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List of 10 Best clothes finder apps By Picture

clothes finder apps

We have little doubt that you, like the rest of us, have occasionally seen clothing items that you wished you could have. You may have come upon the garments while browsing social media or a magazine. You may have wished at the time that there was a service like Shazam that could identify the clothes for you. A Shazam-like service that can recognize garments is now a reality, thanks to the abundance of free clothes finder apps available in the Google Play Store. Android’s extensive app selection and ease of use with garment ID apps have been its hallmarks from the beginning.

Here, we’ll show you some of the best Android clothes finder apps out now for using image recognition to find a certain item of clothing. These programs allow you to instantly recognize a cute item of clothing or a popular TV show you have seen online or in public. Okay, so let’s check out the list and see what we can find.

List of 10 Best clothes finder apps By Picture

It’s worth noting that a plethora of third-party Android clothes finder apps are designed to identify garments. The problem is that you can trust not all of them to give correct information. Let’s have a look then.


ImageSearchMan can be obtained from the Google Play Store for no cost. A user of ImageSearchMan can look for an image using a keyword or the file’s name. However, you may use the program for a different reason, and it will work just fine: searching for garments based on pictures.

Once you’ve located the picture, you can use it in various ways: a shareable resource, a download, a background, etc.


Shnap is a free Android app that lets you browse garments based on a picture. Hovering over a picture or product and clicking the Shnap button will reveal a list of stores selling the item.

The image-searching program was developed specifically for apparel and won’t work with any other kind of product. The only real drawback to Shnap is that it has a lot of flaws.

Google Lens

Not only clothes but also laptops, accessories, and other gadgets may be recognized by the image recognition software Google Lens. Most new Android phones already have Google Lens installed.

Nonetheless, if you don’t have Google Lens on your phone, you can always get it from the Google Play Store. Putting an article of clothing into the viewfinder’s frame will immediately bring up the product’s purchase page.


CamFind is largely regarded as the best Android software available, and for a good reason: it provides a powerful visual search engine for mobile devices.

It is a simple image search app that makes finding what you’re looking for on your mobile device. Clothing, accessories, and even electronic gadgets are no match for CamFind’s object recognition abilities.

Amazon Shopping

To quickly identify clothing, the Amazon Android app utilizes StyleSnap, a visual search engine. Users can only find clothing items by uploading a photo of themselves in the garment they’re looking for.

Stylesnap, on the other hand, exclusively provides links to products on Amazon. As a result, it can only recognize products that are available for purchase on Amazon.

Pinterest Lens

You should also check out Pinterest Lens, another great visual search tool. Pinterest Lens is designed to do just that by showcasing similar images.

Although on-site shopping links are rare, the search results often include links to where you may purchase the matched products. On the other hand, Pinterest Lens might be the best approach to broaden your purchasing options.


British retailer ASOS also offers a mobile app for its customers. The newest ASOS version has an image search feature, making it easier than ever to find your next great outfit.

ASOS’s reverse image search is intuitive, returning results for similar clothing items. However, the ASOS image search function is only available in the official ASOS store.

New Android software called has recently hit the market. It boasts that it is the best fashion search and recommendation app available. Fashion items from more than 35 Indian e-commerce stores carrying over 1500 different brands are showcased in the app.

You can use it to shop for clothing and accessories right now. You can use the reverse search function on’s dress/outfit finder, a visual search engine.

Photo Sherlock

Simple to use, Photo Sherlock is an Android software that lets you look for photos on your camera roll or Gallery.

When compared to similar software, Photo Sherlock is a breeze to use. It looks up similar pictures on Google and Yandex. Reverse image searching using Photo Sherlock isn’t limited to only clothing.

Search By Image

A similar program, Reverse Image Search, appears directly above Search By Image on the list.

Search By Image makes it possible to use various reverse image search engines like Yandex, Google, Bing, etc., to locate related pictures. The software lets you quickly and easily take pictures with your device’s camera.

Listed here are the top ten image-based clothes finder apps for Android. Please list any further alternatives in the comments if you’re aware of them. I hope you found this essay informative. In addition, I’d appreciate it if you could forward this to your friends.

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