears it.

2. Qanba Obsidian 2

The Qanba Obsidian 2 is a sleek model that looks like a fight stick made from obsidian. It’s so good that you’ll almost feel bad about playing it. You’ll definitely want to get your hands on this high-end stick, which has 30mm OBSF buttons and a Sanwa joystick top that can be switched out. The piano finish does mean you’ll have to clean it a lot, but it may be worth it to make the most of this slim, comfort-driven fight stick. And the way the buttons are set up makes it easy to pull off deadly attacks, even in the most tense contests.

A built-in cord compartment with a USB-C port and customization may not be the easiest to access.The stick isn’t as flexible without the wire, but the Obsidian 2’s shape and function make up for any flaws. It was fun to use in events, but Qanba made training modes a lot easier by adding a panel of buttons on top with a touch pad, a speed toggle, and L3/R3 buttons. If you want to fight on your PC, there’s also a button that lets you switch between PS4, PS5, and PC mode.

To open the access panel on the Obsidian 2, you’ll need a key, which makes it not the easiest to modify or customize.

3. Nacon Daija Fight Stick

The boxy shape of the Nacon Daija Fight Stick gives it a clean look while hiding a lot of great features. The frame has a Sanwa joystick with two heads that can be switched out and expensive, high-quality buttons. Use them a lot and be amazed at how much they can handle.

Nacon really went the extra mile with Daija. You can change how the buttons work using PC or Mac software, and the smooth palm rest gives you the support you need to quickly beat the competition. Some extra features, like a button lock that stops you from pressing buttons you don’t want to, built-in music through a 3.5mm jack, and button placement on the side panel, make the experience better.

With the included faceplates, you can also customize the front plate’s appearance, and you can make quick changes by popping open the easy access panel.

4. HORI PS5 Fighting Stick Alpha

The Sony-approved HORI PS5 fighting stick has all the features you could want in a fighting stick. It is simple to customize the stick to your chosen style and perform routine maintenance thanks to the pop-open frame. You’ll also value the simple access because you’ll be using HORI’s Fight Stick Alpha a lot.

The stick has a high-quality Hayabusa joystick and high-speed buttons that make it as fast as possible during every match. You should make use of the four profiles that you can switch between to get the most out of your game since no two fighting games are alike. It even has a keyboard that works and settings for your microphone and sound. The Fighting Stick Alpha is a game-changer for competition players because it has almost everything they could want.

5. Mayflash Arcade Stick F500 Elite

And the Mayflash Arcade Stick F500 Elite should be the one that stands out on this list if you like having choices. This high-end fight stick has a pretty simple look, but there’s a lot going on all over it. With Sanwa parts, you can be sure that your components will last and work well, giving you an edge in contests. the F500 gives you more control over your experience with a touchpad, home and share buttons that work with PS5, and other extra features.

The two speed modes are one of the coolest things about the stick. Turbo mode is a fun choice when you’re simply giving out beatings in your favorite fighting games, even though they may not be allowed for tournaments. When you start opening the bottom panel and adjusting your fight stick to your liking, you won’t feel like you’re losing anything, even though Mayflash may have left out the L3/R3 buttons.

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