PC software list of 15 Essential Softwares For Your Windows 10 & 11 PC

Windows has long been lauded for the breadth of its application support. Regarding desktop operating systems, Windows 10/11 is the most popular. It’s possible to find an app for just about any purpose under the sun on the Windows platform. On the Internet, you can find both free and pricey software. However, because the number of free programs much outstripped the number of paid programs, consumers were left perplexed and unable to make an informed decision. Since this is the case, we’ve decided to compile a PC software list of the best free Windows PC programs.

PC software list of 15 Essential Softwares For Windows 10 & 11 PC

As a result, we’ve compiled a PC software list of the best must-have programs for Windows 10 computers in this post.

Google Chrome Browser

Because of this, Google Chrome should be your go-to web browser. When you don’t have a web browser app, you can’t download any other apps mentioned in this post.

In addition to browsing the web and watching YouTube videos, Google Chrome also allows users to play games online and more. On the other hand, Google Chrome has a slew of flaws, one of which is its excessive use of RAM.

VLC Media Player

Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux users may enjoy the VLC media player for free. This is a free service that comes with a slew of options.

The PC version of VLC Media Player can play almost any sort of video or audio file. What the heck? Detailed instructions on how to use VLC Media Player on a PC have been supplied. Learn about the best features of the media player by reading this article.

Internet Download Manager

Use this app if you want to boost your download speed. The best download manager for Windows at the moment is IDM, which allows you to pause and resume downloads.

You can speed up the process by downloading each piece of a file one at a time rather than downloading the entire file at once. If you’d like to download videos from websites with IDM, you can do it through the browser integration module.


Compression and decompression software. This software can extract compressed files from a computer’s hard drive.

In addition, a wide range of compression formats is available for files and images. All Windows PC users must have this program installed.


To connect to other computers, you can use Teamviewer. Allows remote access to workstations and file transmission via the Teamviewer software platform.

Teamviewer may be necessary if you’ve recently switched to the Windows operating system. Using Teamviewer, you may participate in online meetings, chat, and more.


It’s easy to quickly run out of storage space on your computer if you frequently download unneeded programs or files from the internet. CCleaner comes in handy in this kind of situation.

When removing unwanted files, CCleaner is one of the best tools. Removes registry entries that aren’t legitimate.

Good Antivirus

Using the internet on your computer would be impossible without it. Crooks can access your computer using the Internet. Because of this, strong anti-virus and internet security system is an absolute necessity.

Avira and Avast are two more free antivirus options you can get online. However, if you’re seeking better options, you can check out our guide to the best antivirus software for PC/laptops.


It’s now usual to store important data in the “cloud.” You can get an additional 2GB of free Dropbox storage by referring friends.

You can access your files from anywhere using the Dropbox app, which is available for nearly every major platform.


You must install Spotify’s desktop application to listen to music on your computer. You may stream millions of songs for free using the Spotify software on your computer.

Both free and paid plans are available on Spotify; the free version has ads, but you can still access the songs. On the other hand, Spotify has various subscription levels that are worth considering for music lovers.


Taking screenshots on a computer has never been easier than with ShareX, a powerful freeware application. The flexibility that ShareX offers in terms of screen capture is a huge plus for its consumers.

With the built-in picture editor in ShareX, you may change the screenshots.


Clipboard management has been revamped; however, several critical features are missing from both Windows 10 and Windows 11. As an example, Microsoft’s default clipboard manager cannot save URLs.

CliPClip is a third-party free clipboard manager. When you copy an image or a text, CliPClip saves it and attaches it to your clipboard. Using CliPClip is a great way to manage your Windows clipboard.


Bitwarden is the most secure open-source password management tool for desktop and mobile operating systems. Using Bitwarden, you can generate and store strong passwords for all your accounts.

It’s the only password you’ll ever need to remember: Bitwarden encrypts all your passwords with a single master password.


Everyone should use a virtual private network, or VPN, to protect themselves online. Using a public WiFi network, you can use NordVPN to protect yourself from man-in-the-middle attacks.

Thanks to this program’s security features, you’ll be able to access restricted websites and hide your IP address. Even though there are free Windows VPN options, it is always best to use a commercial provider.

WhatsApp Desktop

One of the most popular apps for organizations and individuals is WhatsApp Desktop. You can chat with your WhatsApp contacts on your computer by installing the WhatsApp Desktop app.

Now you may make and receive voice and video calls from your computer using the latest WhatsApp desktop version. You can’t go wrong with WhatsApp Desktop for any user.


Those who use Windows may recognize the Office Suite application. But the office suite is a superb piece of software, but it does not come cheap.

As a student, LibreOffice may be your best bet for a free alternative to Microsoft Office.

Everything you need to get your work done, from word processing to spreadsheets to presentations to sketching and flowcharts to databases, can be found in LibreOffice’s suite of office programs (formula editing).

Several open-source pdf editors out there can help you browse, edit or even open pdf files, so we recommend checking them out.

Here is a PC software list of the best free Windows apps. I’m glad you found it useful! Please spread the word to your contacts as well. Also, if you know of other comparable programs, please let us know in the comments below.

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