25 Apps for Free Second Business Phone Number

Smartphones have dual purposes: as a business tool and a means of personal communication. As a result, it is unfriendly and time-consuming to use the same phone number. You can easily obtain a free second phone number thanks to smartphone technology and the myriad of apps available on the market.

Your service provider may be able to offer you a free second phone number if your phone is dual-SIM capable. Instead of using a second SIM card, you can utilize second number apps to have a personal and business number on the same phone if your phone does not have a second SIM slot.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Separate Number for Your Business?

Starting with a clear distinction between personal and business conversations, your phone number is protected. Because the dedicated line will identify the caller, you won’t have to worry about who is calling. Last but not least, it gives you a more professional appearance.

Try out a free edition or a trial period of a second number app before deciding whether or not to buy a subscription. The fine print should also be checked, as most apps provide unlimited calls, SMS, and texting between app users.

Second Phone Number Apps for Small Businesses

You can see apps for adding a free second phone number below. Only LineUp, Numbers Plus, Second Phone Number, and Swytch are available on Android and iOS for the second phone number applications.

1. Nextiva App – Best Free Second Phone Number Apps

The Nextiva App is perfect for small businesses. According to the developer, companies, and employees alike will benefit from the program. You may set it up on any internet-connected device. With the right software, you can turn any device into a business phone with all the features you need for effective business communication, including:

  • Phone calls
  • Screen sharing
  • Video conferencing
  • Group calls
  • Group chats
  • Individual chats
  • SMS
  • Outlook integration
  • Team presence
  • Contact management

One central platform will manage all business communications, says the company. You can also view who is available on your team at any given time using the app if you need to get in touch with someone.

Additionally, you can use a corporate phone number to send text messages. Text your customers and prospects to keep your cell phone number out of the hands of your competitors. In addition to ensuring your safety, you appear more competent.

The Nextiva App is a perfect UCaaS solution for organizations of any size and is part of Nextiva’s array of business phone services.

2. GoDaddy Smartline – Free Second Phone Number Apps With Trial Period

In August 2017, GoDaddy launched SmartLine, a new domain name registrar service. It is possible to get a local number in the United States with a US area code, bespoke voicemail, business hour ringing, and text messaging services. You can try it out for 30 days for free.

3. Burner – Free Second Phone Number Apps With Packages

Burner is a popular choice for those who need a free second phone number. Even though it was originally designed to provide a temporary telephone number, permanent options are now available. Permanent burners offer unlimited call and text time as long as you need them. The tiny burner provides 14 days of limited talk and text time. If you need more numbers, there is also a three-line package available.

4. Google Voice – Multipurpose Free Second Phone Number Apps

With Google Voice, all you need is a Google account to get a new phone number. Your phone, computer, house, company, or other location can receive incoming calls. The software can also text-convert voicemail messages and make ordinary phone calls.

5. Hushed – Free Second Phone Number Apps With Extras

Hushed, like Burner, lets you choose between a short-term and long-term secondary phone number option. Following a three-day trial, you’ll be able to purchase seven-day and annual plans. Call forwarding and personalized voicemails are included as extras.

6. Dingtone – Free Second Phone Number Apps With Wide Geographical Coverage

In more than 230 countries, you can use Dingtone’s free US phone number to call or text any landline or mobile phone. As well as providing HD voice on its dedicated VoIP network, the company also provides instant messaging for the exchange of photos, videos, locations, and contacts. Annual and monthly memberships are available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

7. Free Tone – Best US Free Second Phone Number Apps

With Free Tone, you may get a free phone number from any area code in the United States or Canada and make unlimited calls and messages to those numbers for as long as you like. Using VoIP, the service can be supplied to the customer’s location. If you plan on making a call outside of the United States or Canada, you’ll need to verify that the free calls are available.

8. CoverMe

Encrypting your communications end-to-end, CoverMe allows you to conduct private calls and send texts using your new phone number without fear of being traced back to you. You may also save photographs, passwords, and other data in a private vault with the application. A wide range of area codes for the United States and Canada is available for phone numbers.

9. Cloudphone

You can use Cloud Phone to make and receive business and personal phone calls. Call recording, conference calling, eavesdropping, and voicemail transcription are just some of the features that you may access with a single tap on the screen. A voicemail, call forwarding, and call routing auto-attendant are included in the software.

10. iPlum

With iPlum, you can use your smartphone or tablet in 22 different languages worldwide, whether you’re at home or traveling. You buy the number of credits needed for each use of your free second phone number. You can transfer your current phone number, including caller ID, a dedicated voicemail, call forwarding, and image and video messaging, from one service provider to another.

11. Line2

Line2 offers full-featured business phone systems with at least 1,500 monthly minutes of outgoing calling or forwarding for your second number. For example, you can get a toll-free number in any city in the United States or Canada and benefit from visual caller ID, group calling/messaging, and number blocking.

12. LineUp

In addition to texting and photo messaging, LineUp’s second phone number also offers caller id, call waiting, and voicemail. Use the subscription-free pricing model to use the number for a single call or for an extended time. As a bonus, the company offers vanity phone numbers with calling and texting features for your business. If you buy minutes, they don’t expire, and you can use them on any of your LineUp lines.

13. Numbers Plus

You can create and store multiple numbers indefinitely with Numbers Plus. It now only supports calls and messages to and from US and Canadian phone numbers. In-app purchases allow you to purchase additional time and numbers for a nominal fee.

14. Phoner

With Phoner, you can quickly and easily generate a new phone number, whether it’s a temporary one or a permanent one. Reverse phone lookup, call recording, anonymous messaging, and SMS and MMS are all available once you have the phone number.

15. Ring4

In addition to providing a local or international phone number in 20 countries, Ring4 offers services including texting with emojis, call recording, and a “do not disturb” option. You may use a US phone number to make overseas calls and texts without charging roaming.

16. TalkU

TalkU gives you a free second phone number that you may use to make and receive international and domestic calls. More than 200 nations offer free international phone calls and text messages to any mobile or landline number. Several options are available, including visual voicemail, quick listening, phone screens, group calls, free group conference calls, and walkie-talkies.

17. Talkatone

This service gives you a free US or Canadian phone number that you may use to call other countries at no cost. International calls to and from the United States are also free with a monthly subscription cost. If you don’t want to deal with the ads, you can pay.

18. Swytch

Workplaces can supply employees with work mobile numbers rather than work mobile phones, thanks to Swytch’s cleverly designed software. Many small businesses will find this to be a cost-effective alternative. Employees no longer have to deal with the hassle of swapping out their phones, network providers, or SIM cards. As a bonus, it saves business owners money on the rising cost of mobile phones.

19. Sideline

There is a free version of Sideline, but it is currently only available as a subscription service. The high-quality features like auto-attendant and conventional calling options appear to be worth the investment to many businesses.

20. Second Phone Number

It’s possible to get multiple phone numbers with Second Phone Number’s monthly or yearly subscriptions. More than a dozen countries have access to the phone lines. Services such as messaging and SMS are also available.

21. Telos

Allows you to make and receive unlimited calls and texts from a single phone number. A US phone number in any area code and international phone numbers in many countries are available. In addition to voicemail, auto-reply messages, and call blocking capabilities, calls can be redirected to any landline or cell phone number.

22. Textfree

When you get a Textfree second number, you can send and receive as many texts and phone calls as you like, except for outgoing calls, which are restricted. If you don’t use your free phone number within 30 days, the company will recover it. You can keep your paid numbers for as long as you like.

23. TextMe Up

It is possible to move between multiple phone numbers using TextMe Up’s single interface. Audio and video calls and SMS, photo, and video sharing are available for group interactions. You can reach over 200 countries with a monthly subscription, including the United States and Canada.

24. Textplus

You can send unlimited text messages and multimedia messages (MMS) to any number in the United States and Canada using Textplus’ free US phone lines. Incoming calls are free; however, outgoing calls are limited to commercials. Upgrade to the paid subscription if you don’t want to view ads. Push notifications are used to deliver text messages from the app instantly. You can also use emojis and animated GIFs to express yourself when using group messaging.

25. Virtual Phone

Using a virtual phone, you can make and receive calls and texts to any phone number or SIP device. The software can record all caller information, including geographic location, time zone, caller’s name, and phone number. Advanced business call management and routing rules, interactive voice menus, custom greetings, and several voice mailboxes are also available as extras, as are numerous voice mailboxes.

26. WhatsCall

You can still phone others if you don’t have the WhatsCall app or an internet connection. You can record both incoming and outgoing calls with a single press of a button and block and identify callers. There are numerous ways to gain credit for free calls, including watching commercials, playing games, completing tasks, and introducing friends.


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