2 player PS4 games offline 2023

Surely nobody doesn’t like playing PS4 games with a friend. A few possible names for these titles are sofa co-op games or 2 player PS4 games offline. Players adore every PS4 game that supports split-screen play.

We were not made to go through life alone. Even the great Mark Twain once observed, “To acquire the full value of happiness, you must share it with another.” Is there any greater joy than playing 2 player PS4 games offline?

You can play every game mentioned here offline with a second controller and a partner. This implies that true offline multiplayer is available for these PS4 games in split-screen or top-down modes. Without further ado, here are the top 18 2 player PS4 games offline of 2023.

2 player PS4 games offline 2023

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

It is one of the best 2 player PS4 games offline of 2021, developed from the ground up for great PS4 multiplayer action. You and a friend take command of a starship and must travel through space and time. Players must work together to complete missions, as one player will steer the spacecraft while the other fires two weapons or controls the shields.

Each level is generated randomly, and enemies come at you from all sides, making it extremely challenging to stay alive with your companion. The game’s replay value is increased because players can choose from several spaceships, even when playing offline with a friend on a PS4.


Sometimes, a basic house in a blocky cosmos is all you and your partner need for therapy. Fortunately, Minecraft provides precisely that. In split-screen mode, one of the most influential games of our generation offers you to bring a companion into its domain of creepers to fight, diamonds to mine, and many kilometers to explore.

Both players can gather resources, create a home, cultivate their food, and enjoy a calm existence. Instead, you may go on an adventure together in the vast world of Minecraft. You can play this PS4 co-op game in several different ways, all of which are valid.


How much do you miss the ’80s? If you’re looking for an excellent PS4 co-op game that will also satisfy your nostalgic needs, look no further than Broforce. All of the playable characters in Broforce are modeled on real-life action heroes from the 1980s, making for compelling co-op gameplay.

This PS4 cooperative game lets you destroy practically everything, and the creators even let you mess around with the level editor. If the current assignment doesn’t scare you enough, you’re free to devise your hellish take on it.


Like Skyrim and The Witcher 3, Outward is a two-player PS4 multiplayer game and a smaller-scale role-playing game. Thanks to the game’s split-screen offline option, you and a friend can play through the entire campaign together in Outward. Outward adds offline co-op gaming to its already-complex RPG components, which proves to be quite handy.

Each player in the PS4 game’s cooperative mode is responsible for their well-being. Your opponent will carry whatever surplus loot you have. If you’ve been hurt and need to sleep, your significant other will stay awake to ensure you’re okay. You can cast spells, go on hunts, and discover a vast, exciting world together.


This top-down shooter for the PS4 features a plethora of aliens for you and your friends to remove during couch co-op play. Helldivers stands out for its increased difficulty and emphasis on cooperative play compared to standard arcade shooters. The default “friendly fire” setting prevents you from firing at an enemy if a teammate is in the way.

Each stage ends with both players having 90 seconds to make their getaway. This PS4 offline co-op game has waves of enemies that will put your skills to the test.

Resident Evil 5

The Resident Evil series was transformed into the action-horror juggernaut, thanks mainly to this two-player PlayStation 4 game. Series veteran Chris Redfield and newbie Shiva will travel to the depths of Africa to track down and destroy a new virus ravaging indigenous villages.

The series’ signature third-person camera, first seen in Resident Evil 4, is back for the PS4 installment. In this case, it’s one of the PS4 tactical games that you may play with two players. Consequently, you’ll need to play clever serving and inventory management games. You can only win significant boss fights in the game with a friend.

The Sword of Ditto

The Sword of Ditto has saved me from having to stop playing indie 2 player PS4 games offline altogether. This breathtaking role-playing experience puts you and a friend in a world where Mormo and her evil troops are wreaking havoc.

This game has randomly generated dungeons full of challenges, foes, and loot. The puzzles are made to be solved with a friend, and the bosses are set up to see how well you two work together. Depending on your choices, you’ll be able to revisit the game after its conclusion and find the heroic monuments or the grave of your character. You should watch this PS4 game with a friend and play it on the couch.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

Borderlands 2 and Pre-Sequel may be played in their entirety with a friend through split-screen co-op on a PlayStation 4 when The Handsome Collection is purchased. This action RPG has one of the best-looking systems and offers fast-paced gameplay. Players keep returning to Borderlands because of the game’s vast arsenal of collectible weapons.

There are a wide variety of playable characters in this couch co-op game for the PlayStation 4. The cell-shaded visuals, smooth split-screen functionality, and deadly alien planet Pandora make the co-op mode of this game stand out.

Divinity Original Sin 2

If you’re looking for an excellent isometric RPG, go no further than this PS4 co-op title. Divinity: Original Sin 2’s massive universe is teeming with memorable playable characters, interesting new settings, and challenging turn-based battles. It’s possible to play the game single-handedly, but the combat system is at its best when used in tandem with another player.

Unlike previous 2 player PS4 games offline, Divinity Original Sin 2 features a split-screen mode of its own. Screens will split in offline co-op mode only when the players’ characters travel to different zones. It’s a novel idea that lets two people investigate a location in great detail together.

A Way Out

Modern AAA PS4 game A Way Out was built with two-player co-op in mind from the ground up. Thanks to the friend pass feature, You can share a single copy of the game across up to two other PS4 systems.

In terms of the game itself, A Way Out tells the tale of two peculiar inmates, Vincent and Leo, who meet in jail and devise a plan to break out. There’s a distinctly cinematic feel to the game’s ’70s setting. You’ll need to work with a friend to complete each task in this game, as it’s a co-op experience from start to finish. For instance, if one of you must sneak into a location, the other player must create a distraction—a must-have for fans of local multiplayer experiences.

Overcooked 2

The game Overcooked 2 is the ultimate test of friendship. Despite the game’s cute visuals, it’s not a challenging experience. Experiencing such gloom, grief, and pain is like a rainy day in hell. If you and a friend are up to the challenge, this is one of the most enjoyable 2 player PS4 games offline.

Each player becomes a chef and is responsible for preparing one of the courses. Time-efficiently chopping vegetables, washing dishes and cooking meals. The first few stages are exciting and fun, but as you advance, there are bound to be some arguments. You get fed up with your collaborators’ sloppiness and tardiness. This is a great game for family get-togethers since it keeps everyone entertained until someone finally loses their patience and throws the remote, slams the TV to the floor, and storms out of the room.

Don’t Starve Together

KLEI Entertainment’s Don’t Starve Together is an independent survival game with a healthy dose of science and magic. The game’s world is entire with strange creatures and other surprises for the player to discover. It is up to you to acquire materials, fashion tools, and weapons as you see fit to survive in a dangerous world.

You can play Don’t Starve Together with friends in person or over the internet. Regarding 2 player PS4 games offline, Don’t Starve Together is right up there with the best of them.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

Players of this PS4 game in split-screen mode know that Infinity War isn’t even close to being the most complex crossover ever. The second Lego Marvel Superheroes set features all of the major Marvel characters. For example, the game features multiple Spiderman iterations.

Play as a wide variety of Marvel heroes, including Thor, Capt. America, the Hulk, Iron Man, and Ant-Man. The story in this PS4 co-op game is different enough to retain your attention, and the gameplay is fun, too. If you’re looking for a couch co-op game where you and a friend can hop in and out quickly, Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 is a great option.

Unravel 2

This puzzle platformer is a couch co-op game for the PS4. You and a friend can control two Yarn-based monsters (called “Yarnys”) in Unravel 2. Playing solo is not a problem, but the game shines when multiple players are involved.

Getting over challenges and levels together is impossible without each other. It’s fantastic that your Yarnie can be personalized even more after you’ve completed a series of challenges. With its cute small universe, Unravel 2 is one of the few 2 player PS4 games offline that doubles as a friendship-building journey, and it will keep you interested for quite a while.

Ark Survivor Evolved

This PS4 survival game is one of the few that can be played on split-screen, although few people know. Some games, like Ark: Survival Evolved, are meant to be played with others, not solo.

Players in this co-op PS4 game will find themselves on a prehistoric island. You’ll start with essential gear in this game. Together, you and your companion must scavenge for food, build shelter and weapons, and arm themselves if you hope to make it through this strange terrain alive.


This Dark Souls-inspired PS4 multiplayer game has been delayed until the second quarter of 2020. It would appear that only Hellpoint has a couch co-op mode where you and a friend can play together.

Hellpoint’s landscape is noteworthy due to the game’s innovative split-screen mode. On a spaceship that is orbiting a black hole, it is your job to investigate the unexplained presence of alien life. When you die, the black hole rearranges your surroundings, reclassifying your adversaries into new groups. The fact that Hellpoint is one of the few two-player games for the PS4 that can hold its own against Souls is reason enough to check it out.

Streets Of Rage 4

If you’re a fan of the Streets of Rage series, Streets of Rage 4 is one of the best couch co-op games on PS4. With several thugs to take down, Streets of Rage 4 is a beat-them-up. Ten years have passed since the events of Streets of Rage 3, and the fourth installment is now in development.

This game allows for cooperative play between two and four players locally and remotely. The conclusion is that Streets of Rage 4 is a top PS4 multiplayer game of 2021.

Rocket League

One of 2021’s most interesting PS4 couch co-op games is Rocket League, a vehicle soccer game developed by Psyonix. To score a goal, you must get the ball into the opposing team’s net before time runs out. As a result, there is usually a lot of excitement and competition during the game.

You can enjoy the multiplayer video game Rocket League with a friend in person or over the internet—the game’s maximum player count when in portable mode is 2. You should prioritize Rocket League if you’re looking for the newest two-player couch co-op games.


To summarize, these are the best 2 player PS4 games offline of 2021. At this point, multiplayer games have entirely dominated the gaming industry. Therefore, games designed for one player typically have a separate online multiplayer component. However, these are the best PS4 games for local co-op play without a dedicated internet connection.


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