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Top 25 Best Torrenting Websites in 2021 [Updated List]


When every provider abuses customers’ desires by offering premium services, best torrenting websites come in as a savior. You don’t have to pay anything to download an ebook torrent or to have premium software with torrents.

However, a simple Google search will not lead you to the best torrenting sites 2021. Of course, you can’t spend hours and hours testing dozens of different things (which also possesses security risks if you are not a privacy-savvy internet user.) Nonetheless, this article has you covered with the best torrenting sites 2021 which actually works.

As a result, while a top torrenting website allows users to obtain premium products for free, it frequently attracts criticism from authorities around the world. Why? Because they endanger both users and corporate security and integrity.

Initially, many cybercriminals prey on unsuspecting consumers by selling torrentsites containing non-original products. These include software that is packed with malware or, more often than not, solely malware.

Second, they infringe on copyright.

As a result, many nations have outlawed unblocked torrenting, and P2P services are frequently shut down. Unfortunately, the popular torrent sites that are safe to use are also affected by this devastating impact.

As a result, users who rely on torrents routinely inquire about websites that are still operational and safe.

As a result, this post includes the best torrents sites for movies to use in 2021, as well as a fast guide for first-time users.

How to Pick the Best Torrent Sites

You may be wondering how we managed to compile such a comprehensive list of working torrent websites. You aren’t, aren’t you?

Before we proceed, let us address your concern.

Of course, the sites’ functionality and availability are the most important factors in their inclusion here. But there are a few more factors that make them the greatest. As a result, here they are:

Download speed

Because torrenting in many countries already necessitates the use of a program such as a VPN, most users endure longer download speeds. Torrent sites of high quality, on the other hand, continue to provide fast speeds even when using VPNs.

Number of seeders

The greater the number of seeders, the faster the torrent download speed.

Number of torrents

The presence of more P2P files on a site increases the likelihood that you will find your desired content there. (With the exception of websites that often focus on a certain niche, such as torrenting movie sites.)

Instant downloading

Some websites impose additional processes or ask users to register. As a result, for most users and us, the best torrent sites are those that offer seamless rapid downloads.

Founding year

Given the rigorous crackdown on torrenting sites, if a site persists for several years, it demonstrates its legitimacy.

Links to proxies/mirrors

Because torrent providers are aware that many users are unable to access them readily, they frequently build mirror links or proxies to circumvent censorship.

Countries blocking a specific site

Some torrenting sites have a poor reputation (for authorities) and are banned in some countries. Nonetheless, some websites have managed to fly beneath the radar. So, if a site is not banned in your jurisdiction and is quite ancient, it may fall into the latter group. Otherwise, see if you can access the site by altering your IP address by using a proxy or a VPN.

Things to remember before torrenting

Since you’ve arrived at this page, we’re guessing you’re used to safe torrenting.

Nonetheless, we believe it is important to rapidly examine the basic principles for safe torrenting.

However, if you’ve never used torrents before, make sure you read our comprehensive guide to downloading torrents safely.

Hide your IP address

We cannot emphasize this enough for all torrent users.

Whether you’re using a famous torrent site or trying to access a prohibited one, it’s always a good idea to use a VPN and mask your IP address.

It’s because if you don’t utilize a VPN, you’re letting your ISP know what you’re up to.
As a result, you are vulnerable to ISP throttling.

Second, using a VPN keeps you out of the sights of hackers, who can be found on even the best torrent sites. In contrast, if you do not use a VPN, you are vulnerable to malvertising, intrusive online tracking, data leaking, and other privacy issues.

Is it legal to use torrent?

If torrenting is not legal in your nation, you will face serious consequences whether you are downloading a valuable ebook for your studies or merely downloading a pre-released movie.

It’s because the authorities never take into account what you obtain via torrent. All they notice is that you used torrents, which they do not permit.

Similarly, even if your country hasn’t prohibited torrenting, if your local government, school, or office doesn’t allow it, you should be cautious.

In either case, before accessing a torrent website, make sure you use a strong VPN that truly masks your internet activities.

Check the torrent’s safety.

Now that you’re suited up for anonymous online browsing, double-check the torrent’s security before downloading it. Because once malware has infiltrated your system, it will be difficult to remove. And if it’s ransomware, you’re toast!

Look for healthy torrents with a higher seeder/leecher ratio. Also, avoid downloading current torrents because they are likely to be bogus.

Furthermore, some websites provide the verified status of torrent file links. So, if you discover one with your desired torrent, you’re good to go.

Top torrent sites 2021

Now that you know how to proceed properly, let’s get started with a list of high-quality torrent websites.

We have also included direct functioning links to all websites for your convenience. If you can’t access any of them, try changing your IP address to a different country.

If a link does not function with IP addresses from other countries, please let us know in the comments area.Our team will check and present you with the most recent links.

List of Best Torrenting Websites

1. The Pirate Bay

Everyone with even a passing interest in BitTorrent and illegal software has undoubtedly heard of The Pirate Bay. It would not be incorrect to refer to it as the King of P2P file sharing sites due to its vast torrent database.

The Pirate Bay began in 2013 as a one-of-a-kind platform for distributing premium content for free. To date, it contains millions of torrents from various genres such as movies, games, music, TV series, free software, and much more The Pirate Bay top torrent site.

The site has an easy-to-navigate interface that can be used by even the most inexperienced user. You don’t need to mess around with the categories because you can locate what you’re looking for with a simple search.

You also don’t have to worry about not finding the stuff you’re looking for because its massive database will undoubtedly supply you with various connections.

Furthermore, you can simply identify working links, including magnet downloads, making it easier to obtain the necessary content.

The only issue that some users may have with TPB is that it is blocked in their country.
Nonetheless, you may always use a VPN to circumvent this restriction. (However, if you continue to be unable to access it, you can try other The Pirate Bay alternative sites.)

2. 1337.x

This is also one of my favorite websites. And it appears that I am not the only one who enjoys it, as Alexa ranks 1337X as the third most popular torrents 2021 website. Whenever someone compiles a list of torrent trackers, the site is almost always included.

1337X was founded in 2007 top torrent site and is available in many countries, with the exception of the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and Austria, who have all banned it.

For easy navigation, the site offers an appealing interface with precise directories. It also has a massive torrent collection divided into several categories. So, whether you want to download free premium software (with activation), a game, or a movie, you can find it all here.

You also don’t have to worry about content restrictions when using this torrent tracker.
Because, like The Pirate Bay, it includes many links to the same piece of content, including magnet links. Almost every hour, fresh torrents are added to the site. So you can imagine the range of options accessible here.


RARBG is ranked third on our ranking of the top torrents 2021 sites. It is also an old platform, having been founded in 2008, a year after 1337X.

It is also a popular top torrenting site that acts similarly to a torrent tracker. It is the fourth most viewed website, according to TorrentFreak. This score applies only to the primary link, as the site works over multiple domains. You can guess how popular this site is among torrent users based on this.

RARBG, like the previous two, includes content from many categories and provides multiple download links for whatever you want to download. Simply go to the website, conduct a quick search for your desired program, TV show, movie, or anything else, and you’ll most likely find a slew of functioning links.

Perhaps the only issue you’ll have with RARBG is a site block. It is currently prohibited in a number of countries, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Denmark, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Australia, Indonesia, Italy, Finland, and Ireland. In 2019, India and Greece were added to this list.

The main cause for such limitations on RARBG is copyright violation and piracy. You may need to use a VPN to access RARBG if you live in one of these countries. ExpressVPN is our top suggestion for ultimate security and dependability.

4. YTS

YTS is the best movie torrenting sites. for all movie fans. This one, too, has numerous domains and is extremely popular among torrent users.

YTS is essentially the YIFY group’s successor and ranks second in terms of most viewed websites, trailing only The Pirate Bay.

It is a niche-based torrent service that only features movies. It was founded in 2011. From the most recent to the oldest, classic, and difficult-to-find films, you’re sure to discover it right here.

The website is likewise simple to use, with a clean interface. This page will be especially recognizable to you if you are a frequent Netflix subscriber. The only reason we didn’t include it in the top three, despite its popularity, is because of its unscrupulous methods.

As recently revealed, YTS has inadvertently become a part of the anti-piracy scheme by handing over user data to law firms. We felt compelled to include it because it is one of the top torrent website for movie fans. However, in light of its activities, we highly advise all users to employ a powerful VPN before using YTS.

5. Kickass Torrents

It is also one of the oldest torrenting platforms, which has experienced a constant reaction from authorities.

The site was founded in 2008 and was the most popular torrent platform at the time, even surpassing The Pirate Bay. It ran well across various domains until 2016. However, following the arrest of its proprietor, the site encountered serious problems and was eventually shut down.

Nonetheless, the people behind KickAssTorrents resurrected it in mid-2016. And, once again, the site is up and operating, with millions of P2P files from various content categories.

Users should use caution while accessing mirror links because the site may include harmful torrent files. You may always run a quick search before downloading a torrent for added security. Alternatively, you can visit one of the other good torrent websites on this list.

6. TorLock

TorLock is a secure website for first-time torrent users.

It was founded in 2010 and has been functioning successfully ever since, with only a few bans. At the moment, only India, the United Kingdom, and Australia have blocked this website. It is easily accessible to users in different nations. However, as a precaution, we still recommend utilizing a VPN.

TorLock’s no-fake torrent behavior earned it a spot among the top ten on our list. It means that you may acquire verified and safe torrent files from here without worrying about infection.

Furthermore, if you find a phony torrent on the site, TorLock is willing to compensate you for reporting it. This demonstrates the TorLock team’s vigilance in ensuring site safety.

TorLock has a smaller database than some of the other good torrenting sites. Movies, TV series, music, ebooks, and anime are among the most popular niches here.

What’s nice about this site is that it contains hard-to-find stuff. As a result, the portal is worthwhile to use as a torrent movie site before moving on to YTS and other comparable sites.

7. Torrentz2

Torrentz first launched in 2003 as a standalone torrent search engine, sourcing content from many big torrents 2021 websites. Until 2012, the site was extremely popular among users as their go-to destination for downloading requested content.

However, it ceased operations in 2016, most likely due to a series of legal challenges. Nonetheless, a clone of it came online the same year as Torrentz2, which is still operational via several domains.

Torrentz2, like Torrentz, is a metasearch engine that indexes files from the most popular torrent sites.

Users can search the torrent file for their desired content, which includes games, movies, and TV series, among other things, directly from this site. It saves you time searching through several P2P sites for what you need.

It has a nice interface that anyone can use to easily search for the needed content without having to click through adverts. Students and other book enthusiasts can also utilize this platform to find and download their favorite ebooks without having to seek for the best torrent ebook site.

8. Zooqle

Zooqle, like The Pirate Bay, is a worthwhile website with a wide range of content categories.
On this single platform, you may find everything from TV episodes and movies to games and software and even novels. Nonetheless, it is an excellent option to the greatest movie torrenting websites.

Zooqle was founded in 2013. It has subsequently kept a modest profile in order to finally gain a credible position among prominent pirate sites.

It has a simple user interface. The site’s front page displays a variety of popular TV series, movies, and the most seeded content. You might be able to find what you’re looking for right here.

Alternatively, you can browse through the various categories to see a sorted torrent collection.

And, if none of this works, you can always type your query into the search bar to get straight to the media you’re looking for.

9. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is one of the largest torrent databases available on the internet. It also contains numerous certified torrents, making it a reliable go-to source for new users.

Since its inception in 2009, the service has remained an uncontroversial platform with few suspensions. It meets the needs of the majority of customers by providing fast torrent download speeds and certified files.

Currently, the site is solely prohibited in France, the United Kingdom, and Australia. However, people can still access it via VPNs. They can then scan the millions of torrents accessible on this large site for the content they are looking for.

Finding the proper torrent file is also simple, as it has a user-friendly layout with direct access to content categories. It also clearly displays the date of upload, file size, health, and other important information for each torrent file. As a result, users can quickly select which content to download.

10. TorrentDownloads

This is another great addition to the best torrent sites because it has a vast database of over 16 million files. As a result, you should have no trouble finding your selected movie, TV show, books, or software.

Since its inception in 2007, the website has maintained a credible position by keeping a low profile. This also helped the site avoid most bans, allowing users from all around the world to freely access it.

However, UK users may have difficulties because the country has prohibited TorrentDownloads. However, with a VPN, you can easily circumvent all such restrictions.

11. Torrends.to

This is another great addition to the best torrent sites because it has a vast database of over 16 million files. As a result, you should have no trouble finding your selected movie, TV show, books, or software.

Since its inception in 2007, the website has maintained a credible position by keeping a low profile. This also helped the site avoid most bans, allowing users from all around the world to freely access it.

However, UK users may have difficulties because the country has prohibited TorrentDownloads. However, with a VPN, you can easily circumvent all such restrictions.

12. EZTV

EZTV is a one-stop-shop for folks who enjoy downloading TV shows.

It’s a dedicated TV best top torrent site, thus no music, movies, ebooks, or anything else will be found here. Rather, it primarily sources torrent connections for all rare and well-known TV shows in the form of direct and magnet links.

However, the original site, which launched in 2005, was fantastic since it was an ad-free platform. However, it ceased to function in 2015, and several mirror URLs with advertisements surfaced online.

However, if you are cautious while browsing, such as by using adblockers to avoid clutter, you can use it to download an eBook torrent, your favorite shows, or anything else you require.

13. Torrentfunk

This is merely another torrenting arena with an interactive site experience that assists new users as well.

torrentfunk, like its competitors, is a dedicated platform with thousands of torrent files received from ‘friends’ (other torrent sites). Its database contains content from all major genres, including software, apps, games, music, movies, and TV series.

You may quickly conduct a quick search for your selected content to access its direct and magnet download links.

What’s notable about this is that it explicitly mentions the uploader’s details, file size, seeds, pers, date of upload, and link health. It also marks authentic links as verified, making it easier to assure secure top torrenting websites.

14. ETTV Torrents

ETTV, like EZTV, is a dedicated top torrenting websites for TV series. Though it is not as popular as EZTV, it performs just as well.

ETTV cannot meet all of your torrent needs, yet it is the best option for downloading any TV show.

The website is simple to navigate. You may also use its dedicated browse option to find all old and new shows. Alternatively, if you know the year of publication, you can use year to find the content you’re looking for.

ETTV’s database is excellent enough for any TV fans. It includes a wide range of shows available in a variety of genres, including comedy, horror, anime, history, fantasy, and even children’s programming.

The one slight disadvantage of ETTV is that it may not contain the most recent episode releases. As a result, you may have to wait a few weeks before downloading the most recent episode from here.

15. Nyaa.si

Nyaa is a Japanese website, as the name suggests. As a result, it stands to reason that it is a popular anime torrent site.

The original Nyaa platform functioned flawlessly till its demise in 2017. Nyaa.si has since taken its place as a one-stop shop for anime audios and videos.

It boasts a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface, allowing any anime fan to quickly obtain the needed media.

The only issue with this site is its low content diversity, which consists primarily of stuff from Japan, Korea, and China. However, given that it concentrates solely on anime, this is perfectly acceptable.

16. SolidTorrents

Here’s another torrent search engine to save you the trouble of surfing torrent sites. It’s a standard metasearch engine (with a minimalist interface) that indexes torrents from all reliable sources. As a result, you’re likely to discover any stuff you’re looking for here.

The site’s UI is simplistic and somewhat unappealing (at least, for me). However, it serves the function for which it was designed, namely torrent search engine.

However, Google had already flagged this site as suspicious, as its Safe Browsing Feature identifies sections of sites that are associated with malware. Nonetheless, it currently classifies this site as safe.

As a result, we strongly advise anyone attempting to use this site to have a strong VPN and anti-malware software installed on their system.

17. BitPort

BitPort, like the other high-quality working torrenting sites on this list, provides a full platform for downloading P2P content.

The best benefit of this service is that it eliminates the need for you to fiddle with torrent download programs. You only need to sign up for an account to download your selected files in a few clicks.

You may also save the files to your cloud drives. As a result, you don’t have to stop downloading your entertainment just because you don’t have your home system with you.

Whether you’re at work, school, or somewhere else, simply login in to your account, begin downloading your files to the cloud, and retrieve them later from anywhere, at any time.

The only issue with this website is that it requires a freemium subscription.
You receive a limited 1GB of free cloud storage with limited and unsecured downloads with free accounts.

You can, however, enhance your cloud storage and acquire more download slots with encrypted downloading by purchasing an appropriate paid subscription plan.

You may test its viability with their risk-free premium plan, which comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

18. iDope

iDope is a newcomer to the BitTorrent community. The site, which was launched in 2016, is an amazing torrent search engine with direct magnet connections to safe torrents.

The site emerged online as a tribute to KickAss Torrents after the latter was shut down, as stated clearly in its logo. While KickAssTorrents is also operational in some capacity, iDope continues to operate as intended.

It also contains some unofficial mirror URLs that users can use to view the site if it is not immediately available. It’s because the website is prohibited in Australia, India, the United Kingdom, and Denmark. Nonetheless, a VPN is always a workaround for circumventing this restriction.

However, users at iDope may not find as extensive a database of P2P files as the major players. It does, however, work well for quick downloads of important files. Furthermore, the database is updated virtually every hour. So, whether you’re seeking for the most recent movies or TV shows, you’ll no doubt find them here.

19. SkyTorrents

Without include SkyTorrents, our list of the best torrenting websites would be incomplete.
SkyTorrents, like The Pirate Bay, RARBG, and 1337X, is an all-in-one best torrenting websites.The site has a clean appearance and quick search for user queries. Additional information about the torrents, such as seeders, leechers, file size, and uploading time, is included in the search results. For legitimate links, the site also shows a ‘verified’ icon with the link, allowing you to trust the link’s safety.

It has a massive database, currently indexing 25,202,661 torrents. As a result, you may find anything you desire on this single platform, including software, ebook torrents, and games, as well as movies and music.

Many nations have prohibited SkyTorrents, as is common with P2P sources. However, you may get to it by utilizing a torrent proxy or a mirror link.

20. TorrentGalaxy

TorrentsGalaxy is another versatile top torrenting website on this list.

As the name implies, it truly offers a vast galaxy of torrents sourced from all major categories. TorrentsGalaxy will deliver you torrent links for movies, TV series, music, games, apps, software, ebooks, and even online skill development classes.

The layout of the website is simple, easy to use, and interesting. A fast search for your desired content delivers torrent links in search results, along with the uploader’s name and status, file size, upload date and time, and seeder/leecher ratio. These particulars make it simple for even the most inexperienced user to locate the appropriate link.

21. Toorgle

Toorgle, a comprehensive torrent search engine, aspires to be the Google of torrents.

Over 450 torrent websites have been indexed by the platform. It means that there will very certainly be very few things for which you cannot locate a torrent link while searching here.
The platform, which is powered by Google, presently has 55,000,000 torrents indexed.

To utilize the platform, you do not need any technical knowledge. Its interface is eerily similar to that of Google. The only difference is that the links in the search results are purely from pirate sites.

The top search results include direct links to torrents with information about their health, download speed, and a number of downloads.

22. BTDigg

In the world of torrents links, BTDigg is a one-of-a-kind site. It is neither a torrent database nor a list of torrent trackers. It does not save any content and so does not guarantee security.

So why are we even bringing it up here? We’ve heard you inquire.

BTDigg is a BitTorrent DHT search engine that was founded in 2011. Its goal is to provide free content for the BitTorrent Network.

The overall interface of the website is simple. A fast search for the requested content yields results via the site’s online interface, including best torrent sites magnet links, and related information. It also enables search queries in a variety of languages.

23. DirtyTorrents

Despite its name, DirtyTorrents is a fairly clean platform with an easy-to-use layout.

The website is not a database in and of itself. Instead, as it explicitly states, it is similar to Google operating as a torrent search engine, sparing consumers from having to navigate through multiple torrenting sites.

So, using this platform, you can easily obtain your preferred content, whether it is a movie, a TV show, music, or even software or an app.

24. YourBittorrent

YourBittorrent has joined the ranks of movie-working torrenting sites. It is a torrenting platform that features torrents link from many categories such as software, games, ebooks, and anime. However, because it offers a large library of movies, it is ideal for movie buffs.

It is quite simple to navigate this platform. The general design is clean and uncluttered, with clear lists of top BitTorrent site appearing in numerous categories. The list also includes important information for users, such as file size, upload date, seeders, and leechers.

For inexperienced users, the site also allows them to sort the results in order to obtain just verified torrents link.

25. ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent is just another best torrenting site 2021

It was initially introduced in 2006. It ran nicely until it was voluntarily shut down in 2017.
However, soon after its apparent demise, mirror connections arose online, which are still active and functional.

The best torrent site, like other leading P2P websites, offers a diverse array of torrent collections with a variety of content kinds. The site’s interface is clean and clear, making it simple to explore and discover the information you’re looking for.

It also has fewer advertisements than usual best torrenting websites. As a result, you are unlikely to feel irritated when browsing through it.

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