Best Fastest DNS Servers For 2023 [Public and Free]

In some cases, you may find it more convenient to use your own fastest DNS server rather than the one provided by your Internet service provider. Google and Cisco domain name server servers are often among the best available. There is a noticeable improvement in latency and functioning on these public domain name server servers.

The primary function of a domain name server was to return an IP address to a client device in the form of a human-readable domain name. However, domain name server servers have since evolved to provide much more functionality. Protecting your queries while in transit is a top priority for modern domain name servers. There is additional information available on DNS servers and their functionality.

We have compiled a list of the best and most often used public DNS servers to help you search for suitable custom domain name servers.

Is privacy guaranteed with a dedicated domain name server?

A personalized domain name server will not guarantee privacy online. Using a different domain name server, you can change the location from which your computer retrieves the IP addresses of the sites you visit. For similar reasons, using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is essential to hiding your online activity and keeping your connection secure. If a Virtual Private Network is what you’re after, take a look at these popular options:

Best Fastest DNS Servers For 2023 [Public and Free]

Cloudflare (

The content delivery network (CDN) offered by Cloudflare is one of the largest in existence, and many websites use it. Cloudflare, in 2018, launched its free domain name server solution,, which offers users one-touch access.

Regarding latency, a key metric in domain name resolution, is among the best domain name servers. DoH, DoT, and DNSSEC are all supported.

In its early stages, the app was available only for Android and iOS devices. Nonetheless, Cloudflare has released free domain name server apps for macOS and Windows 10/11. Like many other services we recommend, you may set up a Cloudflare domain name server in your system’s preferences by entering its IP address.

To help parents filter out inappropriate material, the public domain name server resolver offers a version called For Families.

Google Public DNS

Google Public DNS is your best bet if you need a custom domain name server service. Its widespread acceptance is warranted by the availability of innovative features for users. Due to Google’s widespread reputation for spying on its users, competitors may attract some users.

Initiated in 2009, the service has undergone several revisions to adapt to changes in the market. Now, Google’s DNS servers answer over a trillion domain name server queries daily from various devices.

Regarding protecting user queries, Google Public DNS has you covered with support for features like domain name server over HTTPS (DoH) and domain name server over Transport Layer Security (DoT).

Compatibility with IPv6, the successor to IPv4, is another bonus. Google’s public DNS service may help reduce the latency experienced by your Internet service provider, reducing wait times for loaded web pages. In addition, increasing download speeds is not the same thing.


The IP address of this public domain name server,, sounds very close to its name. The free domain name server service was created by Global Cyber Alliance, IBM, and Packet Clearing House. Quad9 is built to filter out malicious content on the web, such as phishing scams and other malicious links, as you browse online.

To maintain this level of security, Quad9 continuously updates its systems with information gathered from various vendors and public resources. The public domain name server service’s policy is not to store any personally identifiable information about its customers. Quad9 is compatible with the DNSCrypt protocol, which encrypts communications between the client and the domain name server to foil man-in-the-middle attacks.

Quad9 provides an unsecured domain name server address, which you can use to check if the Quad9 threat feed has incorrectly labeled a lawful domain as insecure. The primary DNS server supports domain blocklist and DNSSEC validation.

DNS servers from Quad9 work with both IPv4 and IPv6 networks. In addition, it has the same security features as Google DNS, including domain name server over HTTPS (DoH) and DNS over TLS (DoT).


In 2015, Cisco purchased OpenDNS, a domain name system that had been around since 2005. Yet another well-known brand when talking about the best 2022 DNS servers.

The free domain name server service has multiple protections to thwart phishing attempts and circumvent content filters, making it a great option for private use. OpenDNS is compatible with IPv4 and IPv6 networks and offers DoH but no DoT features. When it comes to the DNSCrypt protocol, OpenDNS is the first service to implement it.

OpenDNS has over 90 million users worldwide and processes over 140 billion DNS requests daily. For a while, adverts supported the free DNS service; however, those have been deleted recently.

The network has over 30 high-speed DNS servers spread across several countries to ensure quick and reliable DNS resolution for users everywhere.


The public domain name server resolver prioritizes these filters to protect minors from inappropriate material. So, it’s meant to keep kids safe while they’re online. CleanBrowsing is not as large as Quad9 or Cloudflare; thus, it must focus on fewer things to succeed.

All the major security features, such as DNSCrypt, DoH, and DoT, are included in the free version of the domain name server service. The DNS resolver makes unique IP addresses suitable for children, adults, and security systems at no cost.

Its primary source of income, however, comes from its subscription plans for a more advanced DNS solution. The Basic yearly package costs $59.99 and offers 19 personalized filters and blocks, in addition to active monitoring and other features.

CleanBrowsing provides a program for Windows and macOS that allows primary domain name server filtering activation. It’s peculiar, however, that CleanBrowsing lacks a more crucial Android app.

Best Gaming domain name Servers In 2022

We’ve covered you if you’re trying to find dedicated DNS servers for your gaming needs. To provide our players with a smooth experience, we have set up a network of dedicated servers. These gaming servers can improve the game experience by providing a stable connection.

  1. Google Public DNS
  2. Level3
  3. DYN
  4. Norton ConnectSafe
  5. OpenNic

How to use a custom domain name server on your PC?

You have experience with 2020’s top domain name servers. Setting up your DNS on your computer only takes a few clicks of the mouse. If you’re using Windows 10 and you’re having trouble setting up your domain name server, check out our detailed guide.

How can you switch domain name servers?

One way to alter your DNS is to change your router’s domain name server settings. It affects all connected devices by changing their DNS server. To change the domain name server, access the router’s web interface (or look it up in the manual) and click “Settings.” Select the domain name server from the list of available external servers.

Alternately, you can update the DNS server on each device separately. You can update the DNS servers on Windows and Android independently if you don’t want to change the settings on your router. Performing this task takes a considerable amount of effort and time.

How can you find your current DNS server?

At the Windows command prompt, type “ipconfig /all” and hit Enter to view the hostname resolution service (DNS) that is currently in use. Mac users can see their DNS server settings by going to System Preferences > Network > Choose network > Advanced > DNS.

Why should you use a Public DNS Server?

There are a variety of scenarios in which switching to a public or custom DNS resolver on your device would be desirable. Some of the things that I think are important to keep in mind are outlined here:

  1. Better performance over your ISP’s offering in most cases.
  2. Unblock websites and bypass censorship.
  3. Use DNS filtering to block offensive content.
  4. Protect your device from malicious sites and unwanted ads.
  5. Use public DNS as an alternative when your ISP’s server goes down.

How to find the fastest DNS server?

Fast DNS server is available from nearly all of the services here. However, a DNS resolver’s “speed” depends on several factors. However, distance from your home or office to the fastest DNS server does make a difference.

Assuming all else is equal, a DNS server placed 1,000 miles away will be slower than one positioned 500 miles away. That’s why checking how different DNS servers perform regarding latency or response time is one option. You should compare the latency statistics and pick the option with the lowest latency.


What do we know about the features and limitations of public DNS servers? You may find this helpful if you’re looking for a free fastest DNS server for occasional use, let alone as your only DNS server. Please use the space below to add your thoughts and comments.


Which domain name server (DNS) is ideal for online play?

The Google Public DNS is well recognized as a reliable service for online gaming. Online gaming necessitates high performance and low latency, which this solution provides.

Can we rely on free DNS providers?

Big names in the business like Google and Cisco back many of the DNS servers that regular Internet users rely on. They are both efficient and reliable. It’s important to note that not all free DNS services offer equally impressive performance. Therefore, it is recommended that you seek help from this kind.

Why is Paid domain name server Better Than a Free one?

When comparing paid vs. free domain name server services, paid services are preferable due to their additional benefits, such as increased security, faster speeds, more reliability, and dedicated customer service.

Is it recommended that I use the domain name server?

If you have doubts about your ISP’s domain name server, you can use Google’s other server ( instead.

Is IPv6 faster than IPv4?

In principle, IPV6 is faster than IPV4. This is because routers no longer fragment user packets, and IPV6 eliminates the need for NAT translations.

Can domain name server affect Ping?

DNS’s primary purpose is to resolve names; hence it has little effect on the ping protocol. Nonetheless, download and upload rates are improved without a noticeable ping increase.

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