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Best song torrent sites for 2021

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Now that services like Spotify and YouTube are so readily available, music downloads are less frequent than they once were. Despite their widespread use, without paying for upgraded plans, users of these applications can only listen to songs without downloading them. Therefore, many people who do not like to pay excessive charges for these subscription services have resorted to song torrent sites to obtain their desired music.

On the other hand, there are times when you simply cannot access the web, such as while you are working out or on a train. For many people, using song torrent sites is still the best option. Furthermore, customers do not know which websites to trust, which is particularly problematic in light of the prevalence of malware.

However, the websites we’ve provided below are some of the most reliable options for downloading music via torrent.

Best song torrent sites for 2021


As far as torrent download sites go, KickAssTorrents is near the top. With regards to music, in particular, the website provides access to a plethora of original, user-created content that is both free and available in abundance.

Many people seed on the site, and the community is highly active and helpful. Moreover, verified torrents safeguard users from malicious software. It has a well-designed mobile UI as well.


Soundpark’s design makes it look more like a record store than a pirate hub. This shop is heaven for anyone with an extensive collection of vinyl records and a passion for their original album covers. The site’s design from the early 2000s may make it seem dated.

Users can get about the site by clicking on album covers double as thumbnails, making the design a personal preference. The layout is so well thought out; it’s a pleasure to use this website on any device. Advertising is the sole downfall of otherwise ad-free and complimentary services.


One of the song torrent sites with the most cutting-edge aesthetic is 1337x. You may browse the top 100 torrents of the month, what’s hot right now, what’s popular this week, and what’s trending right now. This system of organization, coupled with an effective search engine, makes it a breeze to find fresh material and rediscover forgotten gems.

The site provides a comprehensive list of torrents related to a particular piece of music when you search for it. You can use the number of torrent seeders and downloaders to rank the torrents. It would not be necessary to worry about that here, given the site has a sizable community of commenters and seeders.


Free Japanese indie media can be downloaded via Tokyo Toshokan, a public torrent library. It offers a wealth of free, original content, including many firsts in Japan.

This website is the go-to for far eastern music, particularly Japanese, because of the rise in interest in music from other cultures.

Downloads are speedy, no commercials, and extensive selection is extensive. What else could one expect from a torrenting site? It’s the best place to find Japanese torrents online. The one catch is that you must sign up to use it.


To this day, ThePirateBay remains an essential component of any discussion of the greatest torrenting sites. This is the best torrent search engine; however, it has some drawbacks. The sheer volume of available torrents makes it challenging to weed out the subpar.

Therefore, many torrents contain malware, which is especially dangerous for users who don’t have antivirus software or browse the website from a mobile device. In addition, it has the most extensive online collection of independent content, is very easy to use, and covers various genres.

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