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Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number

Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number

Rapid advances in technology over the last few decades have altered aspects of our lives that had been mostly unchanged for previous generations. Previously guarded pieces of personal information are now routinely handed over to web-based services without any second thoughts. Google’s Gmail program collects a lot of personal information from users. Gmail has access to more personal information about you than your parents, including your birthday, phone number, and even the money you spend each month. Consumers’ reluctance to give over personal information like their phone number to Gmail is understandable. Read on for instructions to create Gmail account without phone number if you’d rather keep your identity secret.

What’s the point of Gmail’s phone number requirement?

Thousands of people log in to Google every day, yet the vast majority are either bots or false identities. Companies that want to ensure that only legitimate users can access their services are forced to put multiple layers of authentication in place.

In addition, it has become increasingly difficult to keep track of the different technological items that people have purchased. Google has added phone numbers to the list of acceptable login credentials and the usual email address and password. It is possible to verify an individual’s identity by utilizing their phone number if a company suspects that a particular login is fake.

How to create Gmail account without phone number

If you still want to sign up for a Gmail account without phone number, the steps below should work.

Method 1: Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number Using a Fake Phone Number

An individual chooses to set up an individual, kid, or company Google account when registering for the first time. Business-related accounts must have a phone number provided for verification; age is not taken into account. You can make up a fake phone number and call the real one to get around this. How to get past Google verification by using a bogus phone number is:

  1. You can create a new Google account by going to the Google Sign-in page and selecting the Create an account option.
  2. From the options given below, select To manage my business.
  3. Please enter your First and Last Name, Email Username, and Password to proceed with the registration process.
  4. Open a new tab and go to the Receive SMS section. Select a country and phone number from the list of countries and phone numbers.
  5. You can find many fictional phone numbers on the following page. If you see a Read received SMS option, select it.
  6. You can copy the number to the clipboard by clicking on it.
  7. After copying the phone number, return to the Google sign-in page and paste it.
  8. Please consider this while adjusting the Country Code.
  9. Use the OTP you received via SMS to log in. To see the OTP, go to the menu and click Update Messages.

This is how you may create Gmail account without phone number.

Method 2: Enter your Age as 15 Years

Another approach to fool Google and create Gmail account without phone number is to enter your age as 15. It’s safe to proceed because Google considers that children don’t have mobile phone numbers. The For myself or my child option may function for myself or my child, but only if you create accounts with these options. However, this will only work if you clear your browser’s cookies and cache.

  1. Press the Ctrl, Shift, and N keys simultaneously to open Chrome in Incognito mode.
  2. Google Sign-in can be done by going to the Google Sign-in page and filling out all the information detailed earlier.
  3. Please remember to provide your birthdate as 15 years old when completing this form.
  4. You will be able to create Gmail account without phone number, so you should be able to do so.

Method 3: Buy a Burner Phone Service

Google log-ins aren’t always successful when made with a toll-free number. Google usually detects fake phone numbers. The number has been tied to the maximum number of Gmail accounts allowed in other situations. The best way to avoid this problem is to use a disposable phone. You can generate on-demand phone numbers for a reasonable fee using these services. DoNotPay and Burner App are two examples of applications that allow you to create a Gmail account without providing a phone number.

Method 4: Enter Legitimate Information

If Google believes the information you’ve provided is accurate, it will let you skip the phone number verification step. It’s better to wait 12 hours and then try again with believable personal information if Google continues to ask for phone number verification.

Method 5: Use Bluestacks to create Gmail account without phone number verification

A PC may run Android apps using Bluestacks, an emulator for the Android operating system. Both Windows and Mac OS X are supported. We can create gmail account without phone number using this application.

  1. Download BlueStacks. Run the.exe file to begin the installation process.
  2. To get started, launch Bluestacks and go to the Settings menu.
  3. Add a Google account by clicking the Google icon and adding a Google Account button.
  4. New and Existing will be the two options available. To begin a new project, use the Add button.
  5. Enter all the necessary data.
  6. You can create a Gmail account by clicking the Create an account option.

As a precaution, including a recovery email address in the account’s settings.

It’s our sincere hope that you were able to follow this tutorial to create gmail account without phone number. Please use the comments section below if you have any more queries about this article.


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