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6 Best Free Word Processor Software (2022)

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Does Windows 10 come with a free word processor? Naturally, Yes. There are a plethora of free word processors out there. Microsoft Word, part of the Office suite, has long been the standard word processor. Free word processors come extremely handy in situations like this.

The price of Microsoft Word is a deterrent for some potential customers. Additionally, people often pay for extras they never use. Several excellent free alternatives to Microsoft Word exist, and I’ve prepared a list of those compatible with the.doc and.docx file formats. They work fine with Mac OS X and the web and Windows.

6 Best Free Word Processor Software (2022)

Office Word Online

Word may be found free from Microsoft, so anyone looking for a word processor won’t have to look very far. An official Microsoft account is needed to use Word Online.

No third-party advertisements will interrupt your current activity. Compared to its desktop counterpart, Word’s web interface bears striking similarities. For this reason, getting up to speed on all the features is a breeze, and the learning curve is short.

However, unlike Microsoft Word, which costs money, this online word processor is available for free. And yet, it has everything you need.



LibreOffice Writer

Linux users have the most experience with LibreOffice Writer. You can get this open-source word processor free from the app shops for just about any Linux distribution.

LibreOffice, a spinoff of OpenOffice, includes a word processor called Writer. The document editing software is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows computers.



Google Docs

Google Docs’ speed is an advantage even though it’s a web application. Word processing has gone entirely online with the advent of Google Docs, a free service offered by the world’s most excellent search engine company.

It’s a product that Google promotes under its G Suite label. Almost 13 years after its first release, Google’s word processor has expanded to support 83 different tongues.

On Windows 10 and macOS, it’s accessible as a web app, but Google has also released dedicated mobile apps for Android and iOS. Here’s how you can use Google Docs even if you don’t have access to the internet.




Pages are Apple’s standard word processor. It works with any Apple device, including the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. As a result, it has replaced Microsoft Word as the go-to free replacement for Macs.

You can use Pages for document editing, though, if you have a Windows 10 PC. Using your Apple ID and password, log in to iCloud.



Dropbox Paper

The online software was developed by the renowned cloud storage company, Dropbox so that you may have confidence in its dependability.

In addition to Google Docs and Microsoft Word, another free option is Dropbox Paper. The UI is very different from what you’d find on competing products, and neither you nor your users will feel overwhelmed by the available customization possibilities.

Its unique approach prioritizes group projects and document revisions over individual ones.



Zoho Writer

To compete with Microsoft Word, the Zoho Corporation in India created Zoho Writer. If you’re looking for a free Word processor, this is one of the best-looking ones. The symbols, however, look much older than those in Google Docs and Apple Pages.

In contrast to most programs, this one places its editing and formatting controls on the side rather than the top. Whatever the case, it serves its goal with many built-in templates and features.




We feel confident in recommending Google Docs because of its many advantages. Google Docs is available on all major platforms, works with any file format and Google Drive, and can be customized with various add-ons. Having Google’s support means fixing bugs, and adding new features won’t be an issue.

Finally, in 2020, these were the best free word processors that could be found. As was just mentioned, all of these are superior replacements for Microsoft Word. Please feel free to offer suggestions in the space provided.

Read our other piece for information on free and open-source alternatives to Microsoft Office and its many valuable programs, such as its spreadsheet and presentation creation tools. Moreover, there are times when editing a PDF is essential. If this is the case, PDF-to-Word converters can be used to make the content editable.


Is Microsoft Word the best word processor available?

As an alternative to Microsoft Word, you can download any one of a large number of free word processors. Dropbox Paper is as easy as it gets, and you can utilize Google Docs online.

Where can I download Microsoft Word for free?

There is a web software called Word Online that you can access from any device with an internet browser, and Microsoft developed it. On the downside, it’s missing certain key features in the more comprehensive edition.

Are there any free word processors that can compete with the pricey software?

You can cut it both ways. You won’t be charged, but you won’t have access to all the bells and whistles. But the vast majority of open-source word processors have all the basics covered.

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