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Bulk Email Service Providers – Top 10

bulk email service providers

The importance of bulk email service providers has increased as a result of the many marketing methods available today, including sending mass emails. As a result of our discussions on how to discover the best bulk email service, we’ve compiled a list of the 11 Best Mass Email Services for 2022.

Understanding the behavior of potential customers and keeping subscribers engaged is essential for any company that wants to grow. It’s possible to track and fix delivery issues using bulk email service. In the end, you’re the one responsible for promoting your services and products to your subscribers and nurturing them while they decide whether or not to buy them.

It’s time to end the days of handing out business cards and door hangers to promote your firm!

As a business in the digital age, you should be sending out emails to your customers. Let’s look at the best bulk email service providers of 2022 to optimize your business’s potential.

What is the best way to go about finding a bulk email service?

For any company, learning that its mass emails aren’t reaching its readers is a source of great frustration. Many of these emails do end up in spam, which is startling. To guarantee that you receive the best fit for your needs, infrastructure, and budget, you must define a strategy before picking a bulk email sender.

To increase revenue from your customers, keep these ideas in mind.

Check Your Subscription’s Status

To keep your email from being marked as spam, you must double-check the email addresses. Email subscriptions should utilize the “double opt-in” method. A single opt-in method results in unsubscription, mail deletion, or the customer labeling the emails as spam if the recipients do not consent to receive promotional emails.

Consequently, the answer is a hearty yes to double opt-in

Organize Your Email List Into Sections.

The needs of each email user are different and must be addressed. By employing your CRM database, you’ll be able to collect various user attributes and sort them into personas. It is a tried-and-true approach to gaining members’ interest and influencing them to become paying customers!

Observe your customers’ actions

While using your products and services, each user develops their unique route. You may create an exceptionally targeted campaign for them by tracking and analyzing their browsing habits and the items they are interested in.

There are three user groups: Interested, Engaged, and Re-activated. For example, you can divide your consumers into groups to subsequently send them specific emails.

Follow the steps outlined in the email authentication guide

Email verification is a major stumbling hurdle. ISPs use these methods to classify spam emails. To ensure the safety of your campaign, you should enable DKIM, SPF, and DMARC for your email delivering domain.

Warming up the IP/Domain Name System

The initialization of the IP and domain is another highly recommended operation. Exactly what is it? Before sending mass emails from your domain, start by gradually increasing the volume of emails you send each day.

Keep an eye on your interaction metrics and reputation and the positioning of your emails in your inbox. As a result, daily volume increases, reputation is strengthened, and an efficient inbox is maintained, all of which contribute to the success of an email program.

Create an eye-catching HTML campaign

Your brand’s image is conveyed to the public through your content. Revenue growth can be sparked by aesthetically appealing and engaging marketing. Here are some tips for building a campaign that your audience will find appealing.

It is also beneficial to personalize the material. Incorporating the user’s name into the subject line can enhance audience interaction.

What Is the Domain Name of Your Email Address?

It’s usually a good idea to use your website’s domain name. However, if you’re prepared to take a risk, you can create your status on a subdomain of the main website.

Customers may get transactional emails straight in their inboxes if you use the same domain for transactional and promotional messages.

11 Best Bulk Email Service

Bulk email service providers that aid brands in delivering bulk emails by SMTP, API, or web interface are included below. On this list, you’ll find both commercial and free software.


Cloud-based email delivery engine Pepipost is among the top. To gain an understanding of client behavior, it makes use of Artificial Intelligence to collect and analyze minute signals from ESPs. To ensure that your email is secure, you can use Pepipost’s SMTP injection servers and API endpoints with TLS and HTTPS.


For a very low price, you get all of this and more! It is at the top of our list because of this!


SendGrid, a bulk email solution for marketing and transactional email, is next in the queue. You can send automated emails using a single email trigger, which is quite common. To integrate more efficiently, you can use either SMTP or web APIs.


Elastic Email

Another widely used tool for sending bulk emails is Elastic Email. In addition to applying numerous variables, such as send time, this vendor also allows you to plan multiple campaigns. An algorithm powers it that helps the user recognize incorrect emails and avoid using the same email address for several purposes.


HubSpot Email Marketing

Using HubSpot’s email marketing platform, you can better understand your subscribers to target them with your email campaigns. Email marketing is only one part of HubSpot’s comprehensive suite of marketing tools. A landing page builder, signup forms and popups, and live chat and chatbots are all included in the free lifetime plan, as are other features.


Amazon SES

Amazon Simple Email Service, a cloud-based bulk email service that is cost-effective and incredibly scalable because of its “pay as you go” strategy, is the next option. It has been designed to work with existing systems to send mass emails to developers and businesses. Automated and highly personalized emails can be sent to your consumers as part of the solution.



Another email automation option is Mailgun, which can be simply integrated via SMTP or API and provides rich analytics and real-time tracking, among other features. Mailgun’s deliverability solution is in addition to its robust marketing automation solutions. You’ll get an inbound routing tool that parses and transcodes your emails, turning them into structured information. As a result, it has developed libraries for several different programming languages.


Mandrill App

It’s easy to utilize Mandrill for bulk email delivery if you’re already using MailChimp; otherwise, it would be prohibitively expensive (as you will have to pay for both the products). MailChimp users have their transactional email API. As a result, you can now easily send personalized and e-commerce emails to your customers in minutes. You can also design your custom solutions by utilizing the API. The Mandrill program can convert an HTML document into text without any human intervention to make things even easier.



Onward and upward! Sending transactional and marketing emails is easy with SMTP2GO’s API email deliverability service. It uses a distributed architecture to achieve network redundancy and high connection speeds. You can include an integrated unsubscribe link in SMTP2Go marketing emails, which can be sent either from your app or Outlook.



They’re undoubtedly well-known to you! Analytical email intelligence services company SparkPost is well-known for its remarkable data visibility capabilities that optimize email productivity. You can monitor and respond to emails with this software.

Last year, Sparkpost increased its pricing by more than double, putting a damper on the operations of a huge number of companies, especially those with email traffic in the millions.



Then there’s Postmark, a useful service for sending and tracking transactional emails on behalf of its users. This company’s email delivery and tracking services are extremely rapid and easy to use. When just transactional emails are sent, it results in a better level of customer involvement. In addition to the data, this service provides a 45-day archive of all the stuff you’ve viewed (Pepipost gives 90 Days of history logs). A comprehensive report outlining the number of emails opened and clicks is also available.



Finally, SendinBlue is a mass email sender that ensures delivery and optimizes send times, as is the case with many others. You can effortlessly manage all of your customers with the help of your current CRM. You may personalize the application’s appearance, and it also provides extensive email statistics to users.



Using the best email application and the best bulk email service provider makes it possible to send bulk emails without issues. To achieve your ROI objectives, choose a system that ensures constant inbox placement, offers help and that you can rely on. Look at each service’s different elements and choose the best-suited one for your business needs.


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