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20 Best Android Hacking Apps (2022)

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The possibilities for experimentation and amazing feats with your phone are endless. Android is much more than just a computer. When you “root” your Android device, you have access to its full features and can use it just like any other computer. Ethical hacking apps for Android may turn any smartphone into a formidable computer.

20 Best Android Hacking Apps (2022)

To help you turn your Android device into a hacking machine, we have compiled a list of the finest free hacking apps available for Android. Such programs allow users to do a wide range of security assessments, from WiFi network analysis to protocol testing, all inside a single unified environment.

You should immediately investigate the best hacking apps for both rooted and unrooted Android gadgets.

ZAnti Penetration Testing Android Hacking Toolkit

It facilitates quick risk assessment for IT managers as a mobile penetration testing solution. With the help of this portable toolkit, IT security administrators can play the role of an advanced attacker and identify the methods of intrusion used by real-world cyber criminals.

WiFi Kill

One of the best apps out there, it can instantly cut off all WiFi on a computer. Applying this app’s settings to your WiFi network will immediately cut off internet access for all other devices connected to it. This amazing Android app is a must-have right now.


As an Android network analysis and penetration package, dSploit aims to equip IT security experts with cutting-edge tools and techniques. Rooted Android devices are required for use.

WPS connect (no-root)

This program can break into protected WiFi networks on rooted Android devices. This program allows you to cut off other people’s Internet access on the same WiFi network. You may quickly join any password-protected WiFi network with our WPS Connect utility. To start cracking local WiFi networks, download WPS Connect.

Wifi Wps Wpa Tester

The best Android software that works on rooted devices. You can break into almost any WiFi network using an Android device. With this program, you can connect to routers with flaws that the program can take advantage of. Thus, if you use this program, you will achieve your goals.

WiFi Inspect

The application is a security auditing tool, not a hacking tool. It is aimed at Computer Security experts and other skilled users who wish to monitor networks over which they have control or authorization. This amazing Android app is a must-have right now.

Fing Networks Tools

If your Android device is rooted, this software is one of the greatest network analyzers available. Use this utility to quickly and accurately ascertain exactly which gadgets are linked to your WiFi system. Fing is a specialized program for analyzing networks. Evaluating security, locating attackers, and fixing network issues are all made easier by a clean and intuitive interface.


Dug Song initially created Arpspoof as part of his dsniff package to conduct network audits. This program can reroute traffic by providing fake ARP responses to a specific address or all hosts on the local network.

Network Discovery

You can use this great and straightforward software without granting the user superuser privileges. With this fantastic app, you can keep track of every network your Android is connected to.

Nmap for Android

Nmap, or Network Mapper, is an excellent port scanner. It was originally developed for Unix but is now also compatible with Windows and Android. The major app stores don’t sanction this app, but it does its job well enough.

Network Spoofer

Among the best apps for evaluating Android security is this one. Because of this, Android-powered smartphones can now alter content on websites seen on other people’s computers. Although this is not strictly a penetration testing tool, it may demonstrate how easy or difficult it would be to infiltrate a given network using an Android handset.

WiFi Finder

Perfect for Skype users who need to connect to the internet while on the go, as it is the greatest online or offline tool for finding free or paid public WiFi networks. It can analyze data on WiFi hotspots, make contact with the spot, get directions, and allow others to join in. Filter results by location (café, hotel, etc.) or provider type, and scan the area for WiFi hotspots.

WiFi Analyzer

This application transforms your Android handset into a WiFi analyzer! Try out some of the local WiFi hotspots. I’ll help you find the least congested channel for your wireless router. The software also enables the detection of several WiFi issues, such as dead zones, security holes, etc.

WiFi You

It is a clever technology that collects millions of wifi passwords submitted by end-users throughout the world and stores and distributes them from our cloud server so that you can save free network and traffic. It will function as your WiFi network’s password and scan for nearby networks mechanically. One-click will connect you to the free WiFi network.


Dug Song initially created Arpspoof as part of his dsniff package to conduct network audits. This program can reroute traffic by providing fake ARP responses to a specific address or all hosts on the local network. As such, it’s another one of the Best Android Hacking Apps of 2020 to think about.


It’s an Android program that can sniff out password-protected Wi-Fi networks and harvest user credentials from popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Based on the Bachelor’s thesis “Session Hijacking on Android Devices,” DroidSheep was created as a solution to ensure account security.


DroidSniff is an Android app that can analyze the safety of wireless networks and steal credentials for social media and professional networks from unsuspecting users. It is one of the best Android hacking apps; however, it was designed primarily for security purposes.


FaceNiff is a Firefox-hacking tool similar to the Firesheep that may be used to take over user sessions on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Bartosz Ponurkiewicz, the man responsible for the popular desktop program Firesheep, also created FaceNiff.


You may send a simple SMS with just one click using SMS Combo. You can send numerous SMS by continually clicking the button. Do you wish to send an invitation to a party to multiple contacts? Select them with the select button or type them by separating them with whitespace, then compose and send the message.

Wibr plus

It’s an advanced tool for verifying the safety of WPA/WPA2 PSK wireless networks. The software in question can identify any unauthorized access to a wireless network. But the software is just for individuals who are already well-versed in how WiFi works.

Note: You should utilize nothing here in any way other than for legitimate Security Research.


Do these apps work on non-rooted devices?

While some of the apps should work fine without root, the vast majority of them do.

Do these programs have any potential dangers?

The integrity of the downloaded file is dependent on the original server. Protect your data by only getting these apps from trusted sources.

Can I use these programs to get unauthorized access to WiFi networks?

Security is a primary focus of the apps’ development, and you can use them in a wide range of hacking techniques. We strongly advise against using hacking for harmful objectives.

The best Android hacking apps, both rooted and unrooted, are discussed here. I hope you found this essay informative. In addition, I’d appreciate it if you could forward this to your friends.

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