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List of 10 Best Volume Booster App For Android Devices

best volume booster app for android

Viewing media on Android devices, such as movies, TV shows, and YouTube videos, is a popular pastime. Both video playback and audio playback are optimized on Android handsets. Yet, many Android smartphones aren’t loud enough when playing music or watching movies, which is a problem for many of us. It’s now necessary for everyone to have a new gadget as a result. However, due to its small size, it cannot replace an Android smartphone. So, what should we do now? Well, programmers have developed a few apps that can improve your device’s audio quality. By searching the Google Play Store for “Volume Booster,” you’ll find many useful tools, but this list will help you choose the best volume booster app for android.

List of 10 Best Volume Booster App For Android Devices

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the best volume booster app for android to help you increase your device’s volume. Let’s check some of the best Volume Booster programs out there.

Important: Damage to speakers and hearing can result from prolonged exposure to extremely loud sounds. Therefore, you should lower the volume if the goal is to create distortion. Customers have complained in large numbers about faulty headphones and speakers. Therefore, it is at your own risk to use these programs.

Volume Booster GOODEV

Compared to the other programs mentioned in the article, the Volume Booster GOODEV stands out and is the best volume booster app for android. It’s a lightweight app that only does the bare minimum. The free program may supposedly adjust system files to boost the loudness of your headphones or speakers.

On the other hand, Android 4.2 phones are incompatible with the Volume Booster GOODEV app. Several buyers have also complained of broken headphones and speakers. Therefore, it is your responsibility to utilize this program.

VLC for Android

The well-known desktop media player VLC is now accessible on Android. VLC for Android is useful because it is compatible with many different file types.

Furthermore, it lets you crank up the volume to eleven. However, exceeding the maximum volume could potentially damage the speakers or your ears, so please take caution.

Precise Volume

Precise Volume is arguably the best choice if you’re looking for a centralized volume control center for your Android device.

I don’t know what that was. The Precise Volume app offers 100 different volume levels, much above Android’s 15 volume increments. It attaches safely to your device’s audio system and gives you more ways to adjust the volume.

Equalizer FX

If you want your Android speaker system to sound better, you can’t do without an equalizer effect. As an equalizer app for Android phones, it consistently receives five-star reviews from users.

Using Equalizer FX, you may fine-tune the quality of your song by adjusting the relative volumes of individual sound effects. The equalizer in FX contains 12 basic settings for improving audio. The fact that you can program your custom sounds into the program is even more exciting.


Viper4Android is a possible solution if your Android device has been rooted. I don’t know what that was. To implement global audio filtering, Viper4Android necessitates root access. As a result, all Android apps can now take advantage of the improved sound effects.

When using Viper4Android, you can switch to eXtra Loud mode for loudness that goes from Mild to Extreme. In addition, Viper4Android provides several Speaker optimization choices that might enhance your phone’s speaker’s performance.

Super High Volume Booster

Popularity in the Google Play Store doesn’t necessarily indicate usefulness. The description on the Google Play Store says that you may raise the volume with one click, but it doesn’t say how.

No equalization for improving audio quality is included in the app. However, many argue that it compromises audio quality. The app’s inventor has not revealed the app’s inner workings; hence it is suggested that users employ it on an older handset.

Volume Booster PRO

The developers of this program state that it can increase the volume of any audio files. Furthermore, the program asserts that it may increase the loudness of all system sounds, such as ringtones, system notifications, etc.

As of this writing, it is the greatest volume booster app for Android devices and works with both rooted and unrooted gadgets.

Super Loud Volume Booster

Despite its minimal description in the Google Play Store, the Super Loud Volume Booster software seems to work. The app has millions of users worldwide and takes up less than 10MB of space on a mobile device.

Super Loud Volume Booster aids in improving output without requiring changes to the system settings, instead by changing the audio files themselves. The app is easy to use and can improve the sound quality of your smartphone’s speakers.

Speaker Boost

This app is different from all the others discussed above. Sound volume is increased without using the Equalizer or the sound profile.

Speaker Boost includes an amplifier for your music as well. The software supports both rooted and unrooted Android devices.

Sound Amplifier

Another excellent software that can increase the volume is Google’s Sound Amplifier. When using headphones, this software will enhance the sound quality of your Android device.

The main functions of a Sound Amplifier are to increase soft sounds while diminishing strong ones, to allow for individualized sound settings, and to reduce unwanted background noise.

Here are the top ten apps to increase the volume on an Android device. Please let us know in the comments if you know of other such programs. I hope you found this essay informative. Spread the word to your associates as well!

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