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How can I download YouTube videos for free and legally using YouTube video download software?

youtube video download

It is necessary to use a free YouTube video download application to obtain the videos from the website. Sometimes even two, if the first one is unreliable due to network issues or is plagued by annoying ads.

For as long as YouTube has existed, users looking for a way to download videos online legally have turned to online YouTube video download websites. Despite their name, some of these “free” YouTube downloaders have shockingly high prices.

Problems with free YouTube video download platforms online

One of the most important rules of Internet use is extreme caution with any files you decide to download. Downloading videos from YouTube using an internet downloader follows the same guidelines.

High risk of malware

If you search for “Download YouTube video,” hundreds of websites will pop up, each claiming to be the best website for downloading videos online and trying to persuade you to use their service. However, not all of them can honestly say that they are authentic. There is a lot of competition; therefore, few businesses would resort to dishonest methods to profit from their customers.

Malvertising is one such method, in which advertisements on the internet are loaded with malicious code that leads people to malicious websites. To make money off of you, even after you’ve left a malicious website, hackers may install adware or a mining botnet on your computer.

And it’s not only malware; malicious websites can also infect your computer with viruses and trojans that can steal your personal information and other sensitive data.


YouTube states that downloading videos from other websites is hazardous and against their rules. It is illegal to download videos from YouTube or make copies of copyrighted content in practically every country. It’s possible that legal action or monetary penalties could result from being apprehended.

Even though YouTube has never banned a user from using a video downloader to access restricted content, doing so is still illegal. If you want to download a video from YouTube, it’s quite unlikely that you’ll be able to do so without violating copyright laws. Some videos on YouTube, however, are not under copyright rules. These include Creative Commons (CC) videos and those for which the copyright has expired. This includes downloading videos from YouTube.

How can I download YouTube videos for free and legally using YouTube video download software?

We have demonstrated that downloading videos from YouTube is not only risky but also generally illegal. I’ll show you how to download videos from YouTube without third-party programs, using only the official YouTube app.

YouTube app

You must follow these steps to download a video from YouTube in a legal manner:

Downloads are now being made of the video. You can still watch/listen to the video if you don’t have Internet access. If you just want to listen to some music offline, you may do it with the help of the YouTube Music app, which gives you access to millions of tracks.

YouTube Go app

If you have a low-powered smartphone, you can use YouTube Go, one of Google’s lightweight Android apps. The ability to download YouTube videos without paying for them is useful to certain people.

Here are a few ways to save videos from YouTube Mobile:


YouTube is the go-to destination for millions of people to listen to music online. The option to listen to the video with the screen off is one of the best arguments in favor of using a third-party YouTube downloader.

Nevertheless, this is not new information. With a YouTube Premium account, you can continue watching videos even if your screen is turned off or you’re multitasking. Background play, ad-free viewing, unrestricted access to YouTube Music, and YouTube originals are all included in YouTube Premium’s $12 monthly price.

Videos saved from YouTube without a downloader can only be seen in the YouTube app. Any additional problems associated with downloading videos from YouTube without paying for a premium account are completely solved by upgrading.

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