11 Best Android Launchers For 2022

The high degree of personalization available in Android is a significant selling point for the platform, making users reluctant to switch. One of the most customizable parts of the OS is the Launcher. All Android devices come with a default launcher that you may use to access the app drawer and launch programs. Pixel Launcher is preinstalled on all Google Pixel devices. The MIUI launcher comes preinstalled on all Xiaomi devices, while OPPO also has its launcher. Furthermore, you may always switch to a different launcher if the one you’re using isn’t to your liking. As a result, the following are the best Android launchers you should try in 2022.

11 Best Android Launchers For 2022

Nova Launcher

Every time I look for a list of Android launchers, Nova is omitted. It’s one of the best Android launchers you can get from the Google Play Store, with a wide variety of settings to play around with. It’s fast, efficient, and light, plus it comes with dock tweaks and notification badges. There are also hundreds of gestures, the ability to place frequently used apps in the first row of the app drawer, the ability to change the appearance of folders and icons, and a lot of other cool stuff.

It also can create app shortcuts. The labels of both apps and their icons are up for grabs for customization. Users can remove all labels for a streamlined look. Beyond that, it has everything you need to make extensive changes to suit your needs. While the basic version of the launcher is available for free on the Google Play Store, the $5 Nova Prime premium version is required to access most of the app’s essential features.


It’s easy to fall in love with Lawnchair for its numerous benefits, but one of the most significant is that it fixes a major issue with the Pixel launcher: the lack of personalization options. Even while the customization options aren’t as broad as Nova Launcher, there are still some excellent additions.

Lawnchair is a third-party launcher with extensive personalization features, such as a tunable grid, resizable icons, notification dots, app label concealing, At a Glance, dock color tweaks, and more. In 2022, it will be one of the best Android launchers.

Niagara Launcher

The Niagara rocket booster is ideal if you place a premium on ease of use. It has a simple and fast user interface, and it can be used to quickly find apps beginning with a specific letter by dragging on the right side of the screen. With Niagra, you may personalize your experience to a high degree. Icon packs, shapes, sizes, and typefaces can all be customized, among other core features. There’s also a foreboding tone to it.

This launcher app does not contain any bloatware or in-app purchases because its primary purpose is to reduce the size of other apps on your Android device. Even older mobile devices can use the launcher software. This launcher was made for users who value simplicity above elaborate customization options for Android.

Niagara calendar and weather widgets, Pop-ups, Custom fonts, Sesame integration, and the Quick-Lock gesture are all available in the paid premium edition.

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher, formerly Arrow Launcher, is an attractive, fast, and extensively modifiable Android launcher app.

Bing now provides new wallpaper downloads daily. Microsoft’s “Timeline” feature on the home screen is similar to “Google Cards.” Furthermore, the Recent tab lists the most recent resources and contacts you’ve used.

The best part about using the Microsoft Launcher app is that it syncs with your entire Microsoft account. A personalized feed, refined search results, and other features are at your disposal.

The only real drawback to the Microsoft launcher is that it lacks the extensive personalization features of the other top Android launchers.

Poco Launcher 2.0

This is another speedy, reliable, and user-friendly free Android launcher. On Xiaomi Poco phones, the Poco launcher is already installed.

You can sort the apps in the drawer into several categories and colored tabs for quick access. Also, you can use the app’s Search feature if you’re trying to locate a specific app. You can additionally conceal app icons.

If having Google Feed readily available on the home screen is essential, you may want to look at a different launcher app. The launcher is often relatively fast and smooth. However, there is room for promotion.

Apex Launcher

Regarding launcher apps, Apex Launcher has the best visual appeal. You can customize its appearance with one of the tens of thousands of themes and icon packs available on the Play Store. It’s regarded as one of the best Android launchers for mobile devices.

You may customize your experience by creating up to nine unique home screens and hiding unnecessary apps from the app drawer. The launcher sorts the apps in the app drawer according to their names, their installed dates, and how often they’ve been opened.

When you upgrade to the paid version, you’ll have access to many additional features, including more gesture options and granular control over your app drawer.

Smart Launcher 5

The Smart Launcher 5 is an Android launcher app developed with the user in mind and is both lightweight and quick. The app drawer is a vertical dock that lists apps in logical groups.

During the first setup process, you will be asked to specify which applications you want to use as the defaults; this will ensure that you never see any unnecessary notifications again.

The navigation bar can be concealed in the Android launcher’s ultra-immersive mode. A launcher app’s ambient theme can also change color to match its surroundings.

Although gesture support is there, it is severely limited. You’ll have to upgrade to the full version to gain access to all of the motions. The freemium model has annoying in-app adverts, a major turnoff for many users. Although not the fastest Android launcher, it is still worth trying.

Hyperion Launcher

The Hyperion launcher is the offspring of the Nova and Lawnchair launchers. The launcher has the right amount of intuitive design and personalization features. The developer who made the Substratum theming engine for Android is responsible for this.

As far as personalization options go, Hyperion has you covered. Everything about the user interface may be changed, from the dock to the theme, icons to animations, interface physics to gestures. You may access Sesame keyboard shortcuts and integrate Google feeds directly into Hyperion Dock. If you’re looking for a simple yet customizable Android launcher, this is a top contender.


BaldPhone is an accessible open-source app launcher made with senior citizens, people with mobility issues, and those in need of visual help in mind.

The launcher prioritizes accessibility, placing frequently used items (such as contacts and apps) in large, easily identifiable icons on the home screen. Yet you can customize the home screen to suit each user’s preferences.

The Android launcher is ad-free because of its open-source nature; its creators call it “a product of pure compassion.” Since the software is publicly available, users can feel safe trusting it with their personal information despite its lengthy list of permission requirements.

This launcher app, in contrast to the rest of the Android apps on this page, is only available through the F-Droid marketplace. If you’re having trouble getting used to Android’s default user interface, BaldPhone is one of the best alternative launchers you can use in 2022.


The ratio is the most advanced Android launcher software if you have a busy home screen and have trouble focusing.

The Android app has three different starting screens, each with its purpose. The Root page, for instance, allows you to personalize cards for the weather, Notes, YouTube, and so on, while the Tree page centrally holds all of your communications. Finally, you get access to a Tiles page that intelligently organizes your apps into different groups.

The lack of support for colorful themes is the only real drawback to Ratio. Nonetheless, I find the all-black aesthetic to be rather pleasing.

Remember that for Ratio to do its job correctly; it needs access to practically all of your data. The data are said to remain on the device and be encrypted, although some users may still be wary about providing such detailed information. In 2022, Ratio will have a top-tier Android launcher.

Launcher iOS 15

Undoubtedly, most Android users have wished for an iOS-like design on their devices at some point. Also, Android’s customizations have allowed you to use an iOS launcher. One of the best iOS launchers is Launcher iOS 15. As a bonus, you can use your icons, improving the overall navigational experience.

The launcher does a fantastic job of making you feel like you’re using an iPhone. When you press and hold down on an app icon, a menu appears, very similar to the one seen in iOS, from which you can move, rename, or delete the program. A widget area, reminiscent of the iPhone’s home screen, is also part of the launcher.

With the help of developer apps, iOS users can access the control center and assistive touch. When attempting to make changes to the launcher’s settings, annoying advertising pop up on iOS 15’s launcher app.

If you’re an Android user in 2022 and want iOS 15’s look and feel, this is the best Android launcher you can get.


Nowadays, launchers all look and feel the same. However, launcher software always has its own unique set of options for personalization. Some launchers, like Niagara and Evie, place more value on aesthetics than on providing their customers with an extensive array of customization choices. We suggest trying a few options to find the most pleasing Android launcher for your needs.

Did you find this compilation of the top Android launchers to be helpful? Post your thoughts in the comments area.


Is using a launcher for Android useful?

Launchers from outside the official Google Play Store can positively and negatively affect your Android device. Installing a feature-rich launcher, for example, can harm the performance of a low-cost device already struggling in this area. Additionally, a launcher from an untrusted source could potentially act maliciously. While launchers may seem like a nuisance, they help Android in many ways.

Do launchers harm battery life?

There are times when a heavy launcher will slow down an Android device. Choose a small, efficient launcher if saving power is your top priority.

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