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20 Best FREE Online YouTube To MP4 MP3 Converter Tools

You can download & convert YouTube videos online using YouTube to MP4 converter software. Using the program is perfect if you really want to watch videos even without hiccups even if your internet connection is poor.

You can use the program to watch videos offline so that they don’t eat bandwidth each time you watch them.

YouTube To MP3 MP4 Converter Tools:

We’ll answer some typical questions about converting YouTube videos to Multiple formats in this tutorial. We’ll also go over the top 20 converter apps so you can figure out which one is right for you.

1. Y2Mate

When something comes to getting YouTube videos, Y2Mate is a prominent brand. Y2mate YouTube to MP4 High definition is an online converter that makes it simple to convert YouTube to MP4 at 1080p full HD.

You could bulk transform YouTube videos into MP4 files with its software client, which had a user-friendly interface. It is not confined to a particular device, browser, or country. You can now download your chosen videos by simply copying and pasting the URL into the address field.

MP4 Y2mate


Supports 1080p, 4K, & 8K video downloads.

Downloads YouTube videos in batches and converts them to MP4 files.

Subtitles can be customised, and 320 kbps audio is supported.

Download video from streaming services such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Hulu, and others.

Free web and software versions are available.

Verdict: When it comes to bulk saving YouTube videos in excellent quality up to 4k and 8k, Y2mate YouTube to MP4 HD Converter is the industry leader.

If you’re looking for high-quality content, we recommend Y2mate Downloader, which also allows you to download movies and videos from streaming services like Netflix.

2. Keepvid

The greatest place to download videos is Keepvid. With Keepvid, you can perform a variety of things with your video library. The entire collection can be downloaded back to your device using Keepvid. Uploading video to both Facebook and Instagram is made easier with this app. Make your favourite Instagram videos your new ringtone with Keepvid. You can use Keepvid to assist you with all of these tasks and a lot more. Popular examples include those listed below.

3. YTMP3:






YTMp3 Best for converting Youtube clips to MP4 & MP3 formats and free downloads.

This online video converter tool can handle videos up to an hour long. This programme allows you to save videos to any platform. To save files to your iPhone or iPad, you’ll need to install Documents by Readdle out from App Store.


MP4 & MP3 formats are supported.

Save films on your computer, laptop, Android, or iPhone.

Verdict: YTMp3 is a fantastic free online YouTube to MP4/MP3 converter which allows you to store videos. If you wish to download videos that are longer than an hour, you should use another programme.

Price: This YouTube to MP4 converter is completely free.

4. YMp4:

Best for downloading and converting videos from over 300 websites to MP4 or MP3 formats for free

YMP4 is a fantastic online video converter that can download and convert videos from YouTube more than 300 other websites. The online converter allows you to instantly convert and download videos. The one drawback to this otherwise excellent programme is that batch downloads are not supported.


Convert video files to MP4 & MP3 audio files.

Support YouTube, Dailymotion, and more than 300 other websites.

There is no time limit.

Conclusion: YMP4 is among the best YouTube to MP4 & MP3 online video converters, with compatibility for hundreds of sites in addition to YouTube. Videos of any duration can be downloaded and converted for free. However, if you want to download multiple files at once, you’ll need to find another conversion tool.

Price: This YouTube to MP4 converter is completely free.

5. Flvto:

Flvto The best tool for downloading and converting videos from whatever website to MP4, MP3, & AVI formats

Flvto is a free online YouTube video converter that converts videos from any webpage to a variety of video formats. This programme allows you to transcode and download videos indefinitely. The programme can also convert videos to High definition formats. On macOS, Linux, and Windows, you can utilise the online video converter.


Videos can be converted to MP4, MP3, & AVI formats.

Any video can be converted and downloaded.

There is no time limit.

Conclusion: Flvto is a quick YouTube video converter that allows you to download & convert videos from any website with no time constraints.

Price: This programme converts YouTube videos to MP4 files for free.

6. ClipConverter:

Any audio or video URL can be converted to popular formats like Audio files, MP4, M4A, AAC, 3GP, AVI, MOV, & MKV for free. is a service that enables you to download videos from every URL. The best part regarding this online video converter tool is that you can choose both the format and the quality for video conversion, such as 720p, 1080p, 2K, and 4K. You may also convert & download videos directly from the site using a desktop add-on for Firefox, Chrome, & Safari.


Videos can be converted to MP3, MP4, M4A, AAC, 3GP, AVI, MOV, and MKV formats.

Video formats supported include 720p, 1080p, 2K, and 4K.

There is no time limit.

Multiple languages are supported.

Verdict: is an online video converter that is both free and quick. Most consumers appreciate the ability to choose the video’s quality and format. The online video converter tool also allows you to download & convert videos directly from the website via a browser plugin, which makes converting videos much easier.

7. YouTubetoMp3:

Best for converting clips from any site to Audio files, M4a, AAC, 3GP, MP44, MKV, F4V, & WebM audio and video formats, adjust volume, as well as download for free.

YouTubetoMp3 allows you to convert YouTube videos to many sound – visual formats. The volume control option is a distinctive characteristic of this online video converter. You can choose from a volume range of 0% to 400% depending on your needs. There’s also the choice to convert footage to several MP3 bit rates, such as 128kbps, 256kbps, and 320kbps.


Videos can be converted to Audio files, M4A, AAC, 3GP, MP44, MKV, F4V, & WebM formats.

Video formats supported include 720p, 1080p, 2K, & 4K.

There is no time limit.

Verdict: Because of its enormous versatility in converting YouTube video files, YouTubetoMp3 is by far the greatest video converter programme on this list. You may convert videos to a variety of audio and video formats, as well as control the loudness of the converted video. The YouTubetoMp3 converter will not let you down if you desire complete control over your video conversions.

Price: This YouTube into MP4 converter is completely free.

8. noTube:

Any audio or video URL can be converted to common formats including Audio files, MP4, 3GP, FLV, & M4A for free.

YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter videos may all be converted to common video and audio formats with noTube. To convert videos rapidly, the web tool can adapt to cellphone, tablet, and PC platforms.


Videos can be converted to MP3, MP4, 3GP, FLV, and M4A formats.

Downloads via U tube, Dailymotion, Fb, Insta, & Twitter are all supported.

There is no time limit.

Conclusion: If you want to convert videos from prominent social media networks to audio and video formats, noTube is an excellent solution.

Free of charge

9. 2conv

The easiest way to convert YouTube videos into MP4 format for free on any device

On any platform, allows you to convert Youtube clips to MP4, MP3, and AVI formats. On ones Mac, Android, or Desktop device, you can also install a converter.


Videos can be converted to MP4, MP3, as well as AVI formats.

Supports both standard and high-definition video formats.

There is no time limit.

Mac, Android, & AVI formats are all supported.

Conclusion: is a straightforward web tool for converting YouTube videos to a variety of audio and video formats. If you prefer a desktop version, you can also install the YouTube to MP4 converter.

Free of charge

10. Y2mate io:

It’s the easiest way to convert any audio or video URL to MP4 format for free.

Y2mate IO is a straightforward programme that converts YouTube videos to MP4 format. English, Spanish, Russian, Indonesian, & Portuguese are among the languages supported by the app.


Converting videos into MP4 format is simple.

Multiple languages are supported.

Conclusion: If you ever want to convert YouTube videos to MP4 format, Y2mate IO is a fantastic solution. If you wish to convert clips from other social media sites to a form other than MP4, look for other programmes.

Price: This YouTube to MP4 converter is completely free.

11. DVD DVDVideoSoft YouTube to MP4 Converter:

DVDVideoSoft YouTube to MP4 Converter is a computer program that can be installed on either a Windows or a Mac computer. MP4, AVI, MP3, and iPhone/iPad formats are among the file types supported by the application. You can also choose to have automatic file names generated based on the numbering system, the original YouTube title, the download date, and the resolution.


Videos can be converted to MP4, AVI, MP3, and iPhone/iPad formats.

Original & Economy file sizes are supported.

There is no time constraint.

Allows you to combine numerous videos

Downloading full channels in bulk

Verdict: DVDVideoSoft is a hd video converter that works on both Mac and Windows computers. You can choose from automated custom file naming, merging videos, plus bulk downloads of the full channel with the software.

Free of charge

12. 4K Video Downloader:

Youtube clips, compilations, feeds, exclusive videos, 3D clips, and VR videos are the best to download.

4K Video Downloader is a computer application that allows you to download YouTube videos, playlists, channels, and more. It can download videos and audios from any popular website. It will allow you to download YouTube subtitles. Clips in 4K, 8K, High definition 1080p, and HD 720p resolution will be available for free download.


Private YouTube videos & playlists can be downloaded with 4K Video Downloader.

You can download 3D Youtube clips in Mp4, 3GP, FLV, & a variety of other formats.

It comes with an in-app proxy.

Its Smart Mode capabilities will allow you to apply the necessary changes to all subsequent devices.

Conclusion: 4K Video Downloader is an easy-to-use application for storing YouTube videos in a variety of codecs and quality levels. It has a number of functions, including the ability to set up an in-app proxy and extract YouTube subtitles.

Price: 4K Video Downloader tool completely free to use. Personal ($15) and Pro ($45) are two more priced programmes.

13. By Click Downloader:

By Click Downloader is an utility for downloading YouTube videos. YouTube videos can be downloaded in Mp3, Mp4, and a variety of other formats. It also allows you to download videos from a variety of other websites in addition to YouTube.


You can download playlists and channels with By Click Downloader.

Videos in Uhd and 4K resolution are available for download.

Video and audio, Audio, WAV, WMV, and other formats are supported for conversion.

You can keep track of the downloads you’ve made.

It makes recommendations based on your preferences.


By Click Downloader is a platform that allows you to download videos from just about any network, in any format or quality. The one-click download method of By Click Downloader makes it simple to use. It allows you to download many videos at once.


The downloader is completely free to use. A $4.99 premium edition is also available. For $2.99, you can upgrade to 2 PC with a 50% discount.

14. Leawo Video Downloader

Leawo Video Downloader Best for downloading videos and audio from 1000+ sites and converting them to 180+ formats.

You may download movies and audio from over 1000 websites with Leawo Video Downloader. It allows you to download live streaming clips from platforms such as YouTube Live & Facebook Live.


Leawo Video Downloader supports 720P and 1080P video downloads.

It gives you detailed information about the movie so you can download it with the correct parameters.

Leawo Prof. Multimedia 11 is a one-stop shop for downloading and converting online movies to a variety of formats, including MP4.

It can convert more than 180 different video and audio formats.


Leawo Movie Downloader speeds up video and music downloads and conversions by 6X. Its intelligent downloading settings will improve your user experience.


The Leawo Video Downloader is available for free to try. It will charge you $29.95 for a one-year licence and $39.95 for a lifetime licence.

15. MP3 Studio:

Best for downloading and transcoding YouTube videos at an unrestricted rate and in up to 8K resolution

MP3 Studio allows customers to discover and convert any YouTube video into a variety of formats, including MP4, MP3, and others. In addition, prominent platforms such as Instagram are supported.

Everybody who wants to get video files from the internet will find MP3 Studio to be an excellent choice. Its best features are undoubtedly its speed, quality, & user-friendly design.


Downloads videos with a resolution of up to 8K.

Download speed is unrestricted.

Complete YouTube playlists & channels are downloaded.

Downloading in private

Cloud-based service altering ID3 tags is supported

Apart from MP3 and MP4, it converts films and audios into a variety of formats.

Downloads on YouTube, Instagram, Soundcloud, & other sources are available.

Allows for an unlimited number of downloads.

Downloads many films and audios from various websites at the same time.

A user-friendly interface makes it simple to navigate.

The user interface has been translated into 23 different languages.

Verdict: MP3 Studio is actually one of the top YouTube converters available.

MP3 Studio Costs

3 daily conversions are included in the free version.

Plans are available for Windows ($5.99), Android ($4.99), & Apple ($5.99) on a monthly basis.

For $25, you can get a lifetime licence with unlimited conversions.

For a discount, use the code STHELP (Limited-time Offer).

16. iTubeGo:

iTubeGo is the best app for audio and video converting.


YouTube Downloader iTubeGo seems to be a YouTube downloader. It allows you to download videos from over 10,000 websites. It comes with converter tools that allow you to convert films and audio into a variety of formats, including MP4.

You’ll be capable of converting films to a variety of formats that are compatible with a variety of devices, including the iPad, iPhone, iPod, even Android. iTubeGo supports and over 20 audio, video, & mobile device formats. iTubeGo is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and iOS devices.


YouTube videos, playlist, & channels may all be downloaded with iTubeGo.

It allows you to download videos in bulk.

iTubeGo can download videos in 4K and 8K resolutions.

It contains a built-in browser for watching videos and listening to music.

It has the ability to chop audio and video files.

Conclusion: iTubeGo is a YouTube video and audio downloader. It allows you to download videos in a variety of SD and UHD video formats, including 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4K, and 8K. It allows you to download videos quickly.


The free version is available for download.

Version for a fee: Lifetime Plan ($29.95 for a single PC), 30 days Plan ($9.95 for one month/1 PC), one year Plan ($19.95 for one year/1 PC), and Family Plan ($39.95 for a lifetime/2-5 PCs).

17. WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe:

Excellent for downloading MP4 videos from YouTube and over 1000 other websites; Convert any video to Video files, Mpg, AVI, FLV, & 420+ formats; download YouTube videos to your iPhone, iPad, Android, or PC for offline viewing; #1 good speed with GPU accelerator technology.

Deluxe version of Winx HD Video Converter

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is a powerful programme that allows you to download YouTube videos & convert them to MP4 format.

It accepts any 4K/HD/SD video and converts it to Video files, MKV, FLV, AVI, HEVC/H.264, Audio, as well as other formats, allowing you to watch films on your iPhone, iPad, Android, pc, Television, or even Playstation.


Download 8K, 4K, and HD videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, & much more than a thousand more websites.

Support for downloading a YouTube playlist as well as several videos at the same time.

Any video can be converted to Video files, MKV, FLV, AVI, Audio, WMV, & more formats.

The fastest video processing speed in the world, thanks to GPU acceleration technology.

With the High-Quality Engine, you may get flawless output video quality.

Compress large 4K videos into smaller files.

Add captions to videos and edit, clip, crop, and merge them


With the help from WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe, downloading and converting YouTube videos might be a breeze. This GPU-accelerated program can process video at a 47X quicker real-time rate without sacrificing video quality.


Paid version: $29.95, supports both video downloading and conversion. Free trial: install 4K, HD videos from YouTube and store them in MP4 format.

18. VideoProc:

VideoProc is the best tool for downloading or converting videos & audios from YouTube as well as other sites to Video files, Audio, and other formats, as well as editing, transcoding, and compressing large/4K videos at maximum GPU speed.


VideoProc is a free tool that allows you to download clips, channels, & playlists from YouTube more than 1000 other websites quickly and easily.

With clever Full GPU acceleration, it also can convert HD/4K/8K videos into MP4, MP3, FLV, MKV, iphones, iPad, as well as at a 47x real-time quicker video conversion speed. You can even edit films for later use and record desktop/iOS screens with this all-in-one software.


You may download practically any sort of web video, including M3U8 and AV1 files. 1000+ sites are supported.

With over 420 profiles, you may convert videos to Video files (H264/HEVC), MKV, AVI, FLV, 3GP, MP3, WAV, and more.

Choose an output quality and a video resolution of 4K/1080p/720p to download. Live streams should be recorded.

Download as much as you want for free, in the highest possible quality and at the fastest possible speed.

You can record live streams to ensure that you don’t miss any live events, sports, or news.

Videos, music, See Later Playlists, and channels can be downloaded in bulk or selectively.

Video and audio files can be cut, divided, cropped, merged, rotated, stabilised, denoised, and compressed.


VideoProc is your best pick if you’re seeking for a simple and quick video downloading and conversion solution. VideoProc is the only option if you require a one-stop shop for downloading, converting, and editing videos. All of the features have a user-friendly interface and navigation.


Free Version: Download videos for free and save them as MP4, MP3 files, as well as convert and edit small films.

Full Version: $37.95 for a lifetime licence; unlimited downloads, conversions, editing, and recording.

19. SnapDownloader:

Convert YouTube videos to MP4 or MP3 with ease.

SnapDownloader is a framework for converting videos from over 900 websites, including YouTube, to MP4 and MP3 codecs. You’ll be able to download videos at a resolution of up to 8K.

It will allow you to download clips in 8K, 4K, QHD, 1080p HD, and other resolutions. The software allows users to download videos indefinitely from over 900 websites. It allows for an unlimited number of simultaneous downloads.


SnapDownloader has a very fast download speed.

It provides proxy configuration options that allow you to avoid geo-restrictions.

It allows you to set downloads for a specified day and time.

It allows you to download YouTube playlists and channels in bulk.

SnapDownloader is a user-friendly video downloader & converter. You can download videos in 3 easy steps: paste the URL, choose the output format and quality, then download the video. It offers a high download speed with no restrictions.

A free trial version is downloadable. You have 24 hours to try the product. SnapDownloader comes in two flavours: Personal ($19.99 for a lifetime licence for one computer) and Family ($39.99 for a lifetime licence for three computers). It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

20. Airy YouTube downloader

When it comes to functionality and design, Airy’s YouTube downloader for Mac and Windows is a breath of fresh air. This app really cares about your time. The software is designed to elicit nothing less than total delight, with a wide range of formats for both video and audio. Here are some more compelling reasons to choose Airy as your go-to YouTube video downloader.

Converting YouTube Videos To MP4: Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) What is a YouTube to MP4 Converter App, first and foremost?

Answer: You can save YouTube videos and store them in MP4 format to view later using a YouTube to MP4 converter tool. Almost every devices, including PCs, smartphones, and game consoles, can play MP4 files.

Q #2) What functions does YouTube to MP4 Converter have?

Answer: You may use this converter to transform videos from YouTube or other prominent social media platforms into common audio and video formats. When you wish to download a large number of videos, some programmes provide a batch a save conversion function that saves time. Some applications also have predefined profiles to assist you in choosing the best reduction settings, quality, and formats for your device.

Q #3) What are the advantages of saving YouTube videos in MP4 format?

The International Standard Organization (ISO) produced the MPEG-4 or MP4 video format in 2001. When compared to other formats, the advantage of storing clips in MP4 format there is much less decrease in strength with higher compression.

Q #4) Is it legal to download Convert YouTube Movies to MP4? Q #4) Is it legal to download Convert YouTube Movies to MP4?

Answer: It is illegal to download copyrighted videos alone without explicit consent of the original creator. You can, however, legally download non-copyrighted videos for personal use.

Q #5) What programes can I use to convert videos from YouTube to MP4?

To use converter software to convert a video, copy the video Link and enter it into the converter box. After that, choose a format and click Convert. You can start downloading to your local / cloud device once it has been converted.


The YouTube to MP4 converters discussed in this guide have had some features in common. They’re all capable of converting YouTube videos to MP4 formats.

However, certain applications, including such YouTube2MP3, YMP4,, etc Y2Mate, can convert video files from nearly any website, and others, like Y2MP3., Y2Mate IO, & DVDVideoSoft Converter, can only convert movies from YouTube.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the majority of the YouTube converter programmes listed here can only download and convert one file at a time. DVDVideoSoft YouTube to MP4 Converter is the best app for downloading full channels.

Last but not least, keep in mind that all of the tools on this list can transfer free content for personal use. To convert and download copyright videos, you must first obtain permission from the author.

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