What are cursive fonts in Word?

Microsoft Word is the industry standard for word processing. Among its many features is the ability to incorporate pictures, photographs, Word arts, charts and 3D models, screenshots, and other types of snapshots. Having a variety of typefaces to choose from in Microsoft Word is a great perk. These typefaces are certain to raise the value of your writing significantly. One must select a typeface that complements the content of the text to make it easier to read. Typefaces with cursive fonts in Word are popular with users and are frequently used for invitations, text work, and informal greetings.

What are cursive fonts in Word?

This is a typeface style in which the letters contact. That is to say, the characters in the story are intertwined. One of the things that set the cursive font apart is its grace. When you use cursive fonts in a document, the letters will flow together, and the text will look handwritten.

What are the Best Cursive Fonts in Word?

There are a plethora of beautiful cursive fonts available for your writing. If you want to use Microsoft Word’s best cursive fonts, pay close attention to the following suggestions. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best cursive fonts.

How to Install Cursive Fonts in Word

If you want to utilize some of the most popular cursive fonts in Microsoft Word, you’ll first need to learn how to install these fonts on your computer. Once installed, you can use these fonts outside of Microsoft Word because they are system-wide fonts. To put it another way, all of your applications will be able to use the fonts you’ve installed.

You can get a variety of gorgeous cursive fonts on different websites. Use these fonts in Microsoft Word or other applications by downloading and installing them on your computer. Most typefaces are free, but there are some for which you’ll have to shell out money. To obtain and use these typefaces, you’ll have to shell out cash. Let’s have a look at how to download and install fonts in Windows 10:

  1. Double-click the TrueType Font file (with the extension.ttf) to open it when downloaded.
  2. When you first open the file, you’ll see the following: (See the screenshot below.) To install the chosen font on your PC or laptop, click the Install button.
  3. Microsoft Word and other system apps can now use the font.
  4. You can also install fonts in C:\Windows\Fonts.
  5. Then, in the previously specified folder, insert the TrueType Font file (of the font you wish to install).
  6. Once your computer is restarted, it will install the font on your system.

Downloading Fonts from Google Fonts

You can get thousands of free fonts from Google Fonts. Visit this page to download free fonts from Google Fonts.

  1. Open your favorite online browser and press the Enter key after typing into the URL bar.
  2. You’d see the Google Fonts library and be able to download any font from there. Using the search box, you can locate fonts only available in cursive.
  3. When looking for cursive font, it’s better to use terms like “Handwriting” or “Script” instead of “cursive.”
  4. Once you’ve found the font you want, simply click on it.
  5. After that, it’ll present you with a new window from which you can choose to download the font family. It would download the specified font as soon as you click the option.
  6. Following the above instructions, you should be able to install the font on your computer.

Some Important things to keep in mind:

  1. Zip files are the most used format for downloading fonts from the internet. Before installing the font, be sure to unzip the zip file first.
  2. Microsoft Word (or a similar application) will prevent newly installed fonts from appearing in other apps already running. Exit and completely shut down the software to go to updated fonts.
  3. As a rule of thumb, when working with fonts from outside the system you will be using for the presentation, it is best to carry the font installation file with you. Keep a copy of your font file regularly for safety’s sake.

Some of the Best Cursive Fonts in Word

Hundreds of cursive fonts are currently available in Microsoft Word. Since the vast majority of people are unfamiliar with their names, they cannot make the most of these fonts. Another issue is that most individuals do not have the time to look through all of the offered typefaces. The following is a list of the greatest cursive fonts used in Microsoft Word projects. You may quickly format your text in Microsoft Word using the typefaces provided below.

  • Edwardian Script
  • Kunstler Script
  • Lucida Handwriting
  • Rage Italic
  • Script MT Bold
  • Segoe Script
  • Viner Hand
  • Vivaldi
  • Vladimir Script

If you found this article helpful, you know which Microsoft Word cursive fonts are the best. In addition, you know how to get and install fonts from other sources. We welcome your feedback, suggestions, and questions in the comments section below.



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