Best free deepfake app for 2022

What are the best ways to have fun while using the Internet? Using mobile devices to pull pranks on others? Certainly, but have you used any Deepfake programs before? We’re discussing apps that can superimpose one person’s face onto another, rendering the two interchangeable. Here are the top 10 free deepfake app to consider installing if you’re looking to have some lighthearted fun with Deepfake apps.

As a preface, please know that everything here is for instructional reasons only. As we have stressed throughout this article, you should only use these apps for sound, ethical reasoning, and moderation.

Best free deepfake app for 2022

The best free deepfake app in 2022 are listed below. Nothing on this list is ranked from best to worst or vice versa.

Reface App

Among the most popular Deepfake apps in the Google Play Store, Reface has been downloaded over 100 million times. Except for a plethora of adverts and a cap on downloads, you can use the free deepfake app with all its unique features. A paid premium version is available without adverts, unlimited downloads, and faster face scanning.

With regards to facial animation replacement, it does remarkably well. However, if the subject in the video is constantly on the move, the software will lose the face. In general, it’s one of the most exciting uses of Deepfake. The app works fine on both iOS and Android.

Download Reface App for Android

Download Reface App for iOS


What do you imagine your best buddy would look like if they were to sing your favorite song? As the program can’t make your friend sing, it can use their photo and select a song to play while you watch them lip-sync along with the video.

We put Elon Musk to the test. We doubt he would agree (Right, Elon?): Watch Elon rip off BTS’s “Dynamite” with Wombo’s lip sync here!

Download Wombo for Android

Download Wombo for iOS


As the name implies, FaceApp allows you to apply multiple filters to your self-portraits. Due to its sudden success in 2019, the free deepfake app is currently the highest-earning app in the Google Play Store. In addition to its impressive efficiency, the app also offers a wide variety of personalization options. When it comes to Deepfake use in 2022, this is among the best.

Download FaceApp for Android

Download FaceApp for iOS


Jiggy is not a pretty Deepfake app because it merely uses GIFs to mimic your face, but it is still a fun little tool. The app serves its intended purpose well, allowing users to efficiently generate stickers, GIFs, and little films to share in messaging conversations. Both Android and Apple iOS devices can use the software.

Download Jiggy for Android

Download Jiggy for iOS

Although it is not among the most well-known Deepfake video tools, produces high-quality results. Since most famous people demand payment to appear in games, you’ll need to make many in-app purchases. There’s a TikTok-like interface for watching user-generated content, but the app doesn’t have a vast user base, so you’ll run out of movies to watch quickly.

Download for Android


Techmaze is a massive fan of free and open-source software, and FaceSwap is no different. The software makes it simple to create convincing Deepfakes by swapping in new human or animal faces during film production. You have nothing to worry about with your data or privacy because the source code is publicly available on GitHub.

Both Windows and Linux users can use the program without issue. The sole limitation of FaceSwap is that it needs a powerful GPU. FaceSwap is superior to Reface Apps in speed and utility because face processing via CPU cores might take an extremely long period. Also time-consuming is deepfaking a video, although the developers have provided comprehensive guides for anyone willing to learn.

Download FaceSwap for Windows and Linux

Face Swap

Face Change, an Android and iOS app that isn’t to be confused with the aforementioned “FaceSwap,” is a fun option if you’re interested in experimenting with animal faces in your images or switching the looks of two people in the same snap. A live camera feature lets you add filters in real-time, just like Snapchat. You may also edit Deepfake videos and photos with Face Swap.

Download Face Swap for Android

Download Face Swap for iOS


Consistency and its low cost are two of FaceMagic’s best qualities. In contrast to the other applications on our list, which require registration before you can use them and provide a plethora of optional in-app purchases, FaceMagic offers an extensive collection of GIFs and movies you can use for free with adverts.

Download FaceMagic for Android

Download FaceMagic for iOS


Out of those apps, we advise you to use Reface App, Wombo, and FaceMagic. Reface, for producing reasonably realistic Deepfakes; Wombo, for creating humorous lip-sync Deepfakes; and FaceMagic, for being essentially free and featuring an enormous GIF library.

Do you have any suggestions for other excellent apps that we should have included in this roundup of the best Deepfake apps of 2022? Add your two cents in the comment section.

Syed Mazhar Abbas

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