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10 Best phone number identifier app To Identify Incoming Calls

Best phone number identifier app

Many people would like to know who is calling them if they don’t recognize the number. Numerous caller ID apps are available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for users of those operating systems. They can now quickly recognize spam calls and block them. In addition, users can set these programs to block spam automatically. More and more caller ID apps appeared in response to growing demand. Users may have difficulty comparing all the available options to choose the Best phone number identifier app. That’s why we provided a directory of useful reverse phone lookup tools. Make your selection from among these programs based on personal taste.

10 Best phone number identifier app To Identify Incoming Calls


Truecaller, a free alternative to the default dialer and caller ID app first appeared for Blackberry devices in 2009. The software quickly gained popularity, and an Android version was made available shortly after. With over 150,000,000 downloads, it is easily India’s most downloaded-caller ID software.

Since 200 million people worldwide contributed to a vast spam list, Truecaller is the Best phone number identifier app available today. The app may identify almost any phone number, and you can display detailed information about the caller.

Furthermore, the app serves as a communication hub, allowing users to make and receive calls and send messages. Using this app, you may see if your pals are online and available to talk. Truecaller was also in the news because it allowed its customers to be alerted to inbound calls before someone made the actual call.

Hiya Caller ID and Block

Hiya, a caller ID software displays the incoming caller’s number, and the user may then choose whether or not to answer the call. You can use the app to prevent scams or unwanted calls. This program uses a standard feature of most mobile phones: the reverse phone lookup. The app Hiya has been downloaded over 10 million times and received a 4.4-star rating from users.

About 400 million calls are identified monthly for Hiya’s customers, and the company has determined one billion spam calls. The software also checks the message’s content for malicious software or viruses.

Should I Answer?

It helps users recognize who is calling and decide whether or not to pick up the phone. The Should I Answer app allows users to identify whether an incoming call is spam, a scam, or a simple call.

The software stands out because it automatically blocks calls from unknown or international numbers. One of the Best phone number identifier app available on the Google Play Store, this tool works even when you don’t have internet access.

Mr. Number

The Best phone number identifier app for Android. Users can block unwanted text messages, phone calls, and robocalls. In addition, Mr. Number can determine the source of mysterious phone calls. The program uses user-reported phone numbers to block all incoming spam calls and text messages.

The program allows you to block calls from a particular area code, country, or even individual numbers. When deciding whether or not to blacklist a number, Mr. Number also looks at the user’s call log.


With the use of Showcaller, the user may see who is calling them. In addition, it reveals the caller’s general location. Like Truecaller, Showcaller can identify nuisance callers and store their information on a blacklist.

You may block specific numbers from calling you, and it’s simple to ignore annoying ones using this software. However, you will need to check the laws in your area to make sure that you are allowed to record phone calls before using the application. It is illegal to wiretap a phone call in several states.


Whoscall has been downloaded more than 70 million times worldwide, and its database now contains information on more than a billion spam and fraudulent calls. The caller ID software also functions as a dialer and a forum. The app’s offline database allows for number recognition even without network coverage.

The Taiwan National Police Administration officially partnered with the app because it is trustworthy. Whoscall has a simple interface and complete capabilities, such as answering, rejecting, and transferring calls to the speaker.


To block unwanted calls, this app is an excellent alternative to Truecaller. The CIA stores around a million spam numbers in its database. You may use the software to do a reverse phone lookup and find out who is behind an unknown number, where they are located, and more.

The CIA offers comparable alternatives for the service anytime a user dials a busy number for a business, making this app one of a kind. The software is integrated with various databases, such as Yellow Pages, Facebook, White Pages, and TripAdvisor, to provide accurate results.


Sync.ME has several valuable features, including viewing who’s phoning you. There’s a chance it’ll match up the pictures you have of your connections with the ones they use for their various social media profiles. Calls can also be recorded and saved locally. The subscription version also includes Google Drive contact syncing.

This program instantly stops marketing and other unsolicited calls from reaching your phone. It may also look for spam SMS messages in your inbox and mark them as such. You may also use reverse phone lookup to confirm a number’s owner and put them on a blocked list if they are a nuisance caller.


CallApp will let you know who it is from when you get a call from an unknown number by showing you their name and number. You’ll know who it is before answering the phone, whether it’s a telemarketer or a random stranger. And if a particular number is very annoying, you can block them from calling you again.

It gives a thorough contact list that may save supplementary data about your contacts, like their birthdays, social media profiles, locations, etc. You can set custom videos as ringtones for your contacts using this program’s “Personalized Video Ringtones” feature. You can choose from various pre-installed video ringtones if you do not have a suitable video.

An additional feature allows for call audio to be recorded and stored locally on the device. The ability to distribute the recording via social media is also built-in. Naturally, it allows you to do a reverse lookup on a caller ID by simply entering the number, much like its rivals do.

Caller ID

Regular features such as caller ID, reverse phone lookup, and call blocking are all available in this app. But it does more than that by scanning your call history for spam or other suspicious entries.

The application’s in-built dialer is a helpful feature. Further, Google Drive is a great place to store your contact information and ensure you never lose it.


Giving a caller ID app permission to access your phone’s contact list means disclosing information about yourself in exchange for better service reliability. If we put aside the minor privacy concerns, TrueCaller is the Best phone number identifier app for Android and iOS.

TrueCaller is the best software for detecting unknown numbers because it has all the standard features of a caller ID app and uses reliable and trustworthy information from its extensive database. Feel free to disagree with our choice and explain why in the comment section.


Is there a free phone number search tool available?

Find reliable reverse phone lookup apps in the Google Play store to learn more about an unexpected caller. Users can tailor their reverse phone lookup service subscriptions to their requirements with the help of premium tiers. The list mentioned above contains links to the available free software.

Which program does a reverse phone lookup the best?

TrueCaller is one of the most popular reverse phone lookup apps, and its popularity is shown in its high rating and number of downloads from the Google Play store.

Is it possible to check someone’s name for free if you have their phone number?

When you enter a phone number, certain reverse phone lookup apps will return the owner’s name, address, and cell phone provider. Users can pay for a premium subscription to the app to see everything associated with a phone number.

Which is the best caller ID app in India?

When it comes to India’s options for caller ID software, TrueCaller is often considered to be the best option. It makes use of an enormous database to spot anonymous and spam calls. Indian users numbered 220 million in 2021, making that country Truecaller’s most crowded market.

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