The world you spawn in determines a lot of what happens in Minecraft. If you’re lucky, you’ll spawn on a peaceful plain; if not, you’ll have to escape for your life. You can avoid this randomness by selecting an environment that inspires your imagination or challenges your Minecraft talents. We’ve compiled a list of the 20 good Minecraft seeds we’ve found and tested in-game to make your life easier. Like Minecraft Java on Chromebooks, Java-based games should work OK with these seeds. You may find the good Minecraft seeds for 2022 here, so have a look!

    Good Minecraft Seeds to Explore

    Whether on Reddit or Minecraft Discord, the seed is a fascinating topic for Minecraft fans of all stripes. Since the beginning of the game, players have met various environments, from serene vistas to tropical rainforests and exotic islands. We’ve compiled a list of the top seeds from each category for your convenience. Seeds also include the correct locations for the stated destinations, even if they are unavailable at spawn.

    What’s the deal with Minecraft Seeds?

    A seed is a random code representing a world in which you can play as a player in Minecraft. A unique seed will be planted on each planet you create, which will lead to its places, loot, and towns. Seed codes can have positive or negative values, so keep this in mind while using them. Thanks to these random seeds, it’s generally possible to approach the game in an unexpected and adaptable method.

    As an alternative, you can enter a world of delicate designs and thoughts by using custom seeds, such as those detailed below. It can have a huge impact on your overall gaming experience and the course of your Minecraft quest. In the next section, we’ll discuss how you can build your custom worlds using the good Minecraft seeds.

    How to Use Seeds in Minecraft?

    We have provided a list below for those already aware of how to use seeds. You’re in for a real treat, aren’t you? In case you’ve forgotten how to create new Minecraft worlds with seeds, here are the steps:

    1. Select the Singleplayer option from the Minecraft launch screen.
    2. It will show a list of your previously built worlds. Click the “Create New World” button to begin creating a new world.
    3. Select the “More World Options” option at the bottom right on the next page. You can customize the world’s intricacy and other features as you see fit while configuring it.
    4. You can enter the seed number in a black textbox at the very top of the page. Enter the seed code for the world you’re most interested in. Finally, click “Create New World” to conclude the game. When entering the seed code, be careful to ensure it has a negative sign to avoid loading into a world that you don’t want to join.

    Good 1.17.1 Seeds for Minecraft Java Edition

    They have all been tested on Minecraft’s Java Edition version 1.17.1, which is currently the most recent. If you’re playing on a mobile device, you’ll need to use a different approach due to the smaller world size in Minecraft Pocket Edition. As a result, let’s look at the top seeds in this tournament.

    Coral Island Village

    With this seed, you’ll enjoy a stunning view of the ocean from a beach village. The village is located in a desolate area, with only a few notable areas within tens of thousands of square miles. To add to the convenience, wooden walkways link the neighborhoods. The water critters, such as glow squids, are the icing on the cake of this gorgeous village’s nighttime perspective.

    • Seed Code: 6341454152401905754
    • Coordinates: X: 100, Z: -40

    A Blacksmith Village, A Regular Village, & A Merged Portal

    This seed is one-of-a-kind, with a Nether portal and lava lake incorporated into a blacksmith town. For whatever reason, this well-planned town also happens to have a big number of horses. This Minecraft seed features two dungeons next to your spawn point, which may seem odd.

    • Seed Code: 4275582192035986655
    • Coordinates: X: -26, Z: -228 & X: 230, Z: 124

    Stronghold Library in the Ocean

    This seed is placed in the middle of the ocean and has a huge library just waiting for you to use it. Discover a stronghold library a few hundred blocks away from your spawn spot in Minecraft is extremely rare. You can find a seed near the library with a little mushroom island.

    • Seed Code: -4184000969893959047
    • Coordinates: X: 1840 Z: 978

    Two Woodland Mansions Minecraft Seed

    Consider spawning in a town near two mansions in the woods. This seed also contains a witch’s hut, making it unusual. The world of the explorer is contained within this seed. On the other hand, the villagers will very certainly be regularly attacked.

    • Seed Code: -8993723640229201049
    • Coordinates: X: -109 Z: 181

    Zombie Village and Farm Village in Ocean

    This is it for those looking for a seed that incorporates both conflict and beauty. An ocean bridge connects two villages that are encircled by mushroom islands. One of these villages contains zombies is an intriguing aspect of the story. Those who choose to spend their nights in these island settlements will find that they are both rewarding and taxing.

    • Seed Code: 5329177101860618450
    • Coordinates: X: 0 Z: 0

    Survival Island with 3 Villages

    To experience the most intense version of Minecraft, look no further. You’ve come to the right place if you need a Minecraft seed. It’s possible to spawn on an island with three different cities. You also get a shipwreck to connect everything. You can form a haven by bringing together the three communities.

    • Seed Code: -4060839488929676108
    • Coordinates: X: 17 Z: -159

    Pillager Outpost Seed

    You must leave if you obtain a random Minecraft seed that looks vaguely like this one. You begin the game in the middle of a raiding outpost, with a lava wall on one side and a mountain on the other. Any list of the good Minecraft seeds for explorers would be incomplete if it didn’t include this seed.

    • Seed Code: 2327370183894455166
    • Coordinates: X: -173 Z: 118

    Minecraft Seed with Working 12-Eyes End portal

    Despite its plain appearance, this Minecraft seed is one of the more unique ones accessible at spawn. A one-in-a-trillion chance of discovering such a seed exists. However, it is still in use and is one of the most sought-after seeds in Minecraft. This seed will lead to a fully functional End Portal if the coordinates are correct. You can bypass the Nether and face the End Dragon right away using this method. Enter the seed code below if that’s what you’re looking for in terms of a challenge!

    • Seed Code: 9009198391873876587
    • Coordinates: X: 723 Z: 1149

    Tall Woodland Mansion at Spawn

    This seed is a little out there. Clouds will be moving across the mansion’s rooms as soon as you spawn in the game. In addition to being an unusual seed, this one also includes a high quantity of exciting loot spawns. Directly below the mansion lies a desert outpost replete with a blacksmith, just to spice things up more.

    • Seed Code: -7457009251932508969
    • Coordinates: X: 0 Z: 0

    Spawn under a Woodland Mansion

    It’s a bit of a hassle to include this seed in our list of the good Minecraft seeds. You start in the middle of the ground, with nothing but your wits and a shovel to get you out. A lengthy and grueling trek will lead you to the scary Woodland Mansion if you continue straight ahead.

    • Seed Code: 10931311583393626
    • Coordinates: X: 40 Z: 50

    Good Seeds for Minecraft 1.18.2 Java Edition

    They have all been tested on Minecraft’s Java version 1.18.2. Although you can use these seeds in Bedrock 1.18.2 and access the same biomes, you can’t use them. The structural generation, on the other hand, will be distinct.

    A Blacksmith Near Ores

    Of all the villagers’ jobs in Minecraft, the most sought after by players is that of the blacksmith. They provide a free supply of lava and priceless treasure. Two blacksmiths can be found in a nearby community thanks to this seed. But one of them is buried beneath the surface. We can only speculate because it isn’t clear why they moved there. Only that a Mineshaft containing priceless loot is close by this mysterious blacksmith’s underground residence is all we know.

    • Seed Code: 5636173029472278327
    • Mineshaft Coordinates: X: 214, Y: -42, Z: -349
    • Underground Hut Coordinates: X: 215, Y: 9, Z: -261

    Circle Lake in Minecraft

    Circles are not one of the game’s more notable features. Creating circles and spheres in Minecraft isn’t as easy as you might think if you follow our guide. Our next-best Minecraft seed automatically provides a near-circular shape. It’s also a way into a beautiful underground environment.

    • Seed Code: 3854341
    • Mineshaft Coordinates: X: 1271, Y: 100, Z: 333

    Weird Desert Village with Fossil

    Minecraft Desert Villages are designed to be the simplest and most leveled settlements. On the other hand, our future seed does not abide by these limitations. There are three separate biomes to be crossed by a desert town. Hilly and with a view of the ocean, it’s a quaint little enclave. The village’s most identifiable landmark is a fossilized human skull. It’s quite impossible to discover another community that possesses any fossils.

    • Seed Code: 5162814022826884536
    • Fossil Coordinates: X: 4, Y: 63, Z: -199

    Floating But Not Wrecked Shipwreck

    In Minecraft, shipwrecks have a dual role. To begin with, to be “wrecks,” as the word implies. Secondly, to be present on the beach or in the ocean is essential. There is a fully functional floating ship in this Minecraft seed. This has never happened to any other seed before, and it’s unheard of today. This also helps us to appreciate the ship’s construction fully. As a result, even whole shipwrecks do not work in Minecraft; thus, you must still rely on boats.

    • Seed Code: -8496735434209012290
    • Fossil Coordinates: X: 598, Y: 78, Z: 145

    Deadly Seed

    You may start in a resource-poor area or one filled with dangerous monsters depending on the seed. If you don’t take action quickly, this seed can kill you in a matter of minutes. It drops you into a deep chasm surrounded by molten rock. You’re submerged in water, being dragged closer and closer to the lava. If you’re not an expert, this seed is ready to wreak havoc on you the moment it spawns.

    • Seed Code: 1870652620

    No Villages

    Players in Minecraft depend on their villages to survive. Even establishing a base is a breeze, thanks to these services. But what if you cannot track them down in enough time? This seed, which lacks towns within the first 1800 blocks of your spawn, makes this speedrunning seed nightmare a reality. In addition, you begin the game on a survival island, which increases the level of difficulty.

    • Seed Code: -222109845.

    Exposed Seaside Lush Caves

    A new habitat, lush caves, has been a big hit with players. However, most players will have to go to great lengths to find them. But our next seed considerably simplifies this process. There is no need for you to leave the island, as long as you go to the ocean side. An idyllic beach cave is just here, waiting for you to explore. Isn’t it fantastic?

    • Seed Code: -1058557249
    • Cave Entrance Coordinates: X: 123, Y: 72, Z: -393

    A World of Ice

    This best Minecraft seed choice is a must-have if you appreciate the game’s icy biomes. As a result, you’ll find yourself in the middle of an area covered in icy biomes like ice and snow. This seed is great for making a frozen base in-game, but you’ll have difficulty using it in a survival game.

    • Seed Code: 1889391968

    Exposed Dripstone Cave

    Using dripstone caverns for mining exploration and dangerous underground escapades is highly recommended. Because these caves are so difficult to find, this is the main problem. But if you choose to plant this seed, a dripstone cave is waiting for you. This seed’s best feature is that it can be grown above the soil. Your spawn point is not far from where you’ll find it, as it’s hidden inside a hollow mountain.

    • Seed Code: -1895276179
    • Cave Coordinates: X: -31, Y: 73, Z: 749

    Village Inside Ravine

    We’ve previously encountered a villager who lives underground in our list of the good Minecraft seeds. This time, the entire community is confined to a ravine. Even though they live in a ravine, the residents do their daily routines just like they would anywhere else. If you had a fixed seed, you’d have to travel thousands of blocks to find this event, even if you had one. As a result, it is not a practical discovery for survival gameplay, but it is unquestionably an iconic one.

    • Seed Code: -2411962888717872099
    • Village Coordinates: X: 1001654, Y: 15, Z: 1001117

    Try the Rarest Good Minecraft Seeds Right Now!

    From the unusual to the bizarre, we’ve covered a wide range of good Minecraft seeds in this article, so take a look around. These seeds may not pique your interest, but a professionally-built Minecraft metropolis just may. If you’re looking for something other than Minecraft in the sandbox gaming genre, check out Roblox. In any case, you’ve now got the power of the good Minecraft seeds at your disposal! Begin exploring these good Minecraft seeds right now!


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