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How To Connect Phone To TV

How To Connect Phone To TV

How to connect phone to TV? The gap between the numerous mobile platform options is closing at present. People are using the many services and platforms that seamlessly transition between devices. If you have a funny video on your phone, you can easily share it with the whole family by sending it over Wi-Fi to the TV. Connecting your phone to your TV is simpler than ever before.

How To Connect Phone To TV

Whether or not your TV is smart is irrelevant. Connecting your Android or iOS device to your TV is straightforward and may be done in various ways. Few people enjoy watching movies or watching old photo albums on their TVs. Let’s look into How to connect phone to TV.

Connect the phone to your TV Wirelessly

Some of these innovations require your phone and TV to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.


If you want to stream media from your smartphone to your TV without using an HDMI connection, Google Chromecast is your best and cheapest bet. You may share media from a single app or mirror your entire Android device. You’ll need a third-party app to mirror your iPhone’s full display.

You need the Google Home app on your mobile device to reflect your screen. Choose Cast > Cast from my screen.

The Chromecast with Google TV bundle is $49.99, and it can play videos at a resolution of up to 1080p. Because Chromecast support is built into many modern smart TVs, buying a separate dongle is often unnecessary. See if your TV is listed as compatible with Chromecast in the device’s packaging or the user manual.


Miracast, a well-liked wireless streaming technology, debuted the same year. To stream media from your mobile device to the TV, many TVs now feature integrated Miracast technology. Unfortunately, this can only be done with an Android handset, as Miracast is not supported by iOS or macOS. You’ll also need to get one of our companion apps, like AirCast.

Miracast can stream content from your mobile device to your TV without using a wireless network. Using Wi-Fi Direct establishes an independent wireless network.

Another popular streaming device that supports Android phone mirroring is the Amazon Fire TV. Fire TV also needs your device to have Miracast compatibility so you may cast content wirelessly onto your TV.

To activate screen mirroring, navigate to Settings > Display & Sounds > Activate Screen Mirroring. The Mirroring option will then be accessible via the app’s contextual menu.

Several models of the Fire TV are available: the Fire TV Stick, the Fire TV Stick 4K, the Fire TV Cube, and so on.

Apple AirPlay

Apple’s AirPlay is a wireless streaming technology that allows users to display content from their iPhone, iPad or Mac on an Apple TV. Sony, Samsung, Roku, Vizio, and other brands of streaming devices and televisions now have access to Apple’s AirPlay streaming service.

How to use enable AirPlay?

When using an Apple device to play music or a video, look for the AirPlay icon (screen or ring-shaped). Select your gadget of choice by tapping on it. You may find it in the Apple TV app near the seek bar.

Roku screen mirroring

Roku devices also facilitate the linking of mobile devices to TVs. With Roku OS 7.7 and later, Android’s screen mirroring capability is always turned on. Settings > System > Screen Mirroring is where you’ll find the option to turn off mirroring requests.

Roku Premiere (4630, 4620, 3920), Roku Streambar (9102), and Roku Stick+ are just some of the Roku devices that support AirPlay 2. (3811, 3810). In addition, you must install iOS 12.3 (now iPadOS for iPad) or macOS 10.14.5 on your device.

To activate Screen Mirroring, head to Control Center > Screen Mirroring on your Apple device. Enabling Settings > System > Power > Fast TV Start on Roku models that require a constant wireless connection.

How to connect phone to TV via Bluetooth

Though it’s not as fast as WiFi, Bluetooth may power a few electronic gadgets simultaneously. Both iOS and Android devices can connect to Android TVs. This area is where many different TVs will have other processes and options for pairing with Bluetooth devices.

Select Settings > Remotes & Accessories > Add accessory on a Motorola Android TV, for instance. Now, just do what it says on the screen. You can expect similar functionality from other Android TV-powered devices.

Once you’ve connected your phone to your Android TV through Bluetooth, you may play music from your phone and transfer files between the two devices. iPhones can be paired, although they may not have full functioning.

Going Wired? Try MHL

If you don’t like using wireless technology, there are other ways to link your phone and TV.

Mobile High Definition Link, or MHL for short, is a feature of many modern mobile devices. It establishes a wireless connection between your smartphone and TV, allowing for screen projection. It becomes an excellent media player and lightweight web browser when paired with a mouse and keyboard.

Your smartphone’s microUSB or Type-C port serves as the connection point for MHL, so you’ll need an HDMI adaptor to get started. SuperMHL is a refined iteration of the standard that enables transmission of video streams at frame rates over 60 fps and resolutions as high as 8K.

These mobile devices are all MHL-enabled and are listed below for your convenience. The MHL standard is falling behind other wireless technologies; therefore, many new products may not be available.

If you’ve bought an Android smartphone in the past few years, the HDMI support probably works right out of the box. We purchased a Type-C to HDMI adaptor to see content on our OnePlus 7T on a larger screen. Without my doing anything, the screen sprang up. HDMI Alt Mode enables this by allowing HDMI data to be transmitted over the USB-C connector.

We also put a OnePlus 5T from 2017 through its paces, but it couldn’t mirror the screen.

Hook up your Phone via USB

Smartphones are capable of much more than just screen mirroring. You can link your phone to the TV through USB. Here, the TV may play the media stored on the phone, which can be used as a storage device.

These days, you can’t buy a TV without a USB port. To see if the TV accepts USB connections, check the manual.

After connecting your device, you can pull down the notification shade to activate File Transfer mode.


Which cell phones will connect to my TV?

You can link both iOS and Android devices to a TV screen. However, the scope of your abilities will be limited by the available tools. For iPhones, AirPlay is the best option available.

What type of TVs can I link my smartphone with?

Standard TVs, Android TVs, and Smart TVs that run the OEM-created operating system, such as LG WebOS, are all examples of the wide varieties of modern televisions available. At the very least, each of them will support one method of connection.

Which connection is better, wired or wireless?

You may take your wirelessly connected device anywhere in the room. While wireless connections may be convenient, connected ones provide superior bandwidth for higher visual quality and lower latency.

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