How to delete discord DMs [Clear DM History]

How to delete discord DMs? A competitor to Skype, Discord was launched as a chat network in 2012. Friends and acquaintances use it regularly to keep in touch. Group interactions have been changed by the close-knit community it gives. Regarding text chat, Discord has overtaken Skype in terms of popularity. After all, nobody wants to read posts from a year or two ago. There is no benefit to having them on your phone or tablet. Discord does not have a simple way to delete messages, so it is difficult to do so.

Keeping your Discord server up-to-date by deleting outdated messages is a time-consuming task. Your Discord server may be inundated with tens of thousands of spam messages. Discord has a multitude of methods for deleting all messages. This article will review how to delete discord DMs from your Discord DM history.

How to delete discord DMs [Clear DM History]

Discord does not provide an easy option to delete all messages at once. If you try breaking Discord’s rules, you could get into some hot water. You can send messages in two ways in Discord.

Types of Messages in Discord

Discord has two distinct message types:

  1. Direct Messages (DM): Individuals can communicate privately via text using the Direct Messages (DM) feature.
  2. Channel Messages (CM): A channeled message is a text message sent to a specific group or channel.

Separate rules govern messages like this one and this one. It used to be possible for Discord users to bulk-delete messages, but that functionality has now been removed. Discord’s database suffers when hundreds of thousands of users delete their messages. A slew of regulations is harming the program’s popularity.

You can delete all of your messages in Discord if you so choose. Discord’s server space can be conserved in several methods, the simplest of which are listed below.

2 Ways how to delete discord DMs

Here is how to delete discord DMs and CMs in various ways. This is why we’ll go over both methods.

Deleting Direct Messages in Discord

Technically, Discord does not allow you to turn off direct messaging (DM). You can close your chat panel and remove the conversation’s copy if you don’t want to see messages. This will remove your messages from your chat, but they will still be available to other users. To delete the local copy of messages, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Open their chat window when you’ve exchanged direct messages with a person.
  2. Select ‘Message’ from the drop-down menu that appears.
  3. Using the upper left corner of the screen, click on the ‘Direct Message’ option.
  4. Delete what you just deleted by clicking on “Conversation” (X).
  5. Direct Messages on your end will be deleted as a result of this.

The confirmation dialog box will not show after clicking the cross. Make sure you do everything on purpose and not during important discussions.

Deleting Channel Messages in Discord

Discord channel messages can be deleted using a variety of methods. Any of the following deletion methods are acceptable if you follow the instructions carefully.

Method 1: Manual Method

Manually deleting Discord channel messages is easy if you use the following methods:

  1. To delete a chat panel, select the one you want to remove.
  2. The ‘three dots’ icon will appear in the upper right corner of the message when you hover over it.
  3. You may access the menu by clicking the three-dot icon on the screen. Delete from the pop-up menu is the option.
  4. When you click OK, a confirmation window will pop up. It will ask for your approval before it deletes anything. To finish, check the box and press the Delete key.

It’s the quickest and easiest approach to get rid of unwanted emails. Because you cannot erase messages in bulk, this approach takes a long time. On the other hand, You can use the Bot approach to delete channel messages in bulk.

Method 2: Bot Method

This approach may be difficult to implement, but it has the potential to pay off in the long run. Many bot programs make the bulk deletion of group or channel messages possible. The MEE6 bot is one of our greatest options for this task. Before sending commands, you must first install the MEE6 bot on the destination device. MEE6 can be installed on your server by following the procedures below.

  1. Visit the MEE6 website at to access your Discord server.
  2. Once you’ve arrived at the website, click “Add on Discord,” then “Authorize,” and finally, “Tap the correct server.”
  3. Bots can make changes to your server as a result of this.
  4. Selecting “Continue” and granting the necessary rights to the MEE6 bot will allow it to delete or modify your messages.
  5. To verify your identity, you must complete the CAPTCHA shown.
  6. The MEE6 robot will now be installed on your server.
  7. The following commands are now at your fingertips:
    • @!clear @username‘ to delete the latest 100 messages of the specific user.
    • ‘!clear 500‘ to delete the latest 500 messages of the specific channel.
    • ‘!clear 1000‘ to delete the latest 1000 messages of the specific channel.

To get rid of more mails, increase the quantity. For changes to take effect, you must reload the page. One of the simplest ways to remove channel messages in bulk is to use this method.

Why does Discord allow bots?

Answering this question is a piece of cake. Essentially, a robot is just a user account with an API token. Discord would be a mess if it had access to personal information about its members. Bots are also able to get around restrictions set by the Developer Portal. It will enable the API calls and requests generated by other users. Discord does not allow the deletion of bot messages because of this.

Method 3: Cloning the Channel

If MEE6 doesn’t work for you, don’t worry; we have an alternative solution. This method also deletes a large number of messages at once. Is cloning something you understand? Replicating the channel without any past messages is what it means here. Cloning does not duplicate any existing bots on a new channel, so make a list of them beforehand. Here are the steps to follow to create a second channel:

  1. Click the ‘Clone Channel’ option from the context menu that displays when you right-click the channel.
  2. Renaming the channel and then clicking Create Channel will create a new one.
  3. It’s your choice whether to keep or delete the prior version.
  4. To begin, add the bots you need to the freshly constructed channel.

Cloning the channel is also an easy technique to erase messages from a Discord channel. This method will also add old users with the same settings to the newly cloned channel.

Direct and channel messages can be deleted in Discord using any method. Because bots are banned from Discord, you should be careful when using this method. As long as you follow the instructions to a T, you should have no problems.



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