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Top 10 Best Apps To Hide Your Private Photos And Videos On Android

Hide Your Private Photos

Nobody appreciates it when others view their photos and videos without their consent. As a result, we frequently lock or hide personal photos and videos. Thankfully, there are a tonne of Android apps that can hide private photos and videos, preventing even the most snobbish individuals from viewing private data.

If you’re looking for one, this post is the best location to learn about the top apps to hide secret photos because they are created specifically to protect your photos and videos.

Lacking time? Do you want to know what we think? Keep Photos Secret by Systweak Software is our top option because it enables users to store their photos in a secure vault and remove them from their original locations to ensure that their data is never compromised.

The best Android apps for maintaining your privacy by quickly hiding your photos and videos are listed below.
The apps are also helpful if your device is stolen or damaged. Your photos and videos are protected from prying eyes by these apps.

The Top 10 Android Apps for Hiding Private Images and Videos

1. Keep Photos Secret

The best Android app for concealing private images and movies is Keep Photos Secret. It makes sure that onlookers are not watching your private affairs. Private images and movies can be uploaded to a secret vault. A PIN or fingerprint lock can be used to lock the vault.

It successfully enables you to create unique passwords for various albums, preventing unauthorised users from viewing the images. This best app to hide secret photos and videos’ prompt for the user to delete the images from their original place is one of its most notable features.

2. Private Photo Vault – Keepsafe

Due to its numerous security measures, Keepsafe is one of the most widely used and successful Android photo hiding apps that has been around for a long. With Private Photo Vault, you may use the app to password- or fingerprint-protect your photos.

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3. 1Gallery – Photo Gallery & Vault

A picture gallery programme called 1Gallery can be used to arrange images and movies. One of the best apps for hiding photos and videos, however, is this gallery software’s impregnable vault, which safely hides pictures and videos.

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4. LockMyPix Photo Vault

Another dependable app to hide photos and videos on Android is LockMyPix Photo Vault. Fake crashes, PIN, face, fingerprint, password, or pattern authentication, and military-grade AES encryption are a few of its standout features.

By preserving them in a secure environment and offering AES encryption for further security, it securely protects images, documents, and videos with ease. Additionally, it hides itself by building a phoney vault and gives users the option to make sub-albums.

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5. Vaulty Hide Pictures & Videos

Another well-known and top-notch secret photo/video hiding solution for Android is Vaulty. Simply launch the app, select the media items you want to hide from the gallery, and set a password to protect them. When an enemy tries to enter your vault, Vaulty is renowned for taking their “mugshot.”

Open the Vaulty app, hit the lock icon, then select the album to save photos. After that, click on the thumbnails of the pictures you want to protect, then click the lock icon once more to do so.

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6. Hide Pictures & Videos – FotoX

This is yet another dependable app on the list of the top Android applications for hiding private images and videos.
You have total control over your privacy using the app, so you may keep your photos and videos totally private.
This app cannot be used without the approval of the Device Administrator.

With this app, you can safely backup your data to the cloud and hide confidential information across many devices while hiding photos and videos in a secret gallery. Legitimate users can be readily concealed by its Fake Crash speech.

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7. Sgallery – hide photos & video

If you want to hide images and videos, Sgallery is another capable vault app to take into account. The AES encryption technique is used to encrypt the files. Additional features like fingerprint unlock, shake to close, invader selfie, false password, time PIN, and customised backdrop are also included with the premium subscription.

It enables you to quickly protect your secret and private photos in a safe and secure setting, making sure no one can access them.

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8. Safe Gallery (Gallery Lock)

A simple app that you may use to protect secret photos and movies on your Android device. Additionally, you can back up your data on the cloud. You can repair the device if something goes wrong. Additionally, the app features a stealth mode that stops it from showing up on your home screen.

One of the most incredible programmes for securing your privacy and password-protecting all of your media assets is this one. Additionally, you can download and hide any of your favourite pictures from the website.

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9. Hide Photos, Video-Hide it Pro

All the photos are skillfully organised into several albums, and the thumbnail and album name are cleverly changed to make it harder to find the albums later. You can deceive unauthorised users using a fake crash with this fantastic technique to protect secret photos. Additionally, it offers automatic app lock as soon as the quit button is touched and enables the import of photographs from other sources, such as Phone gallery, etc., keeping them organised at all times.

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10. Calculator – photo vault

The calculator is a unique app on this list of the best apps to hide private photos and videos since it masquerades as a calculator while concealing a safe vault. If your family and friends frequently use your smartphone, you can use the Calculator app to covertly hide photos and videos.

A nice feature is the ability to swiftly close the app and hide photos and videos by shaking your smartphone. Overall, FishingNet’s Calculator is stuffed with features that can greatly help you conceal photos and videos from prying eyes.

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The best features of the app include its appearance as a calculator and its capacity to automatically close when a user shakes their phone.

These are the “10 Best Apps to Hide Secret Photos and Videos on Android Phones,” according to our study. Select the option that best fits your needs, and then let us know which app you prefer in the comments section below.

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