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Best Android TV Apps

best android tv apps

We’ve gone a long way since Android TV was first launched in 2014 as a Smart TV platform. The only Android TVs on the market were made by TV makers who opted to incorporate the Android TV OS in their top-of-the-line offerings. The ability to turn any HDMI-equipped TV into an Android TV with features like HDMI CEC is now available thanks to Android TV boxes. There are now more people able to afford and use Android televisions thanks to these TV boxes. Here are the 20 best android tv apps you should be utilizing in 2022 if you already own an Android TV box or are already using an Android TV.

Best Android TV Apps You Should Use in 2022

As with Android smartphones, there is a slew of different skins available for Android TV, thanks to various TV manufacturers. Android TV devices such as the OnePlus TV, Xiaomi Mi TV, Samsung Android TV, iFFalcon TV, TCL TV, and Nokia Smart TVs can all use these best android tv apps, making them universally accessible.


SlingTV is a superb live TV app for Android users for those who don’t have cable access. It offers a large range of live TV channels, including sports, entertainment, lifestyle, and news (local and global). ESPN, NFL, The Food Network, CNBC, BBC, and other networks are included in the application. It is free to download and use, but you must purchase a membership to watch live TV.

In terms of the app, it’s quite well done. Like other televisions, I was able to switch channels quickly. SlingTV’s cloud-based DVR makes it the greatest Android app for live TV.

Send files to TV (SFTV)

The Android TV app Send Files to TV is undoubtedly one of my favorites. A flash drive comes in handy when you wish to transfer videos, photographs, or audio data to your television. A simple and convenient method for wireless file transfer is Sending files to TV. If both your TV and smartphone have the software, you can transfer files like  WhatsApp messages.

Remember that you need to be connected to the same WiFi network for this to work. For the most part, the app’s reliability has been demonstrated by its fast data transfer rates and the rarity of failed data transfers. SFTV is the best Android TV file-transfer app available on the market today.

Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer, which replaced ES File Explorer as the finest Android file manager, has earned its place as the best Android TV file manager. As an alternative to ES File Explorer, you’ll find this file explorer to be a wonderful combination of form and function. Navigating directories and working with files is a breeze because of the application’s two-pane layout.

The best part is using Solid Explorer to control Android TV’s internal storage. Third-party APKs can now be installed, deleted, and uninstalled on Android TV. Your FTP server is also an option if you so desire. One of the best android tv apps and the best file manager is Solid Explorer.


Retroarch is the place to go for classic retro-console gaming pleasure, even if Android TV has its Play Store with some of the best downloadable Android TV games. Playing NES and SNES games on Android TV with a controller can be done by installing this emulator.

This is one of the best SNES, NES, PS1, and N64 emulators available for Android TV, so I recommend giving it a go. With an external hard drive, you no longer have to sacrifice storage space on your TV for outdated games that you don’t want to play.


The VLC media player is a great choice if you want to watch videos. As far as I know, the software can play back videos encoded in a wide range of formats and codecs. VLC can easily decode video files encoded in the HEVC H.265 codec. VLC’s popularity is easy to understand when considering how easy it is to use and how stable it is.

Using the VLC media player, you may categorize your media into three separate categories: video, audio, and other. You may also control hardware acceleration and more in the app’s settings. Although the Android TV Play Store makes it easy to download VLC, it is pre-installed on Android TV devices like Xiaomi Mi Box.


There are no geo-restrictions or compatibility difficulties with Aptoide on Android TV, making it a great Android TV app. As a reminder, Aptoide is a third-party app store and Google Play Store replacement. Apps that aren’t ordinarily available on the Play Store can be found and installed.

To ensure app integrity, Aptoide is sponsored directly by app developers, and hence there are no intermediaries involved in the distribution of programs. The Aptoide app store will link you to the best android tv apps if you can’t find them in the Play Store.


Spotify is the best free music streaming service out there. You can stream music from your Android TV using the Spotify app on your Android TV. Spotify’s best feature is that it has a free service tier.

With a paid subscription, track skipping is allowed, and there are no ads between tracks. Spotify comes pre-installed on Android TV boxes like the Mi Box, so all you have to do to listen to music is sign in with your Spotify account.


When it comes to music, Spotify is like Netflix when it comes to video. You can stream movies and television shows on the site. As a result, you’ve probably already signed up for Netflix since it’s so widely accessible. Regardless of whether or not you’re an existing Netflix subscriber, I highly recommend you give it a go at least once.

If you have the app loaded, you can watch some of the best Netflix originals, such as intriguing Netflix television shows. Netflix is pre-installed on many Android TVs, so all you have to do is log in with your Netflix credentials and start viewing your favorite Netflix movies.


It is possible to use Android TV devices to stream music and video and get the latest news. Even if these best android tv apps don’t meet your needs, you should check out Haystack, a search engine for news. News app Haystack keeps you up to date on various topics, including science and technology, politics and current events, video games, and film trailers.

Useful for Android TV setups, the news is presented with easy-to-use. Furthermore, the placement of the goods is meticulously planned. The Associated Press, BBC News, CBS, and other reputable news organizations are among the many that contribute to Haystack’s news feed. At the bottom of the window, a “weather pane” displays the current weather conditions.


Kodi is one of the most powerful media server applications on the market. If you want to keep all of your stuff in one place, this app can help you do just that. In addition, there are several add-ons for Kodi that enhance the application’s functionality. You can find out how to set up Kodi on various operating systems by visiting this page.

If you have a lot of offline content and are looking for an efficient way to organize it, you should install Kodi on your Android TV. It is possible to add other media to a Kodi-enabled device, and it will be automatically categorized and placed in the locations you designate. Additionally, Kodi’s add-ons support almost any audio and video format, making it an extremely versatile media player for Android TV.


One of the best media center apps is Plex, which you may use. Not as many plugins are available for the Plex application as for Kodi. However, the app’s simple interface makes Plex stand out. Instead of appearing (and feeling) intimidating, Kodi’s user interface is friendly and immediately draws you in once you have a firm grasp on the mechanics of the situation.

A Plex server must be running on a laptop or PC that your Android TV can connect to over WiFi to use Plex on your Android TV. This allows you to play any media file saved on your Plex server directly on your Android TV without wires, file transfers, etc., after it has been completed. If you aren’t happy with Plex, you may want to check out the best alternatives to Plex.


Using a virtual private network (VPN) is never a bad thing. Anonymous internet browsing is possible, as is avoiding the geographical restrictions placed on most of the material available on the internet due to the use of this service. Otherwise, Tunnelbear is one of the most popular android VPN apps for Android TV. The app works perfectly and looks great because it isn’t optimized for Android TV.

Premium subscriptions are available from Tunnelbear to extend the 500MB of data you get for free each month. However, 500 MB should suffice for the majority of web surfing. Please note that Tunnelbear does not allow P2P file downloads for legal and security concerns. There are many other free VPN services if Tunnelbear doesn’t meet your needs.

Google Chrome

The lack of a web browser on Android TVs is understandable but disappointing. You may easily install Google Chrome or another browser on your Android TV if you desire a web browser. It’s possible to surf the web and do more with Google Chrome loaded on your Android TV if you have the app.

Android’s full feature set will be available as we’re installing a full-featured Android app. However, the Android TV Play Store does not include Google Chrome; therefore, you must sideload it. Learn how by reading our guide on Android TV sideloading apps.

YouTube TV

If you’re serious about ditching the cable, YouTube TV is a must-have. A subscription to YouTube TV gives you access to live channels, sports, and another programming. Without a cable connection, it’s one of the most common ways to view all of your favorite channels on your cable.

Among the channels available on YouTube TV are CNN, ESPN, NBA TV, TNT, ABC, and CBS. You can’t subscribe to or access YouTube TV content if you’re not in the United States because YouTube TV is only available in the United States for now.

Sideload Launcher

You may have observed that many Android apps require sideloading to be installed on our Android TV. Even though this is perfectly permitted, sideloaded apps do not appear in the standard Android TV graphical user interface. Sideload Launcher comes into play right now. Apps that have been sideloaded to your Android TV are shown in Chainfire’s app.

This is the only way to run side-loaded apps on an Android TV. This launcher is essential if you plan to sideload apps onto your Android TV. Several launchers provide the same function as Sideload Launcher; however, this one is the most efficient in my experience.

Wake On LAN

There is a good chance you have installed Kodi or Plex on your Android TV and are serving content from your PC if you’ve been installing these programs. In that case, what if your Plex server goes to sleep? Wake On LAN allows you to wake up your computer by sending a signal over the internet.

Tasker and Llama, for example, can be used to automate Wake On LAN and transmit signals to your PC. Your computer must be configured to allow Wake on LAN (WOL) commands, and your internet connection must also be capable of supporting it.


It’s a great resource if you’re interested in watching expert and amateur gamers demonstrate their skills in real-time. People can upload videos of themselves playing various games to the app’s website, reminiscent of a live-streaming platform. If you’re not a gamer, this may seem like a waste of time, but this is a wonderful development for those who are.

It’s always fun to watch other people play, both for entertainment and to gain insight into how they handle the game’s challenges. It’s also possible to look into other options if you are not happy with Twitch’s service. When it comes to video games, Twitch is a must.


Listening to your favorite radio stations on your Android TV is possible. If you’re interested, there’s an app for that, and it’s fantastic. For those who enjoy listening to radio stations, music playlists, and podcasts, iHeartRadio is one of the best Android radio apps available. Thousands of AM and FM radio stations from both local and worldwide sources are supported by this program.

As a bonus, you’ll be able to tune in to stations like ESPN Radio and Fox Sports Radio. The app’s design is quite similar to Spotify’s, making it easy to use. But there are several radio station classifications for music, news, sports, and conversation. This is an amazing Android TV app for those who enjoy listening to the radio, and it’s much better if you have an Android TV.

Steam Link

You should give Steam Link a try if you want to play high-quality games on your Android TV, regardless of the device’s hardware. However, there are a few notable exceptions: You’ll need to have Steam installed and running on your PC and an Ethernet or 5GHz WiFi connection between your Android TV and your PC. You’ll also need a Steam membership. In a nutshell, Steam Link requires a quicker Internet connection and reduced latency to mirror your PC’s display to your Android TV.

On a much larger panel, you’ll be able to play desktop-level games. Alternatively, you can use a Bluetooth controller to play in front of the TV in real-time. A great option if you’re looking for a way to play graphical-intensive games on your Android TV.

Apple TV

As of today, you may download the Apple TV app for Android-powered televisions via the Google Play Store. It’s now possible to watch Apple TV+ content on your Android TV without buying an Apple TV 4K, as long as you have an Apple TV+ subscription. Android TVs running Android 8 or later with Play Store access can use the new app.

Your smart television will be able to display 4K content, and the Apple TV app will enable HDR content if your Android TV is compatible. You should watch For All Mankind and Ted Lasso on Apple’s service if you decide to start utilizing Apple TV on your Android television.

Special Mention: Google Duo

While the coronavirus outbreak took place, Google decided to debut its video calling software Duo on Android TV. Instead of using the little screen on your smartphone, you can now make video calls right from your Android TV with this app. Despite this, incoming calls are not currently shown in the app. You can download Duo from the Google Play Store if you’re interested. You can find Google Duo sideloading instructions here if this doesn’t work.


What channels are free to stream?

Free channels on Android TV are usually restricted, and you may have to pay for apps like SlingTV. But there are a few commercial-funded stations on Pluto TV.

Are all Android apps compatible with Android TV?

It is possible that some of the most popular Android apps for Android TV may not be available in the Google Play Store. Check out our guide on sideloading and running incompatible apps on Android TV for more information.

How much data does an Android TV box use?

The Android TV box may use a lot of data if you watch HD content.

My Android-powered television doesn’t have Google Play installed. What should I do?

The Google Play Store is pre-installed on Android TV. Apps are where you’ll find the store.

What are the best apps for watching live television?

Sling TV and Pluto TV allow you to watch live TV on your Android TV.


Several fantastic apps are pre-installed on Android TVs, but you can also install other apps to get even more out of the device. Bloatware and ads may appear on the home screen of some of the preinstalled apps on your Android TV. Because of this, a third-party alternative is recommended. You can also block ads on the home screen of Android TV.

If you’ve had a long day at work, you can relax by watching a movie on your phone. Many apps can do this for you. The best Android TV apps for smart TVs are listed below. Please share your thoughts in the space provided below if you have any.


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