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Play PlayStation Games on iPhone and iPad (PS1 emulator iOS)

PS1 emulator iOS

The evolution of mobile phone gaming is remarkable. So far, so good that you can now play PlayStation One games on a smartphone with a PS1 emulator iOS.

Formerly only playable on Android due to its open platform, older games may now be enjoyed on iOS with the help of the emulator Provenance.

This article explains how to use an iOS device to play PlayStation 1 games. With Provenance, you can play games from over 20 different systems on your iOS device, including the NES, SNES, GameBoy, and Atari.

Play PlayStation Games on iPhone and iPad (PS1 emulator iOS)

Step 1

Step 2

Your favorite PlayStation 1 games are now playable on your iOS device of choice.

The Provenance emulator allows you to customize several aspects of the emulation, such as the game’s pace, the quality of the graphics, the sensitivity of the controller, and more.

After a certain amount, Apple usually eliminates these kinds of apps. A workaround is to obtain the emulator from a source other than the official website.

Apple Arcade and Apple One subscriptions provide access to many ad-free games, music, and TV shows from Apple.

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